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Gathering of the Beast Council

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Gathering of the Beast Council
KatFL Gathering of the Beast Council select screenshot.png
Gathering of the Beast Council in the Redgar Forbidden Lands hub.
Level Redgar Forbidden Lands
No. of Waddle Dees 11
Mouthful Mode(s) Car Mouth
Coaster Mouth
Pipe Mouth
Boss(es) Gorimondo
Blueprint Storm Tornado
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Burning, Churning Power Plant The Beast Pack's Final Stand
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Gathering of the Beast Council is the fourth stage of Redgar Forbidden Lands in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. In this stage, Kirby has a rematch with three previous Beast Pack executives: Gorimondo, Sillydillo, and Clawroline, and travels between each fight via a Mouthful Mode. This stage in particular appears to take place in a ruined off-shoot of Wondaria, with signage and paraphernalia for the park seen throughout, as well as an encore appearance of Coaster Mouth.

There are two Capsules from Vol. 1, one from Vol. 2, and one from Vol. 3 to collect in this stage, and five missions to complete. There are a total of 11 Waddle Dees to rescue here, when including the mission objectives. The blueprint for Storm Tornado can be found in this stage.

Stage overview[edit]

In this stage, Kirby has to rematch three bosses he faced in previous levels. Here, he is fighting Sillydillo again.

This stage features three distinct areas.

In the first area, Kirby heads up a barren valley and then gets a choice of Copy Essence: Ranger, Sword, Hammer, or Ice, to battle with Gorimondo up ahead, who is waiting for him and already in his second phase. However, Kirby can find a Copy Essence for Crash as well if he looks hard enough. Once Gorimondo is defeated, a car appears that Kirby can use for Car Mouth. From here, Kirby needs to drive along a winding road with lots of enemies and falling lava balls besetting it in order to reach the next area.

In the second area, Kirby climbs a series of short cliffs and can pick between Copy Essences for Drill, Cutter, Fire, and Needle before climbing up a long ladder. At the top, Kirby has to rematch Sillydillo, who starts automatically in its third phase. Once Sillydillo goes down for the count, Kirby can proceed forward and find a pipe to use for Pipe Mouth. After the Pipe Mouth section, Kirby can move on to the next area.

In the third area, Kirby gets a pick between essences for Ice, Ranger, Bomb, and Tornado before stepping onto a stage where he has to rematch Clawroline, who starts in her second phase. Once Clawroline is defeated, Kirby can move forward and find a roller coaster to use for Coaster Mouth, but he should root around the platform for a bit first so he can find the blueprint for Storm Tornado. Once on the coaster, Kirby is taken along a very long and dangerous straight ride where he will be beset by falling lava balls and Gigatzo fire. Along the way, there are six switches to hit, and if Kirby hits all of them, he can free an extra Waddle Dee at the end of the stage before reaching the gold cage.

Differences between difficulties[edit]

There do not appear to be any differences in the number of enemies between Spring-Breeze Mode and Wild Mode in this stage.


Kirby curving off the main path to root for secrets.

Gathering of the Beast Council has five missions to complete, as follows:

  • "Clear the stage" - Kirby must complete the stage.
  • "Save the hidden Waddle Dees" - Kirby must find and rescue the five hidden Waddle Dees in silver cages. Their locations are as follows:
    • Waddle Dee 1: This Waddle Dee can be retrieved during the Car Mouth section. Kirby simply needs to reach the end of the track fast enough.
    • Waddle Dee 2: This Waddle Dee can be found in a treasure chest to the right of where Sillydillo is fought.
    • Waddle Dee 3: This Waddle Dee can be found at the end of the Pipe Mouth section, if Kirby doesn't jump at the last juncture.
    • Waddle Dee 4: This Waddle Dee can be found atop one of the towers that Clawroline uses in her fight (the upper-left one). Kirby can find a ladder on that tower after the fight.
    • Waddle Dee 5: This Waddle Dee can be found at the end of the stage. To free him, Kirby needs to have hit all of the switches during the Coaster Mouth section.
  • "Venture deep into the secret passage" - Kirby must head to the end of the secret tunnel that appears to the right before the battle with Gorimondo.
  • "Defeat Sillydillo in 1:30" - Kirby must defeat Sillydillo within a minute and 30 seconds.
  • "Beat Clawroline without getting hit" - Kirby must defeat Clawroline without ever taking damage.

Enemies and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Mouthful Mode(s)


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Gathering of the Beast Council.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 幹部招集かんぶしょうしゅう
Kanbu Shōshū
Executive Assembly
Traditional Chinese 幹部招集
Gànbù Zhāojí
Executive Assembly
Simplified Chinese 干部招集
Gànbù Zhāojí
Dutch Bijeenkomst van de beestenraad Meeting of the beast council
French Plénum du conseil des bêtes The beast council plenum
German Versammlung des Bestienrats Gathering of the Beast council
Italian Bestie in assemblea Beasts in assembly
Korean 간부 소집
Ganbu Sojip
Executive Assembly
Spanish Asamblea del Consejo de Bestias Beast Council Assembly