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Artwork of a Big Switch from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

A Big Switch (otherwise known as a Secret Switch) is a rare object that is usually found in secret places in various Kirby games. The Big Switch resembles a very large (usually red) button with a star on it and a lavishly decorated base. When pressed, it typically unlocks areas in the main hub of its respective area, then disappears. A Big Switch will also (when applicable) completely restore Kirby's Stamina when pressed.

While a Big Switch may have an effect on objects in the stage which it is found, its primary purpose is to unlock something outside of the stage. This is its biggest distinction from standard switches apart from its size.

Game Appearances

Kirby's Adventure/Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Big Switches first appeared in Kirby's Adventure, where they would unlock doors in the main hubs of the areas they are found in. Usually, they are hidden in side-chambers, often blocked off by specific obstacles that can be bypassed with certain abilities (also often found in separate secret rooms in the same stage). In addition to unlocking an area, they would heal Kirby with the same effect as a Maxim Tomato after use. Once they are pressed, they do not reappear.

Pressing all the Big Switches is a requirement for 100% Completion of the game, and unlock the Extra Game. They can also be pressed during Meta Knightmare, but do not unlock anything in this mode.

For a full synopsis on where each Big Switch is, and how to reach them, visit the various level pages for Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land, starting with Butter Building.

Kirby Super Star (Ultra)

Two Secret Switches appear in this title, in the Dyna Blade game. The first one can be found in Mallow Castle, and unlocks Trial Room 1. The second can be found in Candy Mountain, and unlocks Trial Room 2.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Big Switches appear in most Hub rooms, where pressing them causes new doors to appear, linking the rooms back to the Grand Central Hub. Pressing all of these switches is a requirement to 100% the game.

Kirby Mass Attack

The Kirbys find a Big Switch.

There are a small number of stages which require Big Switches to be pressed in different stages to access. Normally the switches are found at the end of the stages they appear in after going through a Goal Door with a ? on it, but this is not always the case. In Volcano Valley - Stage 10 for instance, the Kirbys have to chase some Space Oohroos who stole the switch by building a spaceship to go after them.

Kirby Star Allies

Kirby finds a Big Switch.

Big Switches return in this title after a lengthy absence from the main series. They can be found in a few stages. Pressing them is necessary to unlock extra stages and Dream Palaces, and is also necessary for 100% Completion.

In Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!, Big Switches can be found, but pressing them does not unlock extra stages. Instead, when pressed, the team is healed and some items (usually Picture Pieces) are dispensed. Occasionally, a Big Switch might yield a Dream Rod when pressed.


The following table lists each Big Switch location in the Story Mode of Kirby Star Allies:

Big Switch Locations in Kirby Star Allies Story Mode  
Level Stage Image How to reach Unlocks
Dream Land Donut Dome Donut Dome 5.jpg This switch is on the main path, and literally must be pressed in order to complete the stage, so it cannot be missed. Dream Palace (Dream Land)
Dream Land Honey Hill Honey Hill 3.jpg At the top of a hill in the area past the Waddle Dee Balls lies a Fuse Cannon. Its fuse can only be accessed using a Sizzle-enchanted ability that can strike through walls. Taking this cannon leads to a side challenge where Kirby must stop a Waddle Dee Ball from destroying a floor with a Key on it. Taking the key to its gate will unlock the room where this big switch rests. Extra Eclair
Planet Popstar Friendly Field Friendly Field 2.jpg At the top of the tall hill, a suspended area can be found to the left which contains a round-trip door concealed by a leaf pile. This pile needs to be removed (preferably with Bluster Cutter) to clear the way. The switch can be found through the door. Dream Palace (Planet Popstar)
Planet Popstar Reef Resort Reef Resort 3.jpg A puzzle involving two drain pipes and a Fuse attached to dynamite will need to be solved to reach this switch. At least one Parasol wielder and Fire wielder are needed to solve the puzzle using Chumbrella. Alternatively, Ice can be used in place of Parasol, but it will need to be obtained from out of the stage or from a Mix. Inside Islands
Planet Popstar Nature's Navel Nature's Navel 3.jpg Beneath where Chilly sits, a burning chain needs to be cut to access a round-trip door. After cutting another burning chain inside, this switch can be found. Duplex Dream
Jambastion Eastern Wall Eastern Wall 5.jpg At the end of the stage, Kirby and his allies will need to safely lead Wonkey using the Friend Bridge to reach this switch. Sector A
Jambastion Longview Corridor Longview Corridor 4.jpg Just after the rare Picture Piece, Geokinesis can also be used to smash an electric Post, opening a doorway to a room where the switch can be found. Dream Palace (Jambastion)
Jambastion Western Outer Wall Western Outer Wall 3.jpg Along the hanging ladders, there are two round-trip doors to be accessed. The first involves a Mid-Boss fight with Vividria. From there, Kirby needs to use the Artist power to paint a canvas in front of this door to get a Key. This key opens the way to the second door, where Kirby will need to jump down using another Key to get to this switch. Sector B
Jambastion Inner Sanctum Inner Sanctum 4.jpg In the third area with the buzzsaws, a Wire can be seen with the end in the ceiling. It can only be hit with an upward electric strike. Doing so opens the way to the room where the switch can be found. Sector C
Far-Flung Starlight Heroes Planet Earthfall Planet Earthfall 5.jpg In the last area, a grotto can be opened by using Friend Throw or Friend Super-Vac to bust through the rocks in the way. Inside is the switch. Dream Palace (Far-Flung Starlight Heroes)
Far-Flung Starlight Heroes Planet Misteen Planet Misteen 4.jpg A submerged island can be found which has both a regular and electric Post. Hitting the former post causes the island to raise above the surface of the water, where the second post can then be hit to open a gate which leads to a room containing this switch. Extra Planet α
Far-Flung Starlight Heroes Planet Frostak Planet Frostak 3.jpg While moving past the water bubble enemies, one of them guards a round-trip door which leads to a challenge involving Blizzard Cutter. Solving this challenge yields the way to the switch. Extra Planet β
Far-Flung Starlight Heroes Star Lavadom Star Lavadom 3.jpg Along the road, a wall Post can be found in a cranny over a lava pit. To hit it, Curling will be needed. This reveals a round-trip door which leads to this switch. Extra Planet γ

There is one more Big Switch in Extra Planet δ, though it does not unlock a new stage. Instead, it gives Kirby a special surprise.