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Missile KCC artwork 2.png
Artwork of Missile Kirby from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
First game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (2004)
Latest game Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
Other game(s) Kirby: Canvas Curse
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (keychain)
Usage type Unlimited uses
Obtained from Bang-Bang, Bombar
Power(s) Allows Kirby to become a missile and fire himself at enemies.
Similar to Wheel, Kirby Rocket
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Missile is a Copy Ability that is obtainable primarily from the enemy Bang-Bang which allows Kirby to fire himself at enemies in the form of a rocket-propelled explosive. It debuted in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and later made an appearance in Kirby: Canvas Curse, where it is one of the four Copy Abilities to have its own course in Rainbow Run.

When not transformed, Missile Kirby has a hat that resembles the business end of a missile, though pink and striped. When transformed, Missile Kirby flies in a straight direction, steerable either directly using the Control Pad in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror or by using the Rainbow Line in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Though the speed of the missile differs between games, deftly controlling it in either case is no mean feat, requiring similar finesse to the Wheel ability. When the missile strikes an enemy or object, or when canceling the flight manually, it explodes, causing any enemy caught in the blast radius to receive damage. After exploding, Kirby immediately reverts to normal and tumbles toward the ground.

Game appearances[edit]

Missile Kirby's video game appearances  
Game Role Notes
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Copy Ability Obtainable from Bang-Bang and Bombar.
Kirby: Canvas Curse Copy Ability Obtainable from Bang-Bang.
Kirby: Triple Deluxe Reference Appears as a randomly-obtained keychain.
Kirby's Dream Buffet Reference Appears on a Character Treat.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

Kirby using the Missile ability to fly upward in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

Missile is introduced in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, where it can first be obtained from a Bang-Bang occupying the first route in Rainbow Route. Missile is fairly uncommon in the game, as it can be obtained only by swallowing Bang-Bangs and a defeated mid-boss, Bombar.

Missile is essential for destroying metal blocks, along with other abilities such as Burning. Missile can travel underwater as well. By default, Missile will be launched forward diagonally if the + Control Pad is not pressed. The + Control Pad can be used to assign the launch and flying directions.

In the North American and European versions, Missile does 4 damage by a direct hit, or 1 by the explosion (for reference, a Star Bullet does 10 damage in this title). The Japanese version bumps the damage up to 6 by a direct hit and 2 by the explosion, respectively. Missile's damage does not have any element, contrary to popular belief of having fire.

Kirby: Canvas Curse[edit]

Missile also appears in Kirby: Canvas Curse, although more rarely than in the game's predecessor. Here, it can only be obtained by defeating a Bang-Bang by either dashing into it or stunning and hitting it. Like in the preceding game, Missile is used for destroying metal blocks, with an added potential to destroy pink blocks with missile icons on them. The missile is controlled by the player guiding it by drawing lines. It is also much slower in this game than Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Missile Kirby from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror appears as a keychain in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Buffet, Missile Kirby appears on a Character Treat, using the artwork from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
KatAM cover art.jpg Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Transform into a missile and fly through the sky. Watch out: you'll blow up if you hit an enemy or a wall.
Kirby Canvas Curse box art.png Kirby: Canvas Curse Use rainbows to navigate!

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror manual[edit]

  • "Missile Kirby flies into enemies or boulders and explodes, but you can also blow him up with B!"



Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Missile

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミサイル
Traditional Chinese 導彈
dǎo dàn
Simplified Chinese 导弹
dǎo dàn
Dutch Raket Rocket
French Fusée
Missile (Kirby: Canvas Curse)
German Missile -
Italian Missile -
Korean 미사일
Portuguese Míssil Missile
Russian Ракета
Spanish Proyectil Projectile