Sensor Bomb

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Sensor Bomb
Sensor Bomb KAR artwork.jpg
Artwork of the Sensor Bomb from Kirby Air Ride.
Use Lay an explosive trap
Obtained Boxes and out in the open in City Trial.
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Comparable to Spring mine
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Quote1.png Sets a motion-sensitive mine. Quote2.png
— Kirby Air Ride North American instruction booklet, page 28

Sensor Bomb[1] is an item which appears exclusively in City Trial, in Kirby Air Ride. It can be found out in the open, inside Green Boxes, or occasionally inside the Castle Hall secret chamber. Sensor Bombs can also be found in Destruction Derby.

When Kirby picks up the Sensor Bomb, it appears in his hands and starts ticking. Using the item will cause Kirby to plant the bomb in the floor beneath him, where it will become primed after a few seconds. Once primed, it will explode when anyone - including the racer who planted it - approaches, dealing a significant amount of damage and launching those caught in the blast upward. If left alone for more than a minute, it will detonate of its own accord. After the bomb has been planted, it will become completely undetectable.

Despite the fact that the Sensor Bomb starts flashing red faster the longer it's held, it won't actually explode if left in Kirby's hands. However, if Kirby is hit while holding the bomb, there's a good chance it will explode in his face.



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