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Light-Bulb Mouth

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Light-Bulb Mouth
KatFL Light-Bulb Mouth artwork.png
Artwork of Light-Bulb Mouth Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First stage Invasion at the House of Horrors
Last stage Forgo Park
Other stage(s) Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze
Moonlight Canyon
Obtained from A large light bulb
Power(s) Take the form of a light bulb and produce light
Comparable to Candle, Light
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Kirby gained the mysterious Mouthful Mode ability after he flew through that vortex... Now he can stuff an entire light bulb into his mouth! Illuminate your surroundings with the glow from your gullet. It's hard to move when you're lit up, so study your surroundings, go dark again, and wobble onward—carefully!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Light-Bulb Mouth is a Mouthful Mode that involves Kirby wrapping himself around a big light bulb in order to take control of it, allowing him to light up the surrounding area. This can be used on dark areas, and can also be used on switches that require light to activate. When Kirby is illuminating the area, he moves slower. This illumination also attracts the attention of Ghost Gordos, who will pursue Kirby whenever he is lit up.


  • A (or B) - Jump
  • B (or Y) - Illuminate: Kirby lights up the bulb, at the cost of moving slower.





Video gallery[edit]

Official short animation from HAL based on Light-Bulb Mouth (JP).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でんきゅうほおばり
Denkyū Hōbari
Light Bulb Mouthful
Traditional Chinese 燈泡塞滿嘴
Dēngpào Sāimǎnzuǐ
Light Bulb Stuffed Mouth
Simplified Chinese 灯泡塞满嘴
Dēngpào Sāimǎnzuǐ
Dutch Mondvol-lamp Mouthful lamp
French Ampoule transmorphée Transmorphed light bulb
German Glühbirnen-Stopfer Light bulb-Stuffer
Korean 전구 머금기
Jeongu Megeumgi
Light Bulb Mouthful
Latin American Spanish Foco transmórfico Transmorphic light bulb
European Spanish Bombilla transmórfica Transmorphic light bulb