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Copy Ability InfoBox
Artwork of Plasma Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Star Allies
Other Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Type(s) Unlimited use
Obtained from Plasma Wisp, Plugg (Star Allies only), green Recoil Stars from Zan Partizanne and Hyness
Power(s) Performs plasma-based attacks; shots can go through walls.
Comparable to Spark, Robobot Armor Spark Mode, Beam, ESP, U.F.O.
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Icon from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Plasma is a Copy Ability first seen in Kirby Super Star. It allows Kirby to charge up and fire beams and waves of electricity at various levels of strength, depending on how much energy has been built up. At maximum power, these shots are capable of going through walls and enemies alike, though charging them up requires the player to mash rapidly on the D-pad or analog stick. In most iterations, Plasma is capable only of firing shots forward, but in Kirby Star Allies, shots can also be fired upward. These shots however do not pass through walls or ceilings. In Kirby Air Ride Plasma's shots have homing properties, but the ability is limited-use (like every other ability in that title), with the more powerful blasts causing the ability to be lost faster than lower-level ones.

In most titles where Plasma appears as an ability, it is provided by Plasma Wisp, who can also appear as the Helper for the ability. In Kirby Star Allies, Plasma is provided and represented by Plugg. When obtaining this ability, Kirby gains a jagged diadem with a green circular gem inset, topped by green frizzy energy that resembles flames. Kirby also may turn green when equipping this ability.

Similarities to Spark

Although never appearing in the same titles together, Plasma and Spark have shared attributes numerous times in the Kirby series. The hats are similar, though Spark's is typically less green. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Spark had gained an expanded move-set for the first time, and many of those moves were directly based on Plasma, giving the impression that the two abilities had been fused into one. This was seemingly solidified as Spark returned in Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Planet Robobot with the same attributes. This trend was broken, however, when Plasma returned in Kirby Star Allies, gaining a number of new abilities. One of the most notable examples is that Plasma now maintains a constant barrier when charged to at least medium, which resembles Spark's, as it can damage enemies. As such, unlike Fire vs Burning and Ice vs Freeze where the latter was incorporated into the former, it is unclear what relationship Spark and Plasma will have in future titles.


Kirby Super Star (Ultra)

Plasma moveset in Kirby Super Star (Ultra)  
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
* Rotate (d-pad) to charge up!
Plasma Needle
No charge + B
Plasma Laser
Lots of charge+B
Plasma Arrow
Some charge + B
Plasma Wave
Tons of charge+B
Plasma Spark
More charge + B
Plasma Barrier
Max charge + Release

Kirby Star Allies

In Kirby Star Allies, Plasma provides the Zap element like other electric-based abilities. In addition, Plasma has its signature Friend Ability: Thundersplash, which requires Plasma + any Splash element attack.

The enemy Plasma Wisp doesn't appear in this title. Instead, Plugg provides the Plasma ability and is also its Friend Helper.

Plasma moveset in Kirby Star Allies  
Skill Button Execution Description Damage
Plasma Needle
Kirby fires a short-ranged horizontal plasma needle. Can be fired rapidly. 50
Plasma Charge
Waggle control stick in various directions / Shake controller
Kirby can make an electric charge up to 3 levels (small, medium, large). N/A
Plasma Arrow
Small Plasma Charge B
Kirby fires a middle-ranged horizontal plasma arrow.
The Plasma Charge level is reset after firing.
Plasma Laser
Medium Plasma Charge B
Kirby fires a long-ranged horizontal plasma laser.
The Plasma Charge level is reset after firing.
  • Can pass through enemies.
  • Backfire has the same power.
Plasma Wave
Large Plasma Charge B
Kirby fires a huge long-ranged horizontal plasma blast.
The Plasma Charge level is reset after firing.
  • Can pass through enemies and walls.
Wave: 400
Backfire: 160
Up Plasma Needle
↑ + B
Kirby fires a Plasma Needle upward. 50
Up Plasma Arrow
Small Plasma Charge ↑ + B
Kirby fires a Plasma Arrow upward.
The Plasma Charge level is reset after firing.
Plasma Scatter
Medium Plasma Charge ↑ + B
Kirby fires 2 small plasma scatter blasts upward that create small explosions.
The Plasma Charge level is reset after firing.
Shot: 200
Explosion: 320→224
Sparking Plasma Bullet
Large Plasma Charge ↑ + B
Kirby fires a huge plasma blast upward that creat a huge explosion.
The Plasma Charge level is reset after firing.
Shot: 150
Explosion: 450
  • Actual damage is 150+108+75+56+40+90=532 if full hits landed.
Plasma Barrier
Medium Plasma Charge will activate
Kirby's electric charge creates a barrier that deals minor damage. The barrier's size indicates the Plasma Charge level:
  • Level 1 (small charge) can't activate Plasma Barrier;
  • Level 2 (medium charge) creates a small barrier; can fire Plasma Laser/Scatter;
  • Level 3 (large charge) creates a full barrier; can fire Plasma Wave / Sparking Plasma Bullet.
80→60 (2nd hit onward)
Light-Speed Dash
L/R + any direction during Plasma Barrier
Kirby can dash to 8 directions. Each Light-Speed Dash consumes one level of Plasma Charge. 200
Reference: A Star Bullet deals 520 damage.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy description

Plasma Kirby Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl  
Name Image Appears In Description
Plasma Kirby Plasma Kirby - Brawl Trophy.png SNES Kirby's Super Star (NTSC), Kirby's Fun Pak (PAL)
GCN Kirby Air Ride
Kirby when he inhales Plasma Wisps, which glow with a neon green flame. Plasma Kirby can charge the plasma strength up to a maximum level of 5. In Kirby Super Star/Kirby's Fun Pak, your attack—-be it a Plasma Laser or a Plasma Wave Cannon—-varies with the length of time you charge it.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS trophy description

Plasma Kirby Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS  
Name Image NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Plasma Kirby
What does the aurora borealis have in common with lightning? Plasma! And what does Plasma Kirby have in common with them? Hrm. Maybe that was too easy... Anyway, Plasma Kirby can build up plasma using the +Control Pad and fire it with the B Button. You can look up more about plasma if you want, but firing plasma is what's important here. In the Kirby series, Plasma Kirby is Kirby, but with the ability to fire plasma, and mashing the +Control Pad charges him up! "But what exactly is plasma?" you ask. Well, that's a very good question. Maybe you should look it up yourself. Can't be giving you all the answers, you know.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 电离子 (chs)
電離子 (cht)
diàn lí zǐ
Dutch Plasma -
French Plasma -
German Plasma -
Italian Plasma -
Russian Плазма
Spanish Plasma -