Glitches in Kirby Super Star

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Kirby Super Star. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Fire/Jet Warp

This glitch is impossible to perform on real consoles due to the requirement of pressing ↑ and ↓ simultaneously, but is commonly abused in TASes. In addition, this glitch is only executable in the Japanese version of Kirby Super Star.

For the Fire ability, when using the Burning Attack, the player can press ↑ and ↓ simultaneously to make Fire Kirby move down at a very fast speed, capable of warping through walls and platforms (or even commit suicide if the player wishes to save time in certain scenarios).

For the Jet ability, when using Jet Headbutt or Jet Cracker, the player can press ↑ and ↓ simultaneously to make Jet Kirby move up at a very fast speed, capable of warping through walls, platforms and ceilings.

Ultra Jet Jump/Super Jump to OHKO Mid-Bosses

The move Ultra Jet Jump of Jet Kirby or Capsule J the helper as well as the "super jump" (any player jumps by stepping on the other ally) can defeat any Mid-Boss in one hit. Since Mid-Bosses spawn from the air in this game, they can be OHKO'd by this glitch before even landing.

Wheel Roll on Wall

To perform this glitch, Kirby must acquire the Wheel ability. As Kirby, dash slowly by holding the Y then A button at the same time, then roll into a wall. If done correctly, Kirby should not crash into the wall, becoming invincible and dealing continuous chip damage to any enemy on contact.