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Tedhaun is a Mid-Boss appearing in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It is the primary source of the Ghost ability. Its name is an anagram of the word haunted, with the syllables switched. Tedhaun does not initially appear in the game. To cause it to show up, Kirby must search for the various parts of the Ghost Medal, a medal that shows Tedhaun on it and whose pieces are found in treasure chests throughout the levels. Once the medal is complete, Tedhaun can be found in each level, replacing one Mid-Boss in each. Tedhaun attacks by sending out three miniature ghosts who surround him, attacking Kirby if he is nearby. Tedhaun is the only opponent who needs to be unlocked in the main Kirby series.

Level appearances

level level part
Prism Plains 3rd
Nature Notch ?
Cushy Cloud ?
Jam Jungle ?
Vocal Volcano ?
Ice Island ?
Secret Sea ?
Gamble Galaxy 1st