Gourmet Race

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Gourmet Race
Gourmet Race.png
The title screen for Gourmet Race.
Difficulty 2 Stars
Stages 3
Unlock requirements Available at start (Complete Spring Breeze in Ultra)
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Gourmet Race is the second main game in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. Winnning the Grand Prix is required in order to advance further in game progression. In Kirby Super Star Ultra only, Gourmet Race is also available for 2-Player gameplay.


Grand Prix

Kirby and King Dedede racing in Grand Prix mode in the first stage, Pumpkin Grand

The Grand Prix game plays out exactly as it sounds: Kirby races King Dedede and eats food as he goes along his 2-D sidescrolling way. In the Ultra-exclusive multiplayer mode, the yellow Kirby will join as the 2-Player. The races take place over three courses Pumpkin Grand, Corn Hall, and Onion Garden. With Kirby set to dash (press right twice rapidly) the game is very simple to win, hence the game's difficulty is only two stars.

Kirby or King Dedede gain points by eating food, more points are awarded for eating a Maxim Tomato. The character (Kirby or King Dedede) that reaches the finish line first gets a bonus of 20 points for each of the three stages they reach first. The winner of the Grand Prix is the one who gets the most points after finishing all three courses.

Time Attack

Alternatively, the Time Attack mode can be played as a time trial type game for a single course, with no competition other than previous best scores. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, Ghost Kirby replaces the star as the best record runner. In the Ultra-exclusive 2-Player mode, the yellow Kirby becomes the rival.


Pumpkin Grand

The first (and more well-known) theme of Gourmet Race, used in Pumpkin Grand and Onion Garden.

Pumpkin Grand is the shortest and most straight forward course. This course is mostly an irregular surface beginning with sloped hills, but midway through Kirby will find holes, Star Blocks, and pillars that serve to block and slow him down. Sporadically throughout the course's path are several food items, most being worth one point each. A Maxim Tomato (worth three points) can be found within jumping reach on the goal post.

Corn Hall

Corn Hall begins much like the Pumpkin Grand Course, but soon changes with a steep slope downhill to an underground section. This course consists of a moderate amount of turns, flights upwards, and vertical zig-zagging obstacles.

Onion Garden

The Onion Garden is the most elaborate course. The race will often change directions and terrain. The course will have stretches of ground running, dropping down, floating upwards, and swimming. Additionally, this course offers Copy Abilities at the earliest section. Any (or none) can be chosen; Jet, Parasol, Ninja, Wing, and Wheel are offered. At some points, there are alternative paths to choose from.

In-game instructions

"King Dedede challenged Kirby to see who's the hungriest gourmet! Who will reach the goal first? Speed up to eat, eat to win!"



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