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KF2 Wrestler artwork.png
Artwork of Wrestler Kirby from Kirby Fighters 2.
First game Kirby Fighters 2 (2020)
Latest game Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
Type(s) Unlimited use
Power(s) Attacks using grappling techniques and wrestler moves
Similar to Suplex, Fighter, Backdrop, Throw
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Wrestler is a Copy Ability which gives Kirby several different grappling and wrestling moves. It first appeared in Kirby Fighters 2, and is currently exclusive to that game, meaning there is no enemy that grants this ability when swallowed, making it one of two Copy Abilities to have this trait, the other being Jelly in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It is also the second Copy Ability to be introduced in a spin-off game, the first being Balloon, which debuted in Kirby: Canvas Curse.

When using the Wrestler ability, Kirby dons a brightly-colored red and yellow luchador mask with flame-like decals which covers the upper half of his body, leaving only two holes in the front for his eyes. This ability gives Kirby several different melee attacks, in addition to lunges, grabs, and throws, making it very similar to both the Fighter and Suplex abilities.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Fighters 2[edit]

Wrestler first appeared in Kirby Fighters 2, where it is one of the abilities that can be selected from the main ability/character menu. It is unlocked for use when the player attains a Fighters Rank of 2, making it the first unlockable ability in that game.

For more precise competitive-oriented information on the Wrestler ability in Kirby Fighters 2, see Mizuumi Wiki's page.


Wrestler move-set in Kirby Fighters 2  
Skill Button Execution Description Damage (unmodified)
Kirby swipes with his hand in a horizontal motion ahead of himself. 10
Chop Barrage - Final Chop
B repeatedly
Kirby swipes with his hand twice, then finishes with a wave of energy that sends his opponent flying. 3 (first chop)
3 (second chop)
4 (wave wind-up)
12 (wave)
Launcher Lariat
↓ + B
Kirby charges for a moment, then releases a big uppercut. This attack can be held for longer before releasing, but this does not increase damage. 30
Rolling Sobat
B in midair
Kirby throws out a heavy flying kick, which is somewhat slow but powerful. 20
↑ + B in midair
Kirby swipes in a small arc above himself with his head, dealing big damage, though with limited range. 26
Flying Dropkick
Dash + B and A simultaneously
Kirby throws his feet out ahead of him and performs a drilling kick, drilling through opponents. 30 (if all hits connect)
Wrestler Pinpoint Kick
↓ + B in midair
Kirby drops straight down with his feet out. If he lands on an opponent, he can bounce off of them. 10
Wrestler Fury Stomp
Hold ↓ + B in midair
Kirby drops straight down with his feet out. If he lands on an opponent, he pummels them repeatedly with his feet. 26 (if all hits connect)
Meteor Plancha
↓↑ + B
Kirby rises into the air with a burning aura, then falls diagonally downward in the direction he is facing and causes a small explosion on landing. This move can carry opponents with it if it connects at the start. 19 (rising)
8 (falling)
9 (impact)
25 (impact without other parts of the move and if both hits connect)
22 (impact at greater distance from foe)
Bouncing Meteor Plancha
Hold a direction against a wall in midair + B
Kirby bounds from a wall in a diagonally upward motion, then crashes down diagonally and causes a small explosion on landing. Unlike the grounded version, this version does not carry opponents with it. 19 (rising)
12 (fallng)
25 (impact)
22 (impact at greater distance from foe)
Tackle Grab
Dash + B
Kirby lunges forward. If he collides with an opponent, he will grab that opponent and hold them over his head. From here, he can initiate one of the throws outlined below. If he does nothing, the opponent escapes with no damage after 5 seconds. N/A
↑ + B near foe
Kirby grabs and lifts his opponent, holding them over his head. From here, he can initiate one of the throws outlined below. If he does nothing, the opponent escapes with no damage after 5 seconds. N/A
Blazing Back Breaker
↑ after a grab
Kirby jumps with his opponent into the air, then lands in a blaze, tossing his opponent away shortly afterward. 28
Megaton Slam
↓ after a grab
Kirby spins around with his opponent in his grasp, then tosses the foe hard into the floor, causing them to bounce away afterward. 28
Air Suplex
← after a grab
Kirby jumps backward with his opponent and slams them head-first into the ground, creating a lightning effect upon impact then knocking the opponent away. Can be followed by Rolling Breaker. 28
Giant Swing
→ after a grab
Kirby performs a quick series of spins with his opponent in his grasp and then tosses the foe forward. 28
Rolling Breaker
A after a grab
Kirby leaps forward performing several somersaults with his opponent in his grasp, then slams them into the ground. Other nearby opponents are also damaged by the impact. Air Suplex can be followed by this attack. 36
20 (to any other opponent caught in the impact)
Flying Grab
↑ + B
Kirby leaps into the air and can catch opponents above him. If he fails to grab anyone, he will fall back down in a panic. After a grab, if Kirby falls to the floor before throwing, it will change into a regular Grab. N/A
Ultra Back Breaker
A after a Flying Grab
Kirby spins rapidly with his opponent in his grasp while falling downward, then slams with great force, tossing the foe away. 36
Air Corkscrew
B + ↓ after a Flying Grab
Kirby spins, then tosses his foe hard diagonally downward to the ground. 38

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Buffet, Wrestler Kirby appears on two Character Treats along with Sword Kirby, one using the paired artwork from Kirby Fighters 2, and another showing both of them riding the Buddy Star Blaster. A separate Character Treat that depicts artwork of the Sumo Topknot Rare Hat can also be collected. Wrestler does not appear as an ability in Kirby's Dream Buffet itself.


The Wrestling Mask headgear from Kirby Battle Royale
  • The Meteor Plancha attack functions in a very similar manner to that of Incineroar's up-special move "Cross Chop" in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Both moves were likely inspired by Mil Máscaras' wrestling move, the plancha.
  • With five pages worth of moves, Wrestler is the most complex Copy Ability in Kirby Fighters 2, and among the most complex abilities in the entire Kirby series.
  • A wrestling mask of similar design previously appeared as Headgear for the Fighter ability in Kirby Battle Royale.
  • The primary artwork of Wrestler Kirby has a somewhat similar pose to Kirby's official artwork for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.



Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Wrestler

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レスラー
Chinese 蒙面摔角手
Méngmiàn shuāijiǎoshǒu
Masked wrestler
Dutch Worstelaar Wrestler
French Lutteur masqué Masked wrestler
German Wrestling-Maske Wrestling Mask
Italian Wrestler mascherato Masked wrestler
Korean 레슬러
Portuguese Luta livre Freestyle Wrestling
Spanish Lucha libre Freestyle Wrestling