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Eternal Dreamland

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Eternal Dreamland
KTD Eternal Dreamland intro screen.png
Screenshot from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Level Nr. 7
Stages 0
Boss Flowered Sectonia
Level progression
Royal Road Last level
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Eternal Dreamland is the final level of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It contains no stages, and consists solely of the fight with the final boss of Story Mode, Flowered Sectonia.

This level cannot be accessed in Dededetour!.

Boss Fight (Flowered Sectonia)[edit]

The level begins as Queen Sectonia takes control of the Dreamstalk, and merges with it to become the monstrosity that Kirby must now fight.

Phase 1[edit]

The People of the Sky bring in a cannon for the heroes to use.

King Dedede and Kirby start to panic as the vines begin to envelope the castle, when the People of the Sky bring in a large Cannon for them to use. Kirby takes the role of the cannonball, as Dedede takes hold of the controls.

On the vines are a number of flowered eyeballs, which are the weak points. Dedede has to shoot Kirby at it while the eye is open, or else he will take damage instead.

The vines come in three patterns, and if Dedede takes too long to fire, the eyes will shoot projectiles at them. Once all three parts are taken out, the path is clear, and Dedede shoots Kirby through the hole to face off against the queen one more time.

Phase 2[edit]

The Moonstruck Blossom herself.
Flowered Sectonia nearly does Kirby in after the first phase is over, but Dedede and Taranza save him in the nick of time.
Main article: Flowered Sectonia

Kirby lands on a vine, and uses a number of 3D Warp Stars to travel closer to the queen. On the last vine, Bandana Waddle Dee appears one more time to offer an Assist Star, and Kirby can choose between any of the following abilities:

From there, a Warp Star leads into the encounter.

The fight itself takes place in four parts. In the first three, Sectonia uses two of her eyestalks at a time to fire barrages, or swipe at Kirby. Each time the stalks are taken out, Sectonia moves Kirby to a new platform layout closer to her main stalk. On the last part, she takes out four eyestalks, and occasionally fires her main body laser along with them.

Upon defeat, Sectonia is knocked down, leading into the final phase.

Phase 3[edit]

Kirby uses Hypernova to finish off the queen.

Kirby begins celebrating his victory, but is interrupted when Sectonia grabs him by the foot with a vine. She then has him constricted, and starts squeezing him out. At that moment, Dedede and Taranza, after a change of heart, come in to save Kirby, and give him a Miracle Fruit to unlock his Hypernova ability.

From here, Sectonia resumes her attack, but her projectiles are continuously knocked back at her by Kirby in Hypernova form. She loses her remaining eyestalks, and attempts to finish Kirby off with a giant laser attack from her main body, but this too is absorbed by Kirby, and fired back at her, destroying her utterly, and finally ending her hold on Floralia and the Dreamstalk.


The Dreamstalk in full bloom, at the end of the game.

As the queen withers away, Kirby and Dedede are thrown off the Dreamstalk. Kirby is caught by the People of the Sky, and Dedede is caught by Taranza. From there, they look back on the Dreamstalk, now freed of Sectonia's influence, and in full bloom. From there, the game is finished, and the credits sequence follows.


  • The word "Dreamland" in the Japanese, English, and Korean names does not refer to Dream Land, as in the setting of the series, but rather the idea of being put into "eternal beauty sleep", as described in Sectonia's pause screen descriptions. This is why it is stylized as a single word rather than two. Dream Land is known as Pupupuland in Japanese and Korean, so this overlap does not exist in those languages. However, the German and Italian localizations do reference Dream Land in their names for the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エターナル ドリームランド
Etānaru Dorīmurando
Eternal DreamLand
French Effrayant Sanctuaire Frightening Sanctuary
German Dream Land auf ewig Dream Land forever
Italian Dream Land all'Orizzonte Dream Land on the Horizon
Korean 이터널 드림랜드
iteoneol deulimlaendeu
Eternal Dreamland
Spanish Edén Soñado Dreaming of Eden