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Parallel Meta Knight

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Parallel Meta Knight
KSA Parallel Meta Knight splash screen.png
Splash card for Parallel Meta Knight
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Copy Abilities Stone (rocks)
Relative(s) Meta Knight
Similar to Dark Meta Knight
Galacta Knight
Morpho Knight
Phantom Meta Knight
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Parallel Meta Knight, titled Otherworldly Frost Blade, is the Parallel counterpart to Meta Knight, who makes his appearance as a boss in Heroes in Another Dimension of Kirby Star Allies.


When the Jamba Hearts rained down, Meta Knight set out alone to protect the Sacred Square. Ah, but he was turned by the dark power of the hearts...and reborn as a deviant corruption of his usual chivalrous form!
— VS Parallel Meta Knight (English)

The English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch localizations of Parallel Meta Knight's pause flavor text misinterpret his origin. As the original Japanese and localized Chinese and Korean texts describe:

メタナイトは ジャマハートが ふりそそなか一人ひとりセイント
スクエアーズに かい、住民じゅうみんまもっていた。そこでハートに
ふれ、しきを うしなうが やってきた カービィたちに すくわれた。
そのときかれねんが ジャマハートを つうじて 異界いかいはこばれ、
クローンとも ちがう、異界いかいのナイトを したのだ!

— VS Parallel Meta Knight (Japanese)
메타 나이트는 자마 하트가 흘뿌리는 와중에 홀로
세이크리드 스퀘어로 가서 주민을 지켰지만 그곳에서
하트를 만지고 의식을 잃게 된다. 다행히 커비 일행의
도움을 받았지만 그의 정신은 자마 하트를 통해 이공간
으로 건너가서 이공간의 나이트가 만들어지고 말았다!

— VS Parallel Meta Knight (Korean)

The following is the translation of the Japanese and Korean texts:
"When the Jamba Hearts rained down, Meta Knight set out alone to protect the residents of Sacred Square He was struck by one Jamba Heart and lost his consciousness, but he was saved by the arrived Kirby and co. It was at that time that his spirit along with that Jamba Heart were cast out into another dimension. As a result, an otherworldly knight, not a clone, was born!"

The origin of Parallel Meta Knight is similar to that of Parallel Dedede: As the original King Dedede and Meta Knight were defeated by Kirby in Story Mode, their spirits and the Jamba Hearts possessing them went to Another Dimension and the parallel versions were born. Thus, Parallel Meta Knight is a different character from Meta Knight.

Parallel Woods, Parallel Twin Kracko/Parallel Big Kracko, Parallel Meta Knight and Parallel Dedede are the "Otherworldly Four Heavenly Kings" as described in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions.

Physical appearance[edit]

Parallel Meta Knight looks identical to Meta Knight but with a much darker color palette. He has a pitch-black body, red eyes and a brown/golden set of armor. He wields an identical version of Galaxia as well.

Boss battle[edit]

Parallel Meta Knight appears in the following game modes:

Mode Level HP
(Star Bullet=52)
Heroes in Another Dimension Dimension III 1200 He appears as the boss at the end of Dimension III.
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters Level 2 1200 He replaces the Meta Knight boss battle at the end of Level 2.
The Ultimate Choice Soul Melter EX 900 He appears in the 9th battle.

Unlike Meta Knight, Parallel Meta Knight doesn't leave a sword for Kirby to pick up, and he will immediately jump off the cliff and begin the battle.

Parallel Meta Knight shares similar attacks to that of Meta Knight, but also possesses the Triple Crescent Shot, Knight Spin and Galactic Counter attacks. Much like Meta Knight, he can often guard, which can nullify any damage from Kirby and co. Sword ability allies (including Blade Knight, Meta Knight and Dark Meta Knight) can interrupt his sword attacks. In the second phase, he can also duplicate into up to four Parallel Meta Knights depending on the number of Kirby's allies.

The following lists Parallel Meta Knight's attacks.

Parallel Meta Knight's Attacks  
Attack Description
Backhand Slash Parallel Meta Knight performs a backhand slash. He may do this while dashing as well.
Backhand Slash - Triple Slash Parallel Meta Knight performs a backhand slash followed by Triple Slash.
Hyper Rush - Crescent Shot Parallel Meta Knight performs a multithrust and then fires a crescent-shaped energy wave.
Triple Crescent Shot Parallel Meta Knight fires 3 Crescent Shots in a row.
Aerial Crescent Shot Parallel Meta Knight jumps and fires 3 Crescent Shots at the same time.
Glide Sword Parallel Meta Knight glides while thrusting his sword.
Down Thrust Parallel Meta Knight jumps and thrusts down his sword, leaving two stars on impact.
Knight Spin Parallel Meta Knight jumps and performs a vertical spinning slash.
Parallel Meta Knight requires charging to use this attack.
  • Parallel Meta Knight takes 0.4× damage during the Tornado attack.

