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Crazy Theater

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Crazy Theater
KBR Crazy Theater Game 5 Gameplay.png
Gameplay screenshot of Crazy Theater
Type(s) Battle - Mini Games
Levels 1
Players 4
Appears in Kirby Battle Royale
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Win the various challenges before your opponents do!
— Collection Lists description of Crazy Theater.

KBR Crazy Theater icon.png Crazy Theater is one of the ten Battle types in Kirby Battle Royale, and one of three that can be played in the demo version of the game (the others being Battle Arena and Apple Scramble). It places its contestants in an arena that continuously changes form, and tasks them with completing several mini-games, one after the other.

Rules and gameplay[edit]

This battle mode is split into several smaller mini games. Each game is separated by a curtain change, where the task is given to the contestants. Once the curtain opens, contestants must then seek to fulfill the requirement while preventing their opponents from doing the same. Once the timer is up, contestants who did the task correctly are awarded a point. The first solo contestant to earn five points - or team to earn ten points - is the winner.

Like most other battle modes, contestants have health, and can be knocked out of a mini-game if hit enough times. Contestants' stamina is restored at the beginning of each round.

The Crazy Theater stage.


The stage in which the games take place is called the Dream Theater, which feature Waddle Dees and a Waddle Doo in the audience, all holding glow-sticks. Possible mini-games are as follows:

Mini-games in Crazy Theater
Name Intro Gameplay Description
Stand on the answer! KBR Crazy Theater Game 1.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 1 Gameplay.png Contestants are presented with a simple addition or subtraction problem, and must then stand on a panel that represents the correct answer. When time is up, points will be awarded only to those standing on the correct panel.

An alternate version of this game places a random number of Apples on the floor, and asks contestants to stand on the panel that correctly represents the number of apples. Watermelon slices are also on the floor, to make things a little more confusing.

Attack your rivals! KBR Crazy Theater Game 2.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 2 Gameplay.png Contestants must hit one of their opponents with any attack. Failing to hit an opponent or getting KO'd will result in no point given.
Use B charge-ups on rivals! KBR Crazy Theater Game 7.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 7 Gameplay.png Contestants must hit an opponent with their B charge-up move. Failing to hit an opponent or getting KO'd will result in no point given.
Strike with B charge-up! KBR Crazy Theater Game 4.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 4 Gameplay.png A Target Switch falls into the arena. Contestants must hit this target with a B charge-up move to get a point. When a Target Switch is destroyed, another will appear. Failing to hit a Target Switch or getting KO'd will result in no point given.
Dodge attacks! KBR Crazy Theater Game 8.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 8 Gameplay.png Contestants must avoid getting hit by rivals. Those who succeed in the time allotted get a point.
Carry 3 apples! KBR Crazy Theater Game 9.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 9 Gameplay.png Several apples are scattered throughout the room. To get a point, contestants must hold three in a stack at some point in the game, and not get KO'd.
Carry 1 apple! KBR Crazy Theater Game 5.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 5 Gameplay.png A single Apple is placed in the middle of a small room. Contestants must hold it at some point and not get KO'd to get a point.
Dodge the shocks! KBR Crazy Theater Game 6.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 6 Gameplay.png Contestants must avoid continuous currents of lightning produced by Kracko which move about the stage. Getting hit by a shock is an instant KO. Points are awarded to those still standing at the end.
Dodge the asteroids! KBR Crazy Theater Game 3.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 3 Gameplay.png Several asteroids plummet down to the stage from above. Getting hit by an asteroid is an instant KO. Points are awarded to those still standing at the end.
Avoid the blast! KBR Crazy Theater Game 10.png KBR Crazy Theater Game 10 Gameplay.png A large Time Bomb appears in the stage, which can be picked up and thrown as it counts down. When it explodes, any contestants in a large area around it will be KO'd. Those still standing afterward get a point.

Battle Bonuses[edit]

The following Battle Bonuses can be awarded in Single Player or local Multiplayer Battle Mode:

  • Lone Leader: Succeeded single-handedly the most times!
  • Rival-Chucking Champ: Threw the most rivals!
  • Victory Blocker: Damaged the most rivals that were one win away from victory!
  • Zero-Damage Elite: Cleared without taking damage the most times!

Names in other languages[edit]

Crazy Theater[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese こたえて!アクションシアター
Kotaete! Akushon Shiatā
Answer! Action Theater
Dutch Strijdtoneel Battle theater
European French Remue-méninges Brainstorming
German Knöpchen-Kampf Button Battle
Italian Teatro folle Crazy theater
Korean 대답하라! 액션 극장
daedabhala! aegsyeon geugjang
Answer! Action Theater
Spanish Teatro caótico Chaotic theater

Dream Theater[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プププシアター
pupupu shiatā
Pupupu Theater
Korean 푸푸푸 극장
pupupu geugjang
Pupupu Theater

KBR Crazy Theatre Gameplay.gif
Small sequence from a Crazy Theater round