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Glitches in Kirby Super Star

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby Super Star. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

0% 0% 0% (Save Corruption Glitch, Japanese Version only)[edit]

In the Japanese cartridge version only, all three save files have uncommon chances to get corrupted and become the starting 0% state, possibly due to the fragility of the graphics chips.[1] This makes it the most infamous glitch of this game in Japan, commonly written as 0% 0% 0% in the Japanese community. The 0% 0% 0% glitch was mentioned during a live-streamed interview with the HAL Laboratory developers around the time of the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert as a 0% 0% 0% save select screen was shown prominently during the concert's Kirby Super Star medley, with Shinya Kumazaki recalling discussions during the development of Kirby Super Star Ultra on whether the remake should include this glitch in some way.[2] In addition to the cartridge glitch, the player can even manually corrupt the save files in both the Japanese cartridge version and the Japanese Virtual Console versions as follows:[1]

  1. Kirby should obtain the Sleep ability in Milky Way Wishes.
  2. While Kirby is sleeping, the player should leave the stage while holding the L and R buttons.
  3. Kirby should enter the Galactic Nova. After the cutscene involving Marx, Kirby should enter the Heart of Nova stage.
  4. The game will freeze right after Kirby enters the Heart of Nova stage. The player should then reset the game.
  5. After the game is reset, all three save files will become corrupted and show 0% completion.

The 0% 0% 0% glitch is parodied in Episode 2 of the anime Pop Team Epic, with a parodied Kirby Super Star file select screen in 0% 0% 0%, and the narrator (presumably Pipimi) shouting "Zero percent!" three times in a row (in Part B, Pipimi is voiced by Shigeru Chiba, who interestingly also voiced Hyness in Kirby Star Allies).

Elevator Clipping[edit]

While riding an elevator with the Sword ability, if an attack is performed while the elevator is moving, the player may fall through the elevator.

Marx Battle Teleportation[edit]

If Kirby and the Helper are using the Hammer and/or Parasol abilities, there is a very slim chance of randomly teleporting to a glitched Marx battle. Winning this battle will still count as beating Milky Way Wishes, even if it has not yet been unlocked.

This glitch can still be performed if the helper does not have the Parasol/Hammer ability, but it is much less likely.

Pressing Up & Down Simultaneously[edit]

These glitches are almost impossible to perform on real consoles due to the requirement of pressing ↑ and ↓ simultaneously, but is commonly abused in tool-assisted speedrun (TAS) performances only in the initial Japanese version of the game. Later revisions fixed them by treating ↑ and ↓ at the same time as no input.

Fire/Jet Warp[edit]

For the Fire ability, when using the Burning Attack, the player can press ↑ and ↓ simultaneously to make Fire Kirby move down at a very fast speed, capable of warping through walls and platforms (or even dropping into bottomless pits if the player wishes to save time in certain scenarios).

For the Jet ability, when using Jet Headbutt or Jet Cracker, the player can press ↑ and ↓ simultaneously to make Jet Kirby move up at a very fast speed, capable of warping through walls, platforms and ceilings.

Plasma Instant Charge[edit]

For the Plasma ability, pressing ↑ and ↓ simultaneously will result in a max charge instantly.


Climbing and descending from a ladder at the same time confuses the game greatly. While most of the time it can causes a game crash, various other effects can occur, such as accessing the debug menu,[3] or triggering the final cutscene of Milky Way Wishes.[4]

Scarfy inhale[edit]

If Wing Kirby uses the Toss attack on a Scarfy and quickly gets rid of his Copy Ability, he is able to inhale the Scarfy while it's stunned, allowing him to get the Crash ability without using Copy.[5] This glitch is also present in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Ultra Jet Jump/Super Jump to OHKO Mid-Bosses[edit]

The Jet ability's Ultra Jet Jump attack as well as the "super jump" (any player jumps by stepping on the other ally) can defeat any Mid-Boss in one hit. Since Mid-Bosses spawn from the air in this game, they can be OHKO'd by this glitch before even landing.

Wheel Roll on Wall[edit]

To perform this glitch, Kirby must acquire the Wheel ability. As Kirby, dash slowly by holding the Y then A button at the same time, then roll into a wall. If done correctly, Kirby should not crash into the wall, becoming invincible and dealing continuous chip damage to any enemy on contact.

Wheelie Rider sprite glitch[edit]

After defeating Meta Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight, if the player creates a Helper from their current ability during the fade to black, the Wheelie Kirby lands on may have the sprite of the helper the player tried to summon. The glitch is fixed after Kirby rides off screen.