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Kirby's RtDL Level InfoBox
Raisin Ruins.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 2
World Pop Star
Stages 5
Energy Spheres 16
Lor Starcutter Part Right Wing
Mid-Bosses Bonkers (2-1), Sphere Doomer (2-2, 2-4), Water Galboros (2-4)
Boss Mr. Dooter
Super Abilities Flare Beam (2-2), Ultra Sword (2-4)
Level Progression
<-- Cookie Country Onion Ocean -->
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Level 2: Raisin Ruins is the second level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Raisin Ruins is a desert-like level with pyramids, ruins, and an oasis. Completion of the boss battle against Mr. Dooter yields the right wing to the Lor Starcutter. There are sixteen Energy Spheres in this level, three in stage 1, four each in stage 2 and 3, and five in stage 4.


Stage 1

Kirby traverses the hills of rock and sand in Stage 1.

Section 1: The stage begins on a sandy uphill climb, where Kirby will encounter a Whippy. From there, Kirby will encounter some Bronto Burts and Waddle Dees, as well as some towers of blocks, before going down a valley that will lead to a Pacto. From there, Kirby must proceed though a hilly area to find an area that resembles the top of some ruins, with another Pacto guarding it. Around the Pacto are two platforms that can lead Kirby down to a door in the ruins to a secret room. In the secret room is a Whip Copy Pedestal, which will allow Kirby to reach the 1Ups across a wall of Gordos. Kirby then must proceed to another uphill climb, where he will be met by another Whippy and more Pactos. After passing though the Pacto area, Kirby encounters another area that appears to be part of the ruins, where Kirby can go down to a lower level and use his Whip ability to obtain some Food and a Red Star. Kirby then must proceed through another hill with a few Scarfies before reaching the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to another hillside with some small platforms with Flamers rotating around them. Kirby then has to go up a hill while Nruffs are running down the hill. When Kirby goes farther up the hills into a place that starts to expose some ruins, a rope must be lit by Fire Kirby in order to activate a cannon. The cannon will shoot Kirby to some ruins high in the sky, where the first Energy Sphere of the level will be obtained. After returning to the stage, Kirby will have to go uphill a little again before reaching a large tunneled-out area blocked by a large block that must be super-inhaled. The tunnel has a Needle Copy Pedestal, some food, and a Red Star. From the tunnel, Kirby has to deal with a Waddle Dee riding on a Nruff before he can enter the door to the next section, located in a sandy alcove.

Section 3: The door leads to a narrow sand cave that continues to the right. After a Waddle Doo, Kirby reaches a blocked path with a switch on the top. The switch must be hit, but in doing so, a boulder behind Kirby is released. Kirby must run away from the boulder going downhill, while also avoiding enemies such as Waddle Dees and Broom Hatters in the way. The boulder will eventually break on a lower section of the cave, and from there, Kirby can trigger another boulder to roll in front of him further down the cave, to clear enemies along the path. The boulder in front will eventually fall and break into a pit, where there is some food. After encountering a Scarfy, there will be yet another switch that will activate another boulder in front of Kirby. The boulder will run into some blocks and cause another boulder to fall, causing Kirby to end up either behind two boulders, or between two boulders. An Energy Sphere sits next to the wall where the boulder is going to break, so it is better for Kirby to be behind the boulders, or to be brave and get the Sphere before the second boulder hits him. The door to the next section is shortly above this part.

Section 4: The door leads to another section of the cave, this time going upward with boulders falling toward Kirby. Kirby must hide in small areas either above or below the tunnel periodically while going uphill to prevent getting hit by the boulders. At the top, the cave exit is reached, where the door to the next section lies.

Section 5: The door leads to another open desert hillside, and there is an Invincibility Candy available just to the right. Using the candy, Kirby can pass through several enemies, mostly Nruffs, quite easily. At the end, there is a small cave area with two Nruffs ramming back and forth into walls, with some food, and below that is the door to the next section.

Section 6: The door leads to a small inlet in a wall, and to the right is another open area, with Parasol Waddle Dees falling from higher platforms, with a Parasol Copy Pedestal. After that are rather steep steps of rock leading to a cliff, and some platforms that will lead Kirby gradually down, with some Parasol Waddle Dees (and a Parasol Waddle Doo) falling from the sky. The positioning of the collectible stars suggests that Kirby use his Parasol to gently glide down this area. This will lead Kirby into a tunnel, where he will have the choice between a Whip and a Sword Copy Pedestal. After Kirby proceeds, he will reach a chamber where the mid-boss Bonkers is fought. Swallowing Bonkers will yield Kirby the Hammer ability. Kirby may then move further forward in a tunnel infested by Kabus and full of breakable box rectangles with food in them. This will lead to a rectangle of metal boxes protecting the third Energy Sphere of the stage, which must be broken with the use of a hammer. After shortly exiting the tunnel, the stage exit is reached.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss


Stage 2

Kirby jumps out of a pool in Stage 2.

