Secret Sea - Secret

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Secret Sea - Secret
Fighters are well-known for their ability to fire pulses of energy.
Level Secret Sea
Mid Boss(es) Bonkers
Box Boxer
EX Stage? Yescheck.png
Treasure(s) Secret Map
Graphic Piece
Stage Order
Boss stage Gamble Galaxy - Stage 1
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Secret Sea - Secret is an unlockable bonus stage of Secret Sea in Kirby: Squeak Squad, accessible once the Secret Door Key in Stage 4 is obtained.


The stage begins in a stacked set of metal rooms containing sets of doorways. Kirby will return to this area every time he completes the area behind a door, appearing in the next room up, with more doors to choose from.

  • Set 1
    • Through the left door, Kirby fights Boxy in the following room, then returns to the first set.
    • Through the middle door is a room where Kirby can obtain a 1-Up through careful manipulation of switches. From there, he can proceed upward.
    • The right door leads to an area where a Boxin will attempt to greet Kirby with its fists. Using its power, Kirby can obtain a 1-Up, and then can proceed upward.
  • Set 2 (each doorway is one-way only)
    • Through the left door, Kirby fights Box Boxer in the following room.
    • The middle door leads to a room where Kirby will have to race against a bomb block trigger to retrieve a 1Up before it is blocked off.
    • The right door leads to a room with a pit to the right, and another 1Up held above it. Kirby knows the drill here.
  • Set 3 (which room Kirby ends up in depends on which door he took in Set 2)
    • The left door leads to a room full of large star blocks, Flamers and a spike pit below. The door to the top of the hub can be uncovered by removing the star blocks at the top-right corner.
    • The middle door leads to a room with a Gold Waddle Dee running about between two switch gates. Kirby will have to be careful which one he flips, or the treasure the Waddle Dee holds might be lost to the abyss.
    • Through the right door, Kirby fights Bonkers in the following room.
  • Set 4 (each doorway is one-way only)
    • Through the left door, Kirby can obtain an Energy Drink.
    • Through the right door, Kirby can obtain a treasure chest.

The last room is a short vertical climb with ladders and a moving platform conveying the large treasure chest. Storo appears to steal it, so Kirby will have to fight him for it. From there, the stage exit is just above.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
Secret Map 6.png Secret Map Part of a map to a secret place. SecretSea-EX Treasure 1.jpg
Piece Green.png Graphic Piece Part of a big picture. SecretSea-EX Treasure 2.jpg
Heart Half.png Vitality Collect two to extend your life. SecretSea-EX Treasure 3.jpg