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Meta Knightmare Ultra

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Meta Knightmare Ultra
KSSU Meta Knightmare Ultra Title Screen.png
Title screen for Meta Knightmare Ultra
Type(s) Time Attack - Solo
Levels 5
Players 1
Appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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That cool knight's reappeared! Defeat foes to store power, then touch the screen to use abilities! He trains as he journeys...
— Meta Knightmare Ultra description

Meta Knightmare Ultra is an Extra Mode exclusive to Kirby Super Star Ultra, based on Meta Knightmare from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It includes all the main games from Kirby Super Star Ultra (minus Gourmet Race and Revenge of the King), with one main difference: the player plays as Meta Knight instead of Kirby or a helper. Also unlike the original games, the time it takes to complete each game is recorded.

This game also has its own storyline, though it is mostly relegated to short cutscenes that mirror the original games' events, with an original plot only coming into play near the end of the story.

This is the second title of the "Meta Knightmare" time attack series, the first being Meta Knightmare from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land and the latest being Meta Knightmare Returns from Kirby: Planet Robobot.


Nova: "READY. ->"
Meta Knight: "My one wish is to become stronger..."
"So I wish to fight..."
"the greatest warrior in the galaxy!"
Nova: "OK. ->"
"...3... 2... 1... GO! ->"

After being defeated by Kirby in Revenge of Meta Knight, Meta Knight goes on a journey to train and become stronger. He retraces Kirby's steps on Pop Star, sinks his own battleship, gathers power from the surrounding planets, then finally summons the wish-granting Galactic Nova, still visibly damaged from its destruction in Milky Way Wishes. Meta Knight wishes to fight the greatest warrior in the galaxy, so Nova calls in Galacta Knight, who was sealed away because he was thought to be too powerful. Once Meta Knight defeats Galacta Knight, his training and the mode are both complete.

Gameplay differences[edit]

As expected, moving Meta Knight is different from moving Kirby. Meta Knight can't inhale or copy foes, but he always can fly like the Wing Copy Ability and attack like the Sword Copy Ability. Also, Meta Knight can use energy, as explained below. Food is harder to find, as all normal food is removed, and Maxim Tomatoes and Copy Essences are replaced by food.


Meta Knight not only gets score for defeating enemies, he also gets energy from them. He gets one to three energy from an enemy, depending on the strength of the enemy. For example, he can only get one energy from Broom Hatter or Waddle Dee, but he can get two from Waddle Doo or Knuckle Joe and three from Grizzo. He gets five energy from a Mid-Boss and ten from a boss, regardless of whether they are easy, like Whispy Woods, or more difficult, like Wham Bam Rock or Heavy Lobster. Meta Knight can use this energy to perform special attacks. Each one is performed by tapping its icon on the Nintendo DS touch screen. He can only hold up to 50 energy.

Meta Knight's Moves
Move Description Energy Value
Meta Quick
Meta Knight speeds up for a short amount of time.
Meta Knight heals the health of both himself and his helper.
Knight Call
Meta Knight calls Sword Knight or Blade Knight to help him.
Mach Tornado
Time stops and Meta Knight jumps towards the center of the screen, then spins around and releases two giant tornadoes. These tornadoes kill all normal enemies and drastically hurt most bosses. Since it costs 30/50 energy, it can't be used twice in a row even if Meta Knight has maximum energy.


  • Meta Knight destroys the Halberd, his own ship, for seemingly unknown reasons.
  • Meta Knight's helpers in this game, Sword Knight and Blade Knight, are also his helpers in the anime.
  • For some reason, the copyright year on the title screen reads "1996-2008", despite this game appearing only in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • After clearing Meta Knightmare Ultra, there is also a rare chance that a variant of the "Grand Opening" intro movie featuring Meta Knight will play. This movie can be viewed in the Theater as "Fly! Meta Knight".
  • In the Japanese version, it's possible to use the special energy attacks in the Rest Areas. This is not present in the international versions of the game.


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Screenshots from other levels


Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メタナイトでゴーDX
Meta Naito de Gō DX
Go with Meta Knight DX
French Meta Knightmare Ultra -
German Alptraumeta-Knight Ultra "Alptraumeta" is a portmanteau of "Alptraum" (Nightmare) and "Meta" from Meta Knight
Italian Cavaliere Nero Ultra Black Knight Ultra
Korean GO! 메타나이트
GO! meta naiteu
GO! Meta Knight
Spanish Meta Knight Ultra -

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