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K&TAM Cookin.png
Artwork of Cookin from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
First game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (2004)
Copy Ability Cook
Similar entities Chef Kawasaki
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K&tAMCookin.png Cookin is a rare chef enemy appearing exclusively in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It is a rotund, bright yellow creature with a pair of small eyes and a mouth that is constantly frowning, as well as two red feet and a singular, gloved hand holding a red frying pan floating next to its body. On its head, it wears a toque blanche, signifying its status as a cook. It is the only regular enemy in the Kirby series to yield the Cook ability.


Cookin is a completely stationary adversary, waiting in one place until Kirby approaches it. Once he does, it begins to repeatedly throw its large frying pan at him, which returns into its hand like a boomerang. If Kirby gets caught in it, he henceforth remains on top of the pan as it flies back to its owner, enabling Cookin to use it to fry him. During this process, Kirby takes no damage, but cannot move. Eventually, Cookin tosses Kirby a short distance, causing him to be harmed as soon as he hits the ground. Cookin's health is no greater than that of a Waddle Dee and it is vulnerable to any attack, but if Kirby inhales and swallows it, he is granted the rare Cook Copy Ability. Once defeated, Cookin does not respawn until a goal is reached, a Boss is beaten or the game is restarted.


Cookin can be found in every major area of the Mirror World except for Cabbage Cavern, Carrot Castle, and Radish Ruins.

Other appearances[edit]

Cookin makes a cameo in a Kirby JP Twitter illustration from April 2018 celebrating the spring harvest season. It appears alongside Chef Kawasaki and other characters to help prepare strawberry jam.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コックン
From 「コック」kokku (cook) and 「君」kun, a title mainly used for male teenagers
German Pfannibal Pun on Pfanne (pan) and the male name Hannibal