Orange Ocean

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Orange Ocean
Kirby looks through his spyglass off the bow of a wooden ship.
Boss Meta Knight
Arena Fire Lion (Burning)
Museum Wheel
Minigame(s) Kirby's Adventure

Crane Game Lvl. 1
Egg Catcher Lvl. 2
Quick Draw Lvl. 2
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby's Rail Grind Lvl. 2
Kirby's Rail Grind Lvl. 3 (Extra Mode)
Bomb Rally Lvl. 1
Bomb Rally Lvl. 3 (Extra Mode)
Quick Draw Lvl. 2
Quick Draw Lvl. 3 (Extra Mode)

Secret Switches Yescheck.png (all stages)
Level theme
The main theme of Orange Ocean, which plays in most stages (Nightmare in Dream Land version).
World Order
Yogurt Yard Rainbow Resort
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Orange Ocean is the sixth level in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It takes place in six regular stages and a boss fight against Meta Knight at the end. The stages bear a largely oceanic theme, with lots of swimming sections, ships and shipyards, and a few iceberg areas in the later stages. This level's Arena contains Fire Lion, and the Museum contains the Wheel ability.

The intro cutscene shows Kirby wearing a pirate captain's hat and looking around with a spyglass on the edge of a wooden ship. He loses his balance and falls into the water, where a shark then appears and starts chasing him about. After Kirby swims off-screen, he can then be seen in the background, still trying to swim away from the shark.


Stage Big Switch? Notes
Stage 1 Yescheck.png
Stage 2 Yescheck.png
Stage 3 Yescheck.png
Stage 4 Yescheck.png
Stage 5 Yescheck.png
Stage 6 Yescheck.png
Stage 7 - Meta Knight Xmark.png Kirby fights the level boss, Meta Knight.


  • This is the first and only level which has a Big Switch in every regular stage.