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KatFL Tortorner screenshot.png
Screenshot of Tortorner from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Copy Ability N/A
Similar entities Tortuilding, Sleepy Turtle
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Tortorner has a whole shell made of concrete, as if it walked off with somebody's sidewalk! It has a thick skull and a mean bite, but its body is pretty delicate. A Mouthful Mode ability might help you crack through its shell and land a brutal blow from above!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Tortorner is a big tortoise-like creature that uses a square of concrete as its shell, which appears as an enemy in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Tortorner sits in place and slowly swivels around in order to try and extend its neck to bite Kirby if he is in range. Tortorner cannot be inhaled nor harmed by any regular attack. The only thing that can defeat it is by using Cone Mouth to slam the top of its "shell" to break it. When doing this, Tortorner's body is revealed to be a stubby thing with a light print of skin resembling a bathing suit, similar to an outline of skin that hasn't been tanned. Although large, Tortorner is not nearly as big as its relative Tortuilding.

In Downtown Grassland, defeating Tortorner yields two yellow Star Coins, two green Star Coins, two donuts, and a hidden Waddle Dee cage.

Tortorner's name is a portmanteau of the words "tortoise" and "corner".


Tortorner can be found in the following stages:

Tortorner locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Point of Arrival No The Tropical Terror No An Unexpected Beast King No The Beast Pack's Final Stand Yes
Downtown Grassland Yes Welcome to Wondaria No The Wastes Where Life Began No In the Presence of the King No
Through the Tunnel No Circuit Speedway No Searching the Oasis No Lab Discovera No
Rocky Rollin' Road No Invasion at the House of Horrors No Alivel Mall (Staff Side) No Forgo Plains No
A Trip to Alivel Mall No The Wondaria Dream Parade No Moonlight Canyon No Forgo Bay No
The Brawl at the Mall No Danger under the Big Top No Collector in the Sleepless Valley No Forgo Park Yes
Abandoned Beach No Northeast Frost Street No Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands No Forgo Horns No
Concrete Isles No Metro on Ice No Conquer the Inferno Road No Forgo Wasteland Yes
Scale the Cement Summit No Windy, Freezing Seas No Burning, Churning Power Plant No Forgo Zone No
Fast-Flowing Waterworks No The Battle of Blizzard Bridge No Gathering of the Beast Council No Forgo Land No


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トータロス
Tortaroise; corruption of トータス (tortoise)
French Mini-Tortiment Tortiment is a portmanteau of Tortue (turtle) and Bâtiment (building)
German Eckkröte Ecke (corner) + Schildkröte (turtle)
Korean 토탈로스
Spanish Tortuinmueble Tortuga (turtle) + inmueble (property)