After releasing his charge, he stabs his sword into the ground to summon giant tornado(es) that travel across the stage.

  • In the first phase, one tornado is summoned.
  • In the second phase, 5 tornadoes are summoned at once in a fixed pattern.

If the allies are hit by the tornado, they will be thrown into the air and take damage when crashing onto the ground.

  • The tornadoes cannot be guarded.
  • The tornadoes ignore the allies' invincibility frames (e.g. Stone and attacks like Sword's Drill Stab will fail to dodge the tornadoes). The only exception is when Kirby gains an ability from swallowing something.
Upper Calibur
Parallel Meta Knight requires charging to use this attack.

After releasing his charge, Parallel Meta Knight dashes and performs an upper slash.
If the upper slash connects to any player(s), he will then perform a multi-slash combo to them in midair.
If the allies avoid the upper slash, Parallel Meta Knight will end this attack.

  • The upper can only be guarded by special guards. Unlike Meta Knight's where damage is only dealt upon the finishing blow, Parallel Meta Knight's version deals damage for the whole move.
Galactic Counter Parallel Meta Knight enters a counter pose, like Meta Knight's Galactic Counter.
If he is attacked by any means during this pose (including via sliding[1]), he will counterattack with a sword slash.
During the charge-up animation, any attacks that hit him will deal no damage.
Second phase only  
Duplicate Parallel Meta Knight always begins with this attack in the second phase.

Parallel Meta Knight duplicates himself. The number of Parallel Meta Knights in play depends on how many allies there are:

  • 2 Parallel Meta Knights if there is only one or two characters;
  • 3 Parallel Meta Knights if there are three characters;
  • 4 Parallel Meta Knights if there are four characters;
  • Each Parallel Meta Knight's defense increases during Force Falls.

Every Parallel Meta Knight takes damage. Each of them attacks independently of the others.

Force Holdings Two Parallel Meta Knights on the ground each fires a purple force beam in an attempt to catch the allies, which cannot be guarded.
If successful, he will slam the trapped allies with the purple force. Trapped allies can escape by mashing the Control Stick or directional buttons rapidly.
  • Parallel Meta Knight takes 1.5× damage during Force Holdings.
Force Falls The duplicated Parallel Meta Knights fly to the background. Using the purple force, they summon large boulders to hurl at the allies.
The boulders stack into pillars, the number of which matches the number of Parallel Meta Knights.
Then, every Parallel Meta Knight cuts down a pillar in a flash, creating smaller rocks on his both sides which can be inhaled and swallowed for the Stone ability.
  • Each pillar has 1000 HP.
  • If any pillar is destroyed beforehand, that Parallel Meta Knight's sword will get stuck in the ground and become vulnerable.

After the pillar slashes, the duplicates will merge back into the only one Parallel Meta Knight.

Duplicate Glide Sword All duplicated Parallel Meta Knights Shuttle Loop towards a given character's position three times in a row. The Parallel Meta Knights each target one character to Shuttle Loop towards. If fighting him with only one character, both Parallel Meta Knights target just that character.

When Parallel Meta Knight is defeated, his mask breaks, revealing his true face just like the recurring scenario of Meta Knight. Then, he wraps himself with his cape and escapes.


Parallel Meta Knight and Parallel Dedede share the same battle theme. It is composed by Yuuta Ogasawara and titled 異空をかけた剣王との戦い[2] (A Battle With the Distant Otherworldly Sword King). It can be found as Track 193 in the Jukebox.

The first verse is the same as the battle theme of Parallel Woods and Parallel Big Kracko, but is followed by rock remixes of "My Friend and the Sunset" and "King Dedede's Theme". "Sword King" actually refers to both Parallel Meta Knight (sword) and Parallel Dedede (king).




Battle with Parallel Meta Knight in Kirby Star Allies (The Ultimate Choice).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 異界いかい霜刃そうじん アナザーメタナイト
Ikai no Soujin Anazā Meta Naito
Otherworldly Frost Blade, Another Meta Knight
  • In Chinese literature, 霜刃 (lit. "frost blade") is a figurative way of saying "sharp blade."
Traditional Chinese 異次元魅塔騎士
yì cì yuán mèi tǎ qí shì
Another-Dimension Meta Knight
Simplified Chinese 异次元魅塔骑士
yì cì yuán mèi tǎ qí shì
Dutch Parallelle Meta Knight Parallel Meta Knight
French Meta Knight parallèle Parallel Meta Knight
German Jenseitige Frostklinge, Ein anderer Meta-Knight Otherworldly Frost Blade, Another Meta Knight
Italian Gelida lama trascendente, Un altro Meta Knight Transcendent frost blade, Another Meta Knight
Korean 이공간의 예리한 칼날 어나더 메타 나이트
Igon-gan-ui Telihan Kalnal Eonadeo Meta Naiteu
Other-Space Sharp Blade, Another Meta Knight
Spanish Meta Knight paralelo Parallel Meta Knight


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