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Dreamstalk 1.jpg
Kirby runs up the Dreamstalk after Taranza in the opening cutscene of Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Type Plot device
Function Kirby's means of traversing Floralia, source of the Miracle Fruit
Found On the World Map, various points in stages
Game(s) Kirby: Triple Deluxe
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The Dreamstalk has guided you thus far... but its bloom will be your doom!
— Queen Sectonia, as she merges with the plant in question

The Dreamstalk is a magical plant that serves a pivotal role in the storyline of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It resembles a fairy-tale beanstalk, and extends high into the skies of Popstar to connect the various floating islands that make up Floralia.

Role in Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

The Dreamstalk is initially sent down as a seed by the People of the Sky in order to bring them a hero to save their kingdom. It germinates in Dream Land, lifting up both Kirby's House and Castle Dedede. After Taranza heads down the stalk to capture Dedede, Kirby makes chase into Floralia using the Dreamstalk as a walkway.

Throughout the stages, Kirby often finds the Dreamstalk's vines, which grow and blossom with Miracle Fruit. When eaten, Miracle Fruit give Kirby the power of Hypernova, allowing him to clear the path forward. Thus, the Dreamstalk guides Kirby along as it grows, leading Kirby on Taranza's trail.

After clearing an island, Kirby obtains a Grand Sun Stone from each Boss, which allows him to grow the Dreamstalk further, and travel to the next land. Eventually, it reaches the top of the kingdom, Royal Road, where Kirby confronts Taranza and Queen Sectonia.

After Kirby proves to be too much for Sectonia to handle, she uses her power to merge with the Dreamstalk and cover the land in its roots and vines, threatening not only Floralia, but Popstar below as well. Kirby then has to fight her again, this time with the help of both Taranza and Dedede. Kirby uses the Hypernova ability to destroy Flowered Sectonia, removing her influence on the Dreamstalk, and allowing it to bloom. From then on, the Dreamstalk remains a permanent fixture of Dream Land.

Other game appearances[edit]

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

The Dreamstalk depicted in they cover key art for Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands!

In the Kirby novel series, the story and fate of the Dreamstalk are expanded upon. Queen Sectonia is said to have parasitized the Dreamstalk and drawn power from it. However, the Dreamstalk that once supported Floralia is gone since her defeat.

Taranza waters the new Dreamstalk sapling.

A sapling was carried away to a distant star, where Pirika finds it in order to amplify her own powers. She brings it to the clouds above the Rainbow Islands, where it grows into a tree, and casts a puppeting spell on it, causing it to gain an eerie color and infect the lake in the clouds that would pour down as rain. After Pirika has a change of heart, this Dreamstalk turns back to normal.

Although the fate of the second Dreamstalk is unknown, several of its fruits that were thrown by Pirika scattered throughout the world. One such fruit makes it back to Floralia, where Taranza takes care of it.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワールドツリー
Wārudo Tsurī
World Tree
The concept of a world tree is present in many cultures and mythologies. Note that the word "beanstalk" (in the sense of the giant fairytale plant) is generally rendered in Japanese as まめ mame no ki, literally "bean tree".
French Tige des Rêves Dream Stalk
German Traumranke Dreamvine
Italian Pianta dei Sogni Plant of Dreams
Korean 월드 트리
woldeu teuri
World Tree
Derives from the same origin as the Japanese name. As with Japanese, the word "beanstalk" (in the sense of the giant fairytale plant) is generally rendered in Korean as 콩나무 kong namu, literally "bean tree".
Spanish Planta de ensueño Dream plant