Gigabyte Grounds

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Gigabyte Grounds
KPR Gigabyte Grounds World Hub.png
Screenshot of Gigabyte Grounds from Kirby: Planet Robobot.
Level Nr. 4
Stages 6
EX Stages 1
Code Cubes 18
Mid-Bosses Miasmoros (4-2), Dubior (4-3), Telepathos (4-5), Bonkers 2.0 (4-EX), Blocky 2.0 (4-EX)
Boss C.O.G.S. and Core Kabula (4-4), Mecha Knight (4-6)
Stages with Robobot Armor All but Stage 3 and Boss
Level progression
Overload Ocean Rhythm Route
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Gigabyte Grounds is the fourth level of Kirby: Planet Robobot. It has five regular stages, a boss stage, and an EX stage. The level takes place largely in a desert environment, but contains a factory, and a laboratory like the previous levels. There are eighteen Code Cubes to collect in this level, with three in every stage except the Boss one. The boss is Mecha Knight.


For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stage Unlock Req. Code Cubes Robobot Armor? Notes
Stage 1 N/A 3 Yes
Stage 2 Complete Stage 1. 3 Yes
Stage 3 Complete Stage 2. 3 No
Stage 4 Complete Stage 3. 3 Yes
Stage 5 Complete Stage 4. 3 Yes
Stage 6 Collect 6 Code Cubes from prior Gigabyte Grounds stages and complete Stage 5. 0 No Mecha Knight is battled here. Completing this stage unlocks Rhythm Route.
Stage 7 EX Collect all Code Cubes from prior Gigabyte Grounds stages. 3 Yes This is an EX stage, so completing it is not required to finish the game.

In Meta Knightmare Returns[edit]

All stages of Gigabyte Grounds are played in one sequence in Meta Knightmare Returns except for certain sections involving the Robobot Armor. Through this sequence, four stickers can be found.

In addition, many enemies are re-sized - changing their Stamina and also possibly movement speed - and the Mid-Bosses are changed to their 2.0 forms. The fight with Mecha Knight is also replaced with Stock Mecha Knight, an effective 2.0 variant.

Finally, in place of Code Cubes, side areas yield Meta-Points, which can be used to power Meta Knight's special abilities.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギガント グラウンド
Giganto Guraundo
Gigant Ground
French Générateur Giga Giga Generator
German Oasen-Odyssee Oasis Odyssey
Italian Terreno Gigabyte Gigabyte Terrain
Korean 기가바이트 그라운즈
Gigabaiteu Geuraunjeu
Gigabyte Grounds
Spanish Central Circuito Central Circuit