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Artwork of the Saucer transformation.

Saucer is a Metamortex Transformation featured in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It transforms Kirby and/or Prince Fluff into a flying saucer shaped similarly to the U.F.O. ability, though larger.


When Kirby and Prince Fluff transform into the Saucer, the transformation grants them the ability to not only fly to anywhere they want, but to suck up any obstacle, including enemies and beads. When enough obstacles get sucked in, Kirby and Prince Fluff are able to use a huge electric shock that destroys all obstacles and enemies. This is indicated by a flashing red light on the Saucer's antenna. Unlike many other Metamortex transformations, Kirby and Prince Fluff remain separate from each-other when transformed, becoming two individual Saucers.

It should be noted that the Saucer transformation is not related to the U.F.O. Copy Ability at all regarding function, as their only real commonalities (prior to Kirby: Planet Robobot) are the shape and the hovering.

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