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Commentator Waddle Dee

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Commentator Waddle Dee
KatFL Commentator Waddle Dee screenshot.png
Screenshot of Commentator Waddle Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
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This article is about the Waddle Dee who comments on the Colosseum cups and appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. For Waddle Dees in a general context, see Waddle Dee.
Wwwwwelcome to the Colosseum! If you're here to enter a tournament, you came to the right spot!
— Commentator Waddle Dee, in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Commentator Waddle Dee is a Waddle Dee who runs the Colosseum in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. He has the same general look as any other Waddle Dee, but is distinguished by his thick-rimmed blue glasses, yellow bow tie, and matching microphone (which strongly resembles Walky). He first appears once Kirby finishes Wondaria Remains and the location is built, offering to let him fight in Meta Knight Cup, and later in The Ultimate Cup and The Ultimate Cup Z.

During the fights, as well as in the rest area, Commentator Waddle Dee comments on Kirby's performance, except in The Ultimate Cup Z where, due to it taking place in another realm, his voice can only reach Kirby in-between fights while he is in the rest area. He also encourages Kirby to try again when he fails, and reports his record when he succeeds.


Quotes from Commentator Waddle Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
  • "Wwwwwelcome to the Colosseum's reception areaaa!"
  • "You can enter tournaments here and battle a rush of former bosses!"
  • "If you make it all the way to the end and come out on top, you'll win a...speciaaal rewaaard!"
  • "And that's not all! We seem to have an unexpected warrior using our first tournament as training..."
  • "All the way from Planet Popstar! Stuck in this new world like us! Thaaat's right, it's...Meta Knight!"
  • "So...are you gonna enter the tournament too?"
  • "Wwwwwelcome to the Colosseum! If you're here to enter a tournament, you came to the right spot!"
  • "If you'd like to enter later, just come back to this reception area!"
  • "OK! You're officially entered in (Cup Name). It's about to get intense in there... I can't wait!"
  • "The entrance to the Colosseum is right over there. Prepare for some tough battles, then head on in!"
  • "What's up? Do you need to withdraw from the tournament?"
  • "Oh, good! Once you're ready for battle, just head on through the Colosseum entrance right next to us."
  • "Got it. You're officially out of the tournament. If you ever want to enter again, I'll be here!"
  • "Got it. You're officially out of that tournament. Did you want to enter a different one?"
  • "Kirby!"
  • "I should warn you about The Ultimate Cup Z..."
  • "The Ultimate Cup Z takes place in some other realm where you'll face intense battles with scary foes."
  • "I can't follow you into that arena...and worse than that, I can't commentate over your battles..."
  • "But I know you'll survive. No—I know you'll WIN! After all, you just saved this entire world!"
  • "You've entered The Ultimate Cup Z... It's a gauntlet of brutal battles in a mysterious arena!"
  • "You'll be fighting in a different realm than ours, so I can't follow you...or provide any commentary..."
  • "But I WILL be cheering you on from the rest area between battles. So good luck, Kirby! Go get 'em!"
  • "Congratulations on a stunning victory, Kirby! Here's your hard-won reward!"
  • "Kirby! You didn't grab your reward from your recent Colosseum victory... Congrats again!"
  • "Kirby! You're amazing! Do you realize that you've conquered ALL of the Colosseum tournaments?!"
  • "To honor your landmark achievement in the realm of arena-based combat...I got you a gift!"
  • "This special figure is all yours. Congratulations!"
  • "Here we go, folks! Kirby has entered the arenaaa!"
  • "The puffy, pink pugilist has arrived! Kirby makes his way into the arenaaa!"
  • "Kirby has entered the arena, and the crowd has entered hype mode!"
  • "This battle's heating up, and the crowd is going wiiild!"
  • "How long can Kirby keep up this victory streak?! The crowd is hyped to find out!"
  • "The crowd's cheers for Kirby are echoing off every wall in the arena!"
  • "Go, Kirby! Victory is within your grasp!"
  • "Kirby may never be stopped! What is the secret to his colossal strength?!"
  • "Things are heating up. What amazing moves will Kirby show us next?"
  • "You just can't take your eyes off him, folks! Don't even blink, or you'll miss the action!"
  • "The crowd can't contain its excitement! I can't even contain my own! Go, Kirby!"
  • "Time to clap and cheer—our hero is here! Kirby's ready for another rooound!"
  • "Kirby's martial might has everyone mesmerized! What will he do next?!"
  • "So many dazzling moves! What amazing skill will Kirby show us next?!"
  • "It's down to this! The final battle! Whatever you do, don't get up for snacks now!"
  • "The last battle is upon us, and the crowd is really going wild! Make some noiiise!"
  • "Finally! The last battle! Which warrior will the goddess of victory smile upon today?!"
  • "My voice can't reach this mysterious arena, but you'll hear me in this room!"
  • "Looks like you'll face some powerful foes. I'll track your progress from this room!"
  • "We can't follow you into this mysterious arena...but we'll be watching from here!"
  • "No fear, not even in this mysterious arena! Our pink prizefighter is on fire!"
  • "Hoo-wee! That last battle looked tough. Keep going, Kirby! We believe in you!"
  • "He's doing great in there, folks! Keep it up, Kirby—and good luck!"
  • "Another intense battle surely awaits... Take a moment to rest, Kirby!"
