Capsule J2

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Capsule J2
Artwork from "Kirby Super Star Ultra"
Debut Game Kirby Super Star Ultra
Copy Ability Jet
Similar Entities Capsule J, Capsule J3
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Capsule J2 is an enemy debuting in Kirby Super Star Ultra, as a replacement for Capsule J from the original Kirby Super Star. With the exception of its head and facial area, it physically resembles the original Capsule J. However, its head is shaped like a jet's nose and it has a pair of high-powered rocket boosters. It also has a lower jaw-like extension and glowing red eyes.

In the game, Capsule J2 fulfills the same role as the original Capsule J did in Super Star and also attacks in exactly the same way. When it spots Kirby, it shoots towards him at high speeds and attempts to ram into him. It is notable for being the only enemy in the game to give Kirby the Jet Copy Ability when he inhales and swallows it.

Capsule J2 also appears as the Helper of the Jet ability. As such, it is capable of performing the same attacks as Kirby when he has the Jet Copy Ability, which include blasting ahead with a powerful kick or shooting ahead at high speed and then releasing a burst of energy. Like the other Helpers in the game, Capsule J2 is playable in the Helper to Hero stage.

Capsule J2 does not appear in Kirby: Planet Robobot. A similar enemy with updated appearance takes its place, called Capsule J3.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カプセルJ2
Kapuseru Jē Tsū
Capsule J2
German Jetset 2.0 From Capsule J's German name, Jetset