Section 1: The stage starts out in rather bowl shaped area, in a much nicer part of the desert, an oasis with plenty of water and greenery; going right from there will get to an area with two trees that serve as steps, with a Noddy on it. Following that is a small oasis with a block with a Waddle Dee on it, then an empty bowl. A Water Galbo appears shortly after that. Kirby then has to traverse through an empty bowl and a oasis, a two trees are seen lined up with a Togekuki, a spiky creature on top of a tall spiky vine, in between them. Kirby must get past this enemy, where he will reach a much larger oasis. From there he will reach another tree platform that will lead him up to an elevated area with the door to the next section, but if Kirby goes around a Togekuki on the bottom level, he can go under the elevated area to find a small tunnel siphon with water, where at the other side there is some food and a Red Star.

Section 2: The door leads to another oasis area with two Rockies and a Stone Copy Pedestal on the top of a tree platform. From there, Kirby can proceed through a downwards sloping tunnel to an underground area. There, there are three dips in the ground with water and some blocks in it; Kirby can use the stone ability to get some stars on the first two dips; the third dip will have food in it. Kirby may then go farther left and can proceed through two downward slopes. At the end of the second downward slope, Kirby can find a stump connect to a barrier. Using the rock ability on the stump will reveal an optional doorway to an Energy Sphere. Upon re-entering the main path of the stage, Kirby will have to go down three more downward slopes, traversing though more enemies such as Gordos and PuppetDees, before reaching the door to the next section, submerged in water.

Section 3: The next section of the stage starts out completely underwater, in a submerged cave. Kirby must traverse through this water, avoiding any Glunks, and proceed to dry land (though there is a section blocked by blocks that contains four easily accessible stars). On dry land, Kirby will encounter another Togekuki and Water Galbo. Below the Water Galbo is an optional doorway that leads to a 1Up. Back on the main path, Kirby will have to negotiate another Togekuki and a Blade Knight, before continuing on to a very large lake, filled with Glunks and Blippers. Toward the center of the lake, there is a submerged optional doorway that leads to another Energy Sphere. Back on the main, path, Kirby can get out of the lake where he will be met by Kabus and a Togekuki, before reaching a Warp Star, which will take him to the next section.

Section 4: The Warp Star will land Kirby into a ruins area, with some Kabus and pulling a ceiling switch will allow Kirby to access a door to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads into the ruins proper, into a room with a bunch of stone Kabu-looking idols, some of which breathe fire. A ladder leads upward, leading to more rooms with idols in them. Going up the third section, Kirby will encounter a Super Waddle Doo to obtain the Flare Beam Super Ability. Using Flare Beam, Kirby can destroy the Kabu-like stones around him. Kirby can then proceed upward and use the super ability to destroy Bomb Blocks guarding a metal spiral wall, as well as a Kabu rock in the middle hiding a Maxim Tomato. Going up farther will lead to another Kabu rock area, destroying the left-side Kabu blocks will open the rift to the alternate dimension.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall approaches from the left, and to the right are several floating blocks of water, with some enemies such as Blippers and Bronto Burts around. Kirby will have to traverse through these floating blocks of water arranged in certain patterns. Further in, Kirby will have to traverse through a more difficult set of paths, still with floating water, but also more complex with large blocks and several enemies. After passing through the stage, the door to the next section of the alternate dimension can be seen in the middle of a large water block. Kirby then has the choice of a Whip and Parasol Copy Pedestals, and can proceed to fight a Fire Sphere Doomer on an "island" with two water areas on the side. Defeating the Sphere Doomer will yield Kirby the remaining two Energy Spheres. After returning from the rift, Kirby may go straight upward to the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 3

Kirby prepares to pass a Shotzo on his climb up the ruin ziggurat in Stage 3.

