Speedy Teatime

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Speedy Teatime
Kirby squeak squad 003.jpg
Screencap of a game of Speedy Teatime.
Type(s) Reflex eating
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Squeak Squad
Comparable to Speed Eaters
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Speedy Teatime is one of the four sub-games in Kirby: Squeak Squad. In it, Kirby competes against Storo in a race to fill their stomachs by eating cake. The cake does not come out at once, however. Rather, it is served from a plate with a cover. The cover will be lifted at varying times. If Kirby tries to eat before the cover is lifted, he will be disallowed from eating any cake on that plate. This is shown with a big red X. To eat, Kirby must touch the cake with his stylus [1]. There are 8 bars for this. Every time Kirby eats a small cake, 1 bar is filled. Every time he eats a big cake, 2 bars are filled. Every time he eats a cake with a bomb in it, however, he is temporarily stunned so that he cannot eat any of the next batch. Due to this, Kirby must be cautious at all times[2]. With an increase of levels comes an increase of Storo's reaction time and decrease of his likeliness to ingest a bomb cake. This is the only sub-game not to show Kirby's results at the end, due to there being a bar system, rather than a points system.


If Storo wins, he will be seen smiling, with Kirby being depressed with his fork lifted. It Kirby wins, Storo will be snoring while Kirby is happy with his fork lifted.


  1. "Touch the cake icon!"-in-game instructions
  2. "Watch out for bombs!"