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Pyred Dimension - 2-3

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Pyred Dimension - 2-3
KRtDLD Pyred Dimension 2-3 select screenshot.png
Pyred Dimension - 2-3 in the main hub.
Area Pyred Dimension
Stage type Main
How to Unlock Complete 2-2
Medal scores Silver: 550
Gold: 700
Platinum: 800
First clear bonus 400 points
Mid-Boss(es) No
Stage order
Pyred Dimension - 2-2
Pyred Dimension - Magic Bomb Stage (optional)
Pyred Dimension - 2-4
Pyred Dimension - Upward Magic Sphere Stage (optional) →
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Pyred Dimension - 2-3 (simply called 2-3 in-game) is the third main stage of Pyred Dimension in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. This stage becomes available after clearing Pyred Dimension - 2-2.

Stage overview[edit]

This stage consists of two main areas. In the first, Magolor has to proceed to the right past long bridges where large burning orbs move back and forth, while fighting off an eclectic assortment of foes, most notably Scarfies and Mumbies that like to perch underneath thin floors. Along the way, Magolor will have opportunities to grab caches of Magic Points underneath the main path by hitting Bomb Blocks with his Magic Bombs. The door to the next area is at the right end of this path.

In the second area, Magolor has to descend down a series of rooms with Bomb Block barriers spanning floors of lava. Magolor has to break the Bomb Blocks and then proceed to the openings before he ends up falling onto the lava floors. Along the way, he can hit a switch to get at some particularly valuable Magic Points in a ceiling cache. Once Magolor reaches the bottom of this area, he will have to fight an enemy ambush that finishes with a giant Hot Head before the end rift appears.

Enemies and Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses



Video walkthrough[edit]

Walkthrough of Pyred Dimension - 2-3.