Winged Eggers

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Winged Eggers
Winged Eggers.jpg
The Winged Eggers make their debut.
Debut game Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
Copy Ability None
Similar to Gigant Chicks, Mowlee Bros.
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The Winged Eggers are Mid-Bosses from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. They are fought using the Hypernova ability.

The Eggers are four plump dragon-like creatures with stumpy appendages and armored backs. They each carry a large shield and fly around Kirby in formation. They attack by breathing fire and spitting out boulders from their mouths. These boulders can be fired back at them when their guard is down to knock them out.

The Eggers are defeated one-at-a-time, with each one knocked out causing the rest to get angrier, and faster.

The Winged Eggers are encountered in Stage 4 of Endless Explosions and again in Stage EX 2 of Royal Road. Each Egger defeated will be knocked into a volcano in the background. Once all four of them are knocked in, the volcano will erupt, causing them to be flung out.


  • After their defeat in the Royal Road, the Winged Eggers can be seen in the following chamber with the last Mowlee Bro., all beat up and resting. They are knocked out again when the last Mowlee Bro. is launched at them.