  • "Our hero is a veteran of battle, folks. Some circles call him the "Pink Demon"!"
  • "You've come so far, Kirby! Prepare for the next round. We're rooting for you!"
  • "Kirby! Don't let your guard down! Your foes will only get wilder from here!"
  • "Each enemy is more powerful than the last... Patch yourself up and fight on!"
  • "He's still in it, folks! We expect nothing less from the "Pink Demon" himself!"
  • "Go, Kirby! Fight on! Precious victory is within your grasp!"
  • "F-f-finally! It's the f-f-final battle! *gulp* We wish you luck, Kirby!"
  • "Such skill! So many intense battles! Now you must face your final foe... Good luck!"
  • "The next battle is also the last... Go finish this fight and come back safe, Kirby!"
  • "Kirby is taking a beating! It's looking dire out there, folks, but don't lose hope yet!"
  • "Our hero is on his last leg! He can't take much more of this... Watch yourself, Kirby!"
  • "Things are looking rough for Kirby! Is this the end, or can the puffball turn it around?!"
  • "Hang on to something, folks! Kirby's foe is about to go all out! Watch out, Kirby!"
  • "This battle's about to get way more intense! Keep those eyes aimed at the arena, folks!"
  • "Kirby's offense has made his opponent desperate! Things are about to get tough!"
  • "Oh no! Kirby's down for the count, folks! Can he get back on his feet in time?!"
  • "Down again?! Come on, Kirby! Up and at 'em!"
  • "Has Kirby finally fallen for good? Will he find his footing and fight on?!"
  • "He can't take much more, but this is the true test! Tough it out, Kirby!"
  • "Has our hero truly met his match? Never! You can do it, Kirby! I know you can!"
  • "Kirby's back to it! This fight is far from over, folks!"
  • "Kirby hasn't given up yet! Let's see what new surprises he has in store!"
  • "Incredible! The brutal battle continues! Good luck, Kirby!"
  • "Go, go, Kirbyyy! He refuses to quit! You can't help but root for him!"
  • "Yes! Go, Kirby! We're right here with you!"
  • "You OK, Kirby? The true test of skill hasn't even started yet!"
  • "Don't give up now, Kirby! Take a moment to recover, then dive back into it!"
  • "It's a tough battle for sure, but don't give up, Kirby! We believe in you!"
  • "Stand your ground, Kirby! You've got this next battle in the bag!"
  • "Don't give up, Kirby! We know you can do it! We know you can win!"
  • "Oh no! You hate to see it end so soon... Let's hope Kirby fares better next time!"
  • "Oof! Not the most impressive showing from our hero, but we love him all the same!"
  • "Our hero fell far short of victory...but don't give up, Kirby! There's always next time!"
  • "He fell short this time, but here's hoping he returns to fight again! See you soon, Kirby!"
  • "Aaand that's the match, folks! Tough luck, Kirby. We'll see you in your next attempt!"
  • "Kirby's tasting bitter defeat for now...but the little fella's got potential. Next time!"
  • "Awww, and he was on such a roll! A tough defeat, but he's sure to get 'em next time."
  • "A stellar start, but the plucky puffball finally hit his limit. Tough luck, Kirby!"
  • "Kirby gave it his all, but fate stopped him just short of victory!"
  • "So close to victory... Imagine how exciting the next attempt will be! Try again, Kirby!"
  • "Shocking defeat! Kirby put on quite a show, but it wasn't enough to cinch the win! Aww."
  • "Victory was so close! Cheers are echoing in from the future... Return to fight again!"
  • "Oof! A mortifying defeat for our hero, Kirby! Don't worry, folks—he'll get 'em next time!"
  • "Oh no! So close! This one's a heartbreaker, folks... Let's hope he tries again soon!"
  • "Nooo! Bested by his final opponent with victory in sight... Sorry, Kirby!"
  • "Whoa! A stunning victory over the lone swordsman, Meta Knight! KIRBY WINS!"
  • "Wow! Our beloved, pink puffball is the last fighter standing! KIRBY WINS!"
  • "He made it back! The champion of Planet Popstar has done it! KIRBY WIIIIINS!"
  • "What a heated battle! I'll bet the next tourney gets even more intense!"
  • "A solid show of skill indeed! We always knew Kirby would come out on top!"
  • "Such an amazing victory! Knowing Kirby, many more are sure to follow!"
  • "What an amazing battle! Let's see if he can do it again, only faster!"
  • "What an impressive record! Next time, aim for that top spot!"
  • "No new record this time...but wow, what a battle! Stupendous job, Kirby!"
  • "An impressive new record! Kirby has set a high bar for the tourneys to come!"
  • "Look at that, folks! Kirby has set a new record for an unbelievable victory!"
  • "History has been rewritten! There's a new best time to beat, and it belongs to Kirby!"
  • "What a grueling gauntlet that was...but our hero still made it out alive!"
  • "In this and any other world, Kirby is simply unstoppable!"
  • "That mysterious arena is no match for our plucky prizefighter! Congrats, Kirby!"
  • "It was a harrowing battle in a mysterious arena...but Kirby still set a new record!"
  • "An impressive new record! Kirby's a force to be reckoned with in any arena!"
  • "Kirby lives to fight on! Will he return to beat his own record time? We'll see!"
  • "Kirby's bottomless courage has earned him a new top record! Way to go!"
  • "What manner of battle just took place? Who knows? But Kirby set a new record!"
  • "What just happened? I have no idea, but Kirby gets to claim a new top record!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese じっきょうワドルディ
Jikkyō wadorudi
Reporter Waddle Dee
Chinese 实况瓦豆鲁迪
Shíkuàng wǎ dòu lǔ dí
Live Waddle Dee
Dutch Commentator-Waddle Dee Commentator Waddle Dee
French Waddle Dee commentateur Waddle Dee commentator
German Waddle-Dee-Kommentator Waddle-Dee-Commentator
Italian Waddle Dee commentatore Commentator Waddle Dee
Korean 해설 웨이들 디
Haeseol Weideul Di
Commentary Waddle Dee
Spanish Waddle Dee comentarista Commentator Waddle Dee