Section 1: The stage begins back in the harsh desert landscape, and a Parasol Waddle Dee is floating immediately to the right near a large stone formation. Near the top of the large "staircase" is a section where Kirby can use the Stone ability (obtained from an earlier Rocky to obtain several stars. On the top of the giant staircase, some Bouncies, as well as a SisterBound can be found, and at the end there is a ladder up with a barrier beneath. Kirby must climb up halfway up the ladder, where he will find a Bomb Block to the right, which he needs to break to open the barrier; however breaking this floor will only lead to a pit with a few stars. Kirby may then go farther up this ladder until he reaches a platform with a Waddle Doo, then there is another ladder up. Halfway up this ladder, though is an discrete opening on the side of the right wall. Going in here will lead to a ladder down into a small chamber with three Red Stars. Going farther up will lead to the top of this section of this stage, with a SisterBound blocking the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to an interior ruin area, in a vertical shaft, separated into two corridors. Each corridor consists of ladders and platforms (that can be gone through upwards but not downwards) leading up, the left corridor has a Gordo, while the right corridor has Food. The section then splits into three thinner corridors. Where the left-most corridor has a 1UP, but the other two have Noddies. Above all of this is the door to the next section of the stage.

Section 3: The door leads back outside, and starts out with a moving step leading to an elevated section, and a Blade Knight. After that, a "staircase" continues, with various Mumbies around to pose as a threat to Kirby. Farther up is a Shotzo that is shooting up-left, so Kirby must be careful passing through. Directly after the Shotzo is a stair that moves up and down where when it is lowered, Kirby can obtain a Red Star. Right after that, there is a Gigatzo cannon firing large balls of lava, so Kirby must be careful with that, as well. After Kirby clears the Gigatzo, a Twister can be found on a block. Going farther up, there is a moving step where when it reaches the bottom, Kirby can super inhale a block which will allow him to go to a tunnel with a Tornado Copy Pedestal in it. Still in the hidden area, there are several breakable blocks that Kirby can destroy to obtain the first Energy Sphere of this stage. Upon re-entering the main path of the stage, Kirby must deal with two more Gigatzos; passing that will get Kirby to a checkerboarded pattern of star blocks, as well as a wall of gray blocks blocking some Food. After that, on a moving step, is the door to the next section of the stage.

Section 4: The door leads to another interior vertical shaft, with a Starman at the bottom and a Hi-Jump Copy Pedestal shortly after that. Above that is a grid of blocks that can be pushed through using the Hi-Jump ability. Shortly after, the section of the stage splits into three corridors, the middle one containing the second Energy Sphere of the stage, and the other two containing just platforms, blocks, and a Waddle Dee on the right one. Above that is a very thin corridor guarded by Gordos; at the top of the corridor is the door to the next section, though there is a hidden compartment above the door with some stars and food.

Section 5: The door leads to a ruin hallway with Cutter and Fire Copy Pedestals, as well as a Maxim Tomato Box. Walking further, Kirby will reach the mid-boss battle against King Doo, which yields Kirby the Beam ability. Kirby then must proceed to a large "staircase", then a cannon, then another staircase to the left. There, Kirby will reach a large barrier chunk with a Bomb Block in the middle. Kirby must use his Beam Whip to get to the bomb block to break the barrier, which will reveal the third Energy Sphere, a 1Up, as well as several stars. Farther up is the door to the next section of the stage, guarded by a Kabu.

Section 6: The door leads to a chamber with a cannon that points up. Kirby must use this cannon to go through a very narrow corridor to another cannon, which will have an array of cannons above it. The array of cannons will lead to three branches above the array of cannons. The right branch leads to the final Energy Sphere of the level, and the center one will lead farther up the stage to another cannon chamber guarded with two Gigatzos, firing farther up will pass Kirby through a few Ceruleans and will eventually lead you to the top, where to the left there is a Whippy and some food, and to the right is the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss


Stage 4

Kirby rushes along a sand conveyor whilst avoiding enemies in Stage 4.

