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Mind in the Program

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Mind in the Program
KPR Mind in the Program.png
Screenshot from Kirby: Planet Robobot.
Level Nr. 7
Stages 0
Boss Star Dream
Level progression
Access Ark Last level
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Mind in the Program is the seventh and final level of Kirby: Planet Robobot. It consists only of a boss fight with the last boss in the game, Star Dream. This level is not played in Meta Knightmare Returns.


The level begins with Kirby and Susie still in the executive office, after the supercomputer Star Dream has taken off. Susie laments on how none of this was supposed to happen, and calls in a suit of Robobot Armor as one last act of defiance. She orders Kirby to get into it and use it to stop the computer. Just then, the Halberd flies in, with Meta Knight on deck, back to his old self. Meta Knight gives Kirby a nod, instructing him to hop aboard the ship. Kirby instead jumps out of the window, and absorbs the entire Halberd, combining both together to form the Halberd Mode. The massive machine then looks at Susie, gives her a nod, and flies off to confront the computer, as Susie wishes them well.

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From there, the fight with Star Dream begins out in space. The first fight consists on continued lobbying fire between the two entities, with Star Dream calling in Invader Armors, asteroids, and even giant Code Cubes to attack with. Once its initial health bar is depleted, however, it then retreats, and flies back to the Haltmann mothership planted on Popstar. There, it connects with the Access Ark, and lifts it up off the planet, leaving the broken legs behind and resuming the fight. As it continues to take damage, pieces of the dome fly off of it, exposing the core.

Once all the pieces come off, the third phase of the fight begins, the dome now revealed to be of a similar design to Galactic Nova. From here on, the fight becomes increasingly absurd, as Star Dream attacks with numbers, a giant rooster roofpiece, a pocket watch, a lightbulb and a telescope. Once that form is defeated, Star Dream begins to fall.

Feigning defeat, it delivers a surprise zap to the Halberd, crippling it. Meta Knight then pulls the toggle to release Kirby from the head to allow him to continue fighting. The last phase of the fight involves Kirby using the armor to form a giant drill hand and deliver the final blow to Star Dream. He unscrews the computer from the dome, and drills through the entire beast, reducing it to scrap and defeating it at last.

In the rubble, the Robobot Armor (now showing itself to have a mind of its own), dislodges an unconscious Kirby from its seat, causing him to fall slowly toward the freed planet. As this happens, the armor sheds coolant tears, and everything the Haltmann Works Company had done disintegrates, undoing all the damage done to the planet. Kirby wakes up, back under his oak tree, delighted to see his home back to the way it was. King Dedede and his Waddle Dees emerge from the castle rubble, also relieved to see the land restored. Susie, in her personal mech, looks on Popstar, then flies off to parts unknown. Meta Knight then passes by Kirby with the Halberd, flying off as well. Kirby then runs off into the hills, and the credits roll.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マインド コントロールド バイ ア プログラム
Maindo kontorōrudo bai a puroguramu
Mind controlled by a program
This is the official English rendering of the Japanese name in-game.
French ‹Machine› ‹Contrôle› ‹Programme› 'Machine' 'Control' 'Program'
German Terminierung des Programms Termination of the Program
Italian Arresto Mancato del Programma Stop the Failed Program
Korean 마인드 인 더 프로그램
maindeu in deo peulogeulaem
Mind in the Program
Spanish Objetivo: Eliminar el Programa Objective: Eliminate the Program