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A Super Ability is a new form of Copy Ability that is introduced in, and currently exclusively available for, Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Super Abilities are exaggerated and powerful forms of normal Copy Abilities. Super Abilities are rather rare, and can be obtained by swallowing "super" enemies or defeating a mid-boss that holds the Super Ability (currently the only mid-boss that holds a Super Ability is Super Bonkers). Super Abilities are present primarily at the end of a stage, and allow Kirby to destroy large obstacles, activate large switches, and defeat several enemies on the screen; destroying these times and activating switches often open up the path that Kirby must follow. All Super Abilities are timed, meaning the Kirby will lose the Super Ability when the time runs out. In instances where a super ability is present, there will always be a final obstacle that needs to be reached and destroyed or activated. Upon doing so, a rift to an alternate dimension is opened, where Kirby may obtain two additional Energy Spheres from defeating the Sphere Doomer in the alternate dimension after surviving a scrolling obstacle course. All Super Ability enemies (excluding Super Bonkers) can be regenerated after defeat if Kirby goes left so the platform the enemy stands on is off the screen, the enemy will come back to it's original location. Kirby can get a new Super Ability for further use.


Super Abilities in Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Ability Obtained from Details
Flare Beam Super Waddle Doo This is a super version of the Beam ability; it allows Kirby to control a beam that can defeat enemies and activate switches.
Grand Hammer Super Bonkers This is a super version of the Hammer ability; it gives Kirby three stages of hammering power to hammer down large stakes and produce a shockwave. This is currently the only super ability to be obtained by a Mid-boss.
Monster Flame Super Hot Head This is a super version of the Fire ability; it gives Kirby the ability to fire a fiery dragon that will cut through ropes and defeat enemies.
Snow Bowl Super Chilly This is a super version of the Ice ability; it gives Kirby the ability to become a large snowball that can destroy obstacles and enemies and take some items with him.
Ultra Sword Super Blade Knight This is a super version of the Sword ability; it gives Kirby a large sword that can defeat the enemies on the screen, as well as destroy obstacles such as large clods of dirt.


The following are official artwork of Kirby when he obtains a Super Ability.


  • Hypernova in Kirby: Triple Deluxe is basically a Super Inhale, except Kirby has unlimited use of it until he finishes the stage.
  • Monster Flame and Snow Bowl are the only Super Abilities that don't have the normal counterpart's name in them.
  • Excluding boss battles, each Super Ability appears exactly three times.
  • Ultra Sword has become Kirby's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.
  • There are models of a "Super Cutter" hat in the game, but it is believed to have been cut during development, possibly due to resemblances to Ultra Sword. There are also icons for a Super Spark ability. This could have been cut due to similarities with Flare Beam.