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Star Slam Heroes

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Star Slam Heroes
KSA Star Slam Heroes title.jpg
Title Screen for Star Slam Heroes.
Type(s) Baseball - Reflex
Levels 3
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Star Allies
Comparable to Megaton Punch
Crackity Hack
Theme music

Clip of the title screen theme for Star Slam Heroes

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Star Slam Heroes is a Sub-Game in Kirby Star Allies. It involves four Kirbys aiming to hit crashing meteors back as hard as they possibly can using a baseball bat.


Emergency! A meteor is coming! Smack it back into space with your bat!
Press A/B/X/Y to fill your power gauge. Try to fill the gauge as high as you can!
When the meteor arrives, swing the Joy-Con at the right time to get the best slam you can!

— In-game tutorial

The game takes place in a splitscreen set-up, with one Kirby occupying each screen. Kirbys who are not controlled by human players will instead be controlled by the CPU. Once the game starts, contestants have five seconds to build up power by stopping the meter gauge a certain number of times depending on difficulty. Once the five seconds are up, the meteors approach, and contestants have to try to match the circle icons on screen to hit them away. If they miss, they get hit by the meteor and lose the game.

Based on how well each stage is timed, the meteors will fly out a certain distance measured in light years, crashing through obstacles on the way. The winner is whoever hits their meteor the furthest. If Kirby manages to get a practically perfect hit, his meteor will slam into a flying saucer at the end of the line. If Kirby misses the meteor, his pose at the scoring screen will be him knocked down with a band-aid on his cheek. Additionally, a crater will appear on Planet Popstar, with the size and location of the crater determined by the chosen difficulty and player number.


A meteor is blazing toward town! Charge your power gauge and slam it with your bat!
— Town Crisis flavor text
Your gauge is faster! Charge it three times and slam that meteor before it destroys the country!
— Country Crisis flavor text
Your gauge is really fast! Charge it five times and slam the meteor. Save the world!
— World Crisis flavor text

There are three difficulty levels in Star Slam Heroes, ranked from easy to difficult:

  • Town Crisis
  • Country Crisis
  • World Crisis

In higher difficulty levels, Kirbys have to fill more power gauges, the gauges move faster, and the meteors are arriving faster as well. To reach the perfect high score, the player must reach maximum of every power gauge and aim the meteor circle perfectly.

Country Crisis and World Crisis cannot be played until Town Crisis is cleared. To complete this sub-game, the player must be ranked 3rd or higher in World Crisis, which contributes 3% to 100% completion. The first two levels don't count any percentage, i.e. Country Crisis is not required for 100% completion at all.

Level Unlock Requirement 100% completion Percentage Number of Power Gauges Perfect High Score
Town Crisis Available at start None 1 3000
Country Crisis Clear Town Crisis None 3 7000
World Crisis 3% 5 9999

Video Gallery[edit]

Country Crisis gameplay on the official website


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギャラクティックホームランおう
Gyarakutikku Hōmuran ō
Galactic Homerun King
Traditional Chinese 銀河系全壘打之王
yín hé xì quán lěi dǎ zhī wáng
Galactic Home Run King
Simplified Chinese 银河系全垒打之王
yín hé xì quán lěi dǎ zhī wáng
Dutch Kosmisch knuppelen Cosmic clubbing
French Héros de la frappe sidérale Sidereal strike heroes
German Stern-Slam-Helden Star Slam Heroes
Italian Stelle del baseball Baseball stars
Korean 갤럭틱 홈런왕
Gaelleogtig Homleon-wang
Galactic Home Run King
Spanish Batazo estelar heroico Heroic star swing

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