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Grand Mam

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Grand Mam
KSA Grand Mam.jpg
Screenshot of Grand Mam
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Weakness(es) Friend Star
Similar to Iron Mam
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays when fighting Grand Mam

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Grand Mam prides herself on her impenetrable steel armor! Even the bullets of the Friend Star bounce off her harmlessly. Team up and experiment with abilities to find her weak points, and bring that clanking calamity down!
— Pause screen caption for Grand Mam

Grand Mam is a boss who appears in Kirby Star Allies. She is a giant armored opponent with bombs for gauntlets and a large bow atop her head. Unlike other bosses, she is only fought in Story Mode and is faced exclusively using the Friend Star on Grott Moon.

During Grand Mam's battle, she will attempt to charge the Friend Star and launch her bomb arms into the ground. She can also call on reinforcements to warp into the battlefield, including Sir Kibble, Blade Knight, and Burning Leo (enemies whose abilities are key to defeating this boss). To defeat Grand Mam, the Star Allies must first cut loose one of the bombs while it is out, then light the severed fuse to make it explode on top of her. This done, her armor will be knocked off, leaving her body open to attacks from the Friend Star. After a while, however, Grand Mam's armor will regenerate, and the process will need to be repeated once more.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンセスビッグマム
Ansesu Biggu Mamu
Ances Big Mam
  • Ances is possibly derived from ancestor.
Traditional Chinese 巨大裝甲瑪姆
jù dà zhuāng jiǎ mǎ mǔ
Grand Armor Mam
Simplified Chinese 巨大装甲玛姆
jù dà zhuāng jiǎ mǎ mǔ
Dutch Grand Mam -
French Mégamam Megamam
German Mama Pracht Mama Splendor
Italian Grand Mam -
Korean 앤서스 빅맘
aenseoseu bigmam
Ances Big Mam
Spanish Gran Mam Big Mam