Section 1: The stage starts out in a wide desert plain, at the foot of another large ruin, with a Key just to the right, and a Hunter Scarfy guarding it. Kirby must quickly move up a staircase with horizontally moving stairs, avoiding the Scarfy, in order to unlock a gate at the top of the staircase. Once Kirby unlocks the door, he will encounter a Poppy Bros. Jr, and can proceed to the door leading to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to the ruin interior. Kirby must traverse over a spiked moat, then reach a reverse sand treadmill area with Waddle Dees and a Sir Kibble. After a short platform, Kirby must traverse through another reverse treadmill, this one with Shotzos. After this platform is a set of stone blocks blocking the pit leading to an optional door that leads to an Energy Sphere. Kirby can use the Bomb ability to access this door. After returning to the main path, Kirby will reach two forward treadmills, guarded by Gordos and Scarfies. At the end of the second treadmill is the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to a dark section of the ruins. After going down a ladder and across some distance, Kirby will find a Candle, which will help to illuminate the path forward. Kirby must traverse through the rather bumpy path, which sometimes splits into a top and bottom, with some enemies. As Kirby proceeds across the course, there will be a section where the course divides two times, the first with the bottom being a dud area, and the second the top being the dud area, then an area infested with Gordos. An Energy Sphere will be visible soon, and Kirby must go around and left, then up (breaking blocks with the candle) to reach the second Energy Sphere of the stage. Kirby may then proceed forward, where he will find a PuppetDee guarding the entrance to the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to another ruin interior, starting with a long ladder downward. After traversing over some fire blocks, there will be a Cutter and a Beam Copy Pedestal, with some food. This will lead to the Water Galboros (essentially a large Water Galbo) mid-boss battle, that, when defeated, will yield Kirby the Water ability. Using the Water ability enables Kirby to neutralize fiery blocks, and will give Kirby access to some food, and a 1Up after Kirby hits a bomb block. After a rather straightforward path, Kirby can get to the door to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads to a small hall within the ruin. Breaking a Bomb Block opens up a much wider hallway, with Gigatzos in the background firing fireballs that rain down on Kirby. Kirby must pass through this area, avoiding obstacles as well as several enemies. Some areas have platforms that Kirby can hide under, sometimes with stars or food, however Kirby must be careful of the Babuts that appear around the stage. Soon after, Kirby can find an Invisibility Stone that can allow him to pass through an area with Babuts and Mumbies quickly, which allows Kirby to enter a small chamber with food, and another chamber that has an optional doorway leading to an Energy Sphere. After Kirby returns to the main path, he will have to move up a staircase past more Gigatzos to the door to the next section.

Section 6: The door leads to an upper section of the ruin, exposed to the outside air, where Kirby will find a Sword Copy Pedestal. Kirby can use it to cut ropes to access some Stars as well as drop Shotzos so they are not a threat. Kirby has to go down a large staircase where he will encounter a Super Blade Knight, which will yield Kirby the Ultra Sword Super Ability, where Kirby can traverse through a downward stage by cutting out ropes, obstacles, and enemies. After cutting some ropes, Kirby will have to get rid of some Kabu-faced blocks, and yet more ropes an enemies until the last set of two ropes, where an interdimensional rift will open.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall pursues Kirby from the right, as the path to the left is sloped and stair-heavy in a zig-zag formation, and Kirby will deal with several Shotzos in this area by removing the blocks upon which they (and later a Gigatzo) sit on. The end of the scrolling course ends in a large downward fall then right to the door to the next section of the alternate dimension, where the Fire Sphere Doomer battle will be fought. Before Kirby fights the Sphere Doomer, he has a choice between Cutter and Sword Copy Pedestals. The Sphere Doomer is played on a stage where two sections are only existent as breakable blocks, so Kirby must be careful not to fall into the pits should these blocks be broken.

After the Sphere Doomer battle is completed, Kirby may go back on the main path, and go on a ladder downward to the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 5 (Boss: Mr. Dooter)

Kirby witnesses Mr. Dooter attempting to summon himself in.

The stage begins in a desert ruin, as stairs lead up and to the right. Strange teal crystal statues adorn the walkway in both the foreground and background. A ladder leads to another staircase going to the left, with the Hi-Jump Water and Whip Copy Pedestals above it. Another ladder takes Kirby up to the last staircase, which leads to the door to the boss room.

The boss room itself is a large open area with more crystal statues in the background at various heights. Rubble can be seen falling in the background, and a turban is on the ground not far to the right. Approaching it causes the turban to levitate into the air. Then, disembodied gloves appear and bang on the turban's top, causing smoke to exit the bottom and form the body of Mr. Dooter. The battle begins proper as Dooter starts juggling skulls and/or bombs, which, once he starts levitating them, can be knocked away. Inhaling a bomb as it's thrown will give Kirby the Bomb ability. Dooter can also perform a tornado spin similar to Kirby's Tornado ability and will attempt to land on Kirby or his pals. Landing will cause stars to emerge on both sides of him. Dooter can also take his turban off and command snakes out of it to attack Kirby.

Once Mr. Dooter is down to half health, he will cast a spell upon himself to grow in size and start performing a series of rapid spring jumps to try and smash Kirby. Each slam creates more stars. He will also open up with a bunch of low punches, some of which will be charged with fire and can leave lingering areas of conflagration. He can also command Babuts from his turban and juggle Gordos. Defeating Mr. Dooter knocks his turban off his head and he falls onto his back, exploding shortly afterward. The Right Wing of the Lor then appears in the middle of the room. Collecting it finishes the level.


A section of the Raisin Ruins Lobby.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レーズンルインズ
Rēzun Ruinzu
Raisin Ruins
Spanish Oasis Orégano Oregano Oasis
French Arène Aride Arid Arena
German Rosinen-Ruinen Raisin-Ruins