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Fire (course)

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KAR Top Ride Fire.png
View of the whole Fire course from Kirby Air Ride.
Laps (default) 6
Hazard(s) Fumaroles
Theme Music

Clips of the tracks that play on the Fire course.

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This article is about the Top Ride course. For the Copy Ability, see Fire.

Fire is one of the seven Top Ride courses in Kirby Air Ride. It is a medium-length course set in an active volcanic region devoid of life, which features lots of tight turns and some volcanic hazards.


The track display of Fire.

Fire is the fourth course and features a wavy but flat track that folds in on itself and has lots of tight turns. The finish line is set at the bottom-left of the course just before the first bend, and the track moves clockwise through each bend around the calderas before returning to the relatively flat bottom portion. The default number of laps needed to complete this course is six.

There are a handful of hazards on this stage which can either aid or hinder traversing the course, as follows:

  • Fumaroles - There are a handful of spots on the course which occasionally let out steam or belch a pillar of fire. When they are steaming, a racer can ride into it to get launched over the wall to a later part of the track, taking a shortcut. The fire, on the other hand, will knock the racer away and slow them down.
  • Calderas - Built into the walls of the course are three hot calderas. Every time a racer bumps into them, they build up heat until an eruption occurs, releasing molten lava onto the track that lingers for a while. This lava will burn and slow down racers that enter it.

In Free Run mode, the hazards of Fire are disabled. This means that there are no emissions from fumaroles and no eruptions.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all of the checklist objectives that specifically pertain to Fire:

Objective Reward Notes
Free Run: FIRE Do one lap in under 00:08:00! None
Free Run: FIRE Do one lap in under 00:06:50! None Use of the geysers is required.
Time Attack: FIRE Finish in under 00:46:00! None
Time Attack: FIRE Finish in under 00:39:00! None
Top Ride: FIRE (No "Zero Items" rule) Take 1st place without using items! None
Top Ride: FIRE Cause a huge eruption 3 times or more! One free box filler
Top Ride: FIRE Finish 1st 5 seconds faster than #2! None
Top Ride: FIRE Finish 1st while holding the Fire item. King Dedede's Theme added to Sound Test King Dedede's Theme also becomes available as the alternate track on this course
Top Ride: FIRE Finish 1st with CPUs set to level 5! None
Top Ride: FIRE Finish 6 laps in under 00:53:00! One free box filler
Top Ride: FIRE Race more than 100 laps! None
Top Ride: FIRE Take 1st place 10 times or more! Top Ride: Fire added to Sound Test
Top Ride: FIRE Take 1st place without using Boost! None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Fire -
German Fire -
Italian Fire -
Spanish Fire -