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K64 A StoneCutter.png
Kirby transforming into a stone replica of Coo
First game Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Type(s) Unlimited uses
Obtained from Combine Stone and Cutter
Power(s) Becoming a stone replica of an animal friend
Comparable to Stone, Stone-Stone
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Stone-Cutter is a a Power Combo featured in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. This power is featured as a combination of Stone and Cutter abilities. Using this move, Kirby can transform into a stone replica of any one of his six Animal Friends from Kirby's Dream Land 3, gaining varying abilities in the process.

In any of the six forms, Kirby is invulnerable to normal enemy attacks and will damage any enemy he touches. The form taken is determined randomly:

Image Description
As Rick, Kirby can walk slowly and make a single short hop. He can also climb walls by hopping repeatedly up them.
This wall-climbing ability is required to obtain a Crystal Shard in Aqua Star - Stage 3.
As Kine, Kirby is unable to move at all, only able to turn from side to side in one place. This makes it more analogous to Stone's behavior in other games.
As Coo, Kirby cannot walk, but can fly slowly for short periods of time.
As Nago, Kirby can waddle slowly and jump up to three times in the air before landing.
As ChuChu, Kirby cannot walk, but can hop once to move slowly, jumping fairly high.
As Pitch, Kirby cannot walk, but can fly very fast and far before having to come down, rolling on impact. This is easily the most mobile of the transformations.

Like the other abilities in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, this ability does not change Kirby's physical appearance in any way until it is used.