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Secret Map

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Secret Map
KSqS Incomplete Secret Map Artwork.jpg
Artwork of the Secret Map (partially finished) from Kirby: Squeak Squad
Use Unlocks a Copy Ability Room
Obtained Within Treasure Chests in various levels
Game(s) Kirby: Squeak Squad
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This article is about the map which comes in pieces in Kirby: Squeak Squad. For the area maps in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, see Map (item).

The Secret Map is a collectible Treasure Chest item in Kirby: Squeak Squad. During Kirby's adventure, the Secret Map is ripped into seven pieces, each located in a different level. Each one of the chests that hold the pieces is held by a Gold Waddle Dee, which Kirby must defeat. When Kirby recovers every piece, he unlocks the Copy Ability Room. Prism Plains is the only level that does not have a piece of the Secret Map.


The pieces of the Secret Map can be found in the following stages and locations:

List of Secret Map piece locations
Stage Location
To reach this chest, Kirby must have first taken the lower door when the path split in two earlier in the stage. He will eventually end up in an area where he needs to stop a Gold Waddle Dee from running into a bottomless pit. Defeating this Gold Waddle Dee will yield the chest.
A side area can be found in this stage where a Gold Waddle Dee can be trapped by cutting rope platforms before it runs into a bottomless pit. Defeating this Gold Waddle Dee will yield the chest.
After finding two doors forward at the bottom of a vertical area, Kirby should take the one to the right to reach a winding tunnel where he will need to catch and defeat a Gold Waddle Dee before it gets away.
Along the main path, a side chamber can be accessed which leads to a room with a Gold Waddle Dee. Kirby should be careful not to hit the Switch in this room, or the Waddle Dee will be dumped into a lava pit and its chest lost.
A hidden doorway can be found behind some ice blocks in the tall waterfall area leading to a room where a Gold Waddle Dee is running down thin floors next to a big pillar made of Star Blocks. Kirby will need to catch this Waddle Dee to get the chest.
Kirby will need to take the middle of the third set of doors he encounters on the main path. Doing so leads him to a room where a Gold Waddle Dee can be found behind a gate and standing atop another. Kirby has access to the switches for both, and the upper one is the one he should flip to access the Waddle Dee and its chest.
Along the main path, Kirby can run into a Gold Waddle Dee that he will have to chase down for its chest.
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