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Corn Hall

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Corn Hall
KSS Corn Hall.png
Screenshot of Kirby and King Dedede racing in Corn Hall in Kirby Super Star.
Main game Gourmet Race
Theme music

Clip of the Corn Hall theme.

Stage order
Pumpkin Grand Onion Garden
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Corn Hall is the second of the three race courses in Gourmet Race from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. This stage features varied terrain, taking the two racers through a series of tunnels. These tunnels branch out near the end, offering two different paths to take before joining back together at the end.


The race begins on a simple path with a small hill and a few large steps. From there, the path descends into a tunnel and then opens up to a big chamber where the path becomes very bumpy. Up above, a wooden walkway can be used which holds more food items. Up ahead, another chamber opens up with greater variations in terrain which require Hovering to get over. A Maxim Tomato can be found perched on one of the pillars rising from the floor. The path then leads through a tunnel which switches direction a few times. After the second tomato, the tunnel splits into two separate paths. Taking the ladder leads to an upper deck with two separate walkways to use. The lower path leads down a narrow tunnel, and then to an open area where Kirby will need to hover again. The paths merge at this point as the cave is left behind, and the goal is not too far ahead.

There are 68 normal food items and three Maxim Tomatoes on the stage. Maxim Tomatoes are worth three points each. All the food together is worth 77 points.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もろこしホール
Morokoshi Hōru
Sorghum Hall
French Prix des Epis Corn Prix
German Hirsehalle Millet Hall
Italian Salone Mais Corn Salon
Spanish Huerta del Maíz Corn Orchard