Forgo Dedede

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Forgo Dedede
KatFL Forgo Dedede Splash Screen.jpg
Title card for Forgo Dedede from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Similar to Masked Dedede, Phantom Forgo Dedede
Theme music

Music for the second phase of the battle with Forgo Dedede in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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The foul fiend standing guard at the bottom of Redgar Volcano was...King Dedede again?! He calmed back down after you removed his menacing mask. So why did he kidnap Elfilin? He said he was being controlled, even before some strange beast put that mask on him!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Forgo Dedede, titled His Primal Nemesis, is the form King Dedede takes when wearing a wooden mask given to him by Leongar to increase his power (and further dominate his mind). He serves as the boss of Redgar Forbidden Lands in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, being faced in the stage In the Presence of the King. In addition to the mask, Forgo Dedede uses two hammers and can conjure pillars of flame. When Kirby defeats Forgo Dedede, the mask breaks and he reverts to his normal self again.

The term "forgo" is used in reference to Fecto Forgo, the creature directing the Beast Pack over the course of the game.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

Forgo Dedede appears as the boss of Redgar Forbidden Lands, in the stage In the Presence of the King. His fight consists of two phases, each with a separate meter of health. In addition to his regular repertoire of attacks, Forgo Dedede can conjure pillars of flame with his hammer and fist strikes, can spin around like a tornado, and call in Primal Awoofies using a beastly roar. In the second phase, rather than picking up a new weapon, Forgo Dedede drops his hammers and goes on all fours. Notably, despite these powers, Forgo Dedede becomes noticeably more exhausted as the battle progresses, requiring long periods to catch his breath after many attacks in the second phase. When Forgo Dedede is defeated, the mask shatters, and he returns to normal, the influence over him by Fecto Forgo being broken.

In addition to being fought in the main story mode, Forgo Dedede can also be battled in The Ultimate Cup in the Colosseum. He has a stronger Extra Mode variant called Phantom Forgo Dedede. After the main story mode, Kirby can acquire the Masked Hammer ability, which is based on Forgo Dedede.


Forgo Dedede has a few different moves as follows (attack names are conjectural unless otherwise stated). Attacks in italics are only used in the second phase.

Forgo Dedede's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Variants
Hammer Beat Forgo Dedede starts slamming his hammers while chasing after Kirby. Each slam leaves a Drop Star behind.
Finishing Beat Forgo Dedede slams the ground hard with his hammers, creating pillars of flame that weakly home in on Kirby and leave Drop Stars behind when they dissipate. This move is usually done right after "Hammer Beat".
Tornado Lariat Forgo Dedede starts spinning through the air like a tornado, trying to hit Kirby as he passes by. He does this charge three times in succession, then is left dazed for a while after the third spin, leaving lots of Drop Stars in his wake.
Super Dedede Jump Forgo Dedede makes three big leaps into the air, creating a shockwave each time he lands and leaving Drop Stars behind. The last jump is a big spinning slam. In the second phase, this attack will also leave behind lava puddles.
Hammer Throw Forgo Dedede jumps into the air and tosses his hammers at Kirby, which create lingering puddles of lava on impact. This move is usually done right after "Hammer Beat".
Charge Forgo Dedede charges at Kirby three times. After the third charge, he has to stop to catch his breath and leaves two Drop Stars behind.
Reinforcements Forgo Dedede howls, causing two enemies to appear and attack Kirby. The first time this attack is used, Forgo Dedede will summon two Primal Awoofies, but after that he will call various ability-giving enemies.
Inhale Forgo Dedede begins inhaling, trying to draw Kirby in. If Kirby is captured, he will take heavy damage before being spat out again. After this move concludes, Forgo Dedede is left panting for several seconds.
Fist Beat Forgo Dedede slams his fists into the ground multiple times, creating pillars of flame with each strike. After this attack concludes, Forgo Dedede is left exhausted for a brief moment.


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Forgo Dedede in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 猛獣仮面もうじゅうかめん ワイルドデデデ
Mōjū Kamen Wairudo Dedede
Fierce Beast Mask, Wild Dedede
Traditional Chinese 猛獸面具 狂野 帝帝帝
Měngshòumiànjù Kuángyě Dìdìdì
Fierce Beast Mask, Wild Dedede
Simplified Chinese 猛兽面具 狂野 帝帝帝
Měngshòumiànjù Kuángyě Dìdìdì
Dutch Wilde tiran, Vergeto-Dedede Wild tyrant, Forgetto-Dedede
Vergeto is derived from "vergeet" or "vergeten", meaning "to forget" or "forgotten"
French Rival sauvage, DaDiDou Oublio Wild rival, Forgo DeDeDe
German Ur-Erzfeind, Ver'Ges-Dedede Primal Nemesis, Forgo-Dedede
Italian Nemico primitivo, Dedede Perdis Primal nemesis, Forgo Dedede
Perdis is derived from "perduta," meaning "lost"
Korean 맹수 가면 와일드 디디디
Maengsu Gamyeon Waildeu Dididi
Fierce Beast Mask, Wild Dedede
Spanish Némesis primitiva, Dedede Olvi Primal nemesis, Forgo Dedede