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Kirby Wave Ride

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Kirby Wave Ride
Kirby Wave Ride title screen.png
Title screen for Kirby Wave Ride.
Type(s) Surfing Race
Levels 3
Players 4
Appears in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Comparable to Kirby's Air Grind, Gourmet Race
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Ride the waves and win the race!
— Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Kirby Wave Ride is one of the Sub-Games available from the start of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. The sub-game pits four Kirbys (pink, yellow, red, green) in a nighttime surfing competition on Warp Stars. Kirby Wave Ride might draw inspiration from the Nintendo GameCube title, Kirby Air Ride.


Kirby riding off a wave.

Kirby Wave Ride is a basic surfing race where the objective is to cross the end goal first. It only requires the use of the A button, which enables Kirby to jump. Kirby must exercise timed jumps while when at the peak of a wave, as he gains a speed boost from doing so. If Kirby jumps too often, he slows down. Depending on the timing of Kirby's jump, a colored text briefly pops up, reading "Good", "Great", or "Excellent".

After passing the goal, the player can press the L or R button to view the progress of the CPU opponents racing (although this is not mentioned on the instructions screen).

The player can choose between three difficulty levels. The speed in which Kirby's opponents race at depends on the level difficulty. The time span per each level also increases, as Level 1 occurs for about 35-45 seconds, level 2 occurs at around 45-55 seconds, and Level 3 is almost a minute-long race.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なみのりスターライド
naminori sutā raido
Surfing Star Ride
French Surf Saute-Vague Jump-Wave Surf
German Kirbys Surfderby Kirby's Surf Race
Italian Urta L'Onda Hit The Waves
Spanish Surf a lo Kirby Surf Kirby