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Twin Woods

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Twin Woods
KSS Twin Woods artwork.jpg
Artwork of Twin Woods from Kirby Super Star.
First game Kirby Super Star (1996)
Latest game Kirby Fighters 2 (2020)
Other game(s) Kirby Super Star Ultra
Similar to Twin Kracko
Whispy Woods
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You reached Buddy Fighters Tower's Summit, but look out! Twin Woods is blocking your way! Watch out for the giant apple the pair produces. If you get careless, it'll squash you flat!
— Kirby Fighters 2, Twin Woods Special Page in chapter 1 of Story Mode: The Destined Rivals

Twin Woods is a duo boss that first appears in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. They resemble two Whispy Woods that are facing each other and whose canopies often overlap.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

The Twin Woods are first encountered in Revenge of Meta Knight after the Whispy Woods battle, and as the boss of Floria, the first area of Milky Way Wishes. The two also appear in The Arena, as well as Helper to Hero in the remake.

The Twin Woods' fighting strategy is similar to that of Whispy Woods. They can blow air at Kirby and drop fruit that can be inhaled and spat back. However, as Kirby has to deal with two bosses at the same time, attacks occur at a faster pace. Furthermore, in a similar manner to Whispy Woods in Kirby's Dream Land's Extra Game, they are able to make Gordos fall from their branches, which Kirby cannot inhale and must avoid. Capillers can also fall from their branches. The mere act of inhaling one will damage Kirby, so he has to avoid these too. On occasion, the Twin Woods also trade segments of themselves with the other twin, which can harm Kirby if he touches them while they are flying from one tree to the other.

As the Twin Woods are a duo boss, each individual member can be defeated separately. Defeating one twin renders it unable to blow air. Once both of the Twin Woods are beaten, the boss battle is won.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, Twin Woods appear with an alternate palette and more health in Milky Way Wishes and Helper to Hero, like with several other bosses. In their case, they are shown with a brown autumn canopy rather than their usual green spring canopy.

Kirby Fighters 2[edit]

In-game splash screen introducing Twin Woods in Kirby Fighters 2.

Twin Woods, titled Giant Tree Twins, reappear in Kirby Fighters 2, being fought as a boss encounter a total of four times in Story Mode: The Destined Rivals. Unlike in Kirby Super Star, the two of them are separate twins and can move independently of each other. As a result, they lack some of their moves from their original game but gain some new moves too, based off the battles against Whispy Woods in Kirby Star Allies and the Kirby Clash games. Additionally, Twin Woods, like the other bosses in this game, will vibrate and flash red when nearly defeated in a manner much like enemies in the Kirby Clash games. Twin Woods is encountered in a distinct location which is not a selectable Battle Stage and has no name to distinguish it.


The following are all of Twin Woods' attacks in Kirby Fighters 2. Note that most attack names are conjectural unless otherwise stated:

Twin Woods' attacks in Kirby Fighters 2  
Attack Description Notes
Drop Twin Woods drops Apples, Gordos, and/or Capillers from their shared canopy in random places. Gordos drop only in second encounter and beyond. Starting with the second encounter, dropped apples can sometimes take flight and home in towards a given character.
Air Bullet Twin Woods shoots out a series of homing Air Bullets in various patterns, which can leave Dropped Stars on the ground.
Each tree takes turns shooting them out.
In subsequent encounters, Air Bullets may split in two upon reaching a fighter.
Giant Apple Drop Twin Woods reveals an apple in their shared canopy and channels energy in it to make it grow giant. The apple then drops and bounces across the stage, flattening any fighter it comes into contact with. In the third encounter and beyond, Twin Woods will grow two of these at once.
Burst Fruits Twin Woods lets down burning fruit on vines from their canopies. If not destroyed, these will drop to the ground and leave conflagrations of fire for a while. Used only in second encounter and beyond.
Stomp Jump
One of the trees uproots and leaps into the air to land elsewhere, flattening any fighter it lands on. Sometimes, both trees may jump simultaneously. Used only in second encounter and beyond.
The attack is named on Twin Woods' Special Pages starting with the battle in chapter 3 of Story Mode.

In-game text[edit]

The following is all of the in-game flavor text regarding Twin Woods in Kirby Fighters 2:

Flavor text for Twin Woods in Kirby Fighters 2  
Pre-battle tips
First battle Arriving at the Summit
You're ready to face King Dedede and Meta Knight! But what you sense here instead are two very large creatures...
Second Battle Twin Woods Encore
Halfway up the tower, two giant trees blocked your path again!
Third battle Still Growing
Twin Woods appears a third time! Their strength and skill haven't stopped growing yet!
Fourth Battle Tree Twins' Max Power
Having grown quite a bit, Twin Woods has enormous power now! Watch out for those synchronized attacks!
Pause descriptions
First battle You reached Buddy Fighters Tower's Summit, but look out! Twin Woods is blocking your way! Watch out for the giant apple the pair produces. If you get careless, it'll squish you flat!
Subsequent battles Here comes Twin Woods again! With a bond stronger than ever, the giant arbor twins drop apples and Capillers. They've mastered the Stomp Jump too! Don't underestimate them!
Game over tips
Any battle Defeating Twin Woods
Pay attention to both trees, and strike at the one that's more open to attacks!
Defeating Twin Woods
You can attack the small apples Twin Woods drops to smash them!


  • Although Floria is centered around changing seasons, the current season at the time of entering the boss fight in Kirby Super Star and its remake does not affect the look of the area where the battle takes place; it will always appear as spring in the original and fall in the remake.
  • In Kirby Super Star, Twin Woods has two visual appearances; the battle takes place during sunset in Revenge of Meta Knight, and in a deep forest in Milky Way Wishes. The Arena uses the "deep forest" appearance.
    • In Kirby Super Star Ultra, Twin Woods has three visual appearances: the "sunset" appearance for Revenge of Meta Knight, the "deep forest" appearance (which now exclusively appears in The Arena), and a new "autumn forest" appearance for Milky Way Wishes and Helper to Hero.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツインウッズ
Tsuin Uzzu
双子ふたご巨木きょぼく ツインウッズ
Futago no Kyoboku Tsuin Uzzu
Twin Woods
Giant Tree Twins, Twin Woods
Traditional Chinese 雙重大樹
shuāngchóng dà shù
Double Woods
Simplified Chinese 双重大树
shuāngchóng dà shù
Dutch Twin Woods -
French Duo Whispy Whispy Duo
German Woods & Woods
Riesenbaum-Zwillinge, Woods & Woods
Woods & Woods
Giant tree-Twins, Woods & Woods
Italian Twin Woods
Gli alberi gemelli, Twin Woods
Tree twins, Twin Woods
Korean 트윈 우드
Teuwin Udeu
Twin Woods
Spanish Gemelos Woods Woods Twins