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Various screenshots from all levels
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Document scores gained from hitting the boss' parts, Kabula, UFOs, and the weakspots
Scope Shot
Scope Shot.png
Title screen for Scope Shot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Type(s) Shooter - Arcade - Teamwork
Levels 3
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land
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Scope Shot is a Sub-Game from Kirby's Return to Dream Land unlocked by getting 30 Energy Spheres. The sub-game revolves around the player(s) defeating large, mechanical robots by shooting at them with laser guns and hitting their weak spots. It, like the other sub-game, Ninja Dojo, has three levels.


Scope Shot requires that the player's Wii remote to be tilted from horizontal to vertical, and the Wii sensor to be used. The game may be played solo or with multiple players. The players must fight three giant mechanical robots in three respective levels - the first being Waddle Tank, second being Mecha Kawasaki, and the last being Robo Dedede. With only 2 minutes (120 seconds) on the timer, the player(s) must shoot lasers with the Wii remote at the robots to lower its HP bar and blast off parts to the point where its weak point is exposed. Shooting the weak point will automatically destroy the robot.

In all three levels, Kabula can also be seen flying in the background. The player can shoot her to gain extra points.

Level 1 - Waddle Tank[edit]

Waddle Tank is the first boss to be fought in this sub-game, taking its appearance from a Waddle Dee. Waddle Tank has caterpillar treads it uses to move around and avoid laser shots, and a parasol on top, making its design analogous to that of Parasol Waddle Dee. On the back side is a giant laser blaster that resembles Waddle Doo, which can blast the player with a laser beam to stun them for a while. The robot's other method of defense is to fire missiles from the background.

As Waddle Tank gradually gets destroyed, its face reveals a grill-like jaw and eyes that resemble goggles. Its weak point is between the lower and upper "jaw" of the machine.

Level 2 - Mecha Kawasaki[edit]

Mecha Kawasaki is a giant robot that resembles Chef Kawasaki, fought in this level. It walks around the stage to dodge laser shots from the players. It wields a giant frying pan that shields himself from attacks, and a ladle that he can spin very fast to deflect any laser shots. To disable these means of self-defense, the player(s) can shoot the frying pan and the right arm where the ladle is being held to destroy them.

Mecha Kawasaki has a robotic "apron" with a yellow duck on it, resembling a refrigerator. The apron may display an explosive projectile in the form of mechanical food, right before shooting it out of the robot's toque. The fish projectile swims back and forth until it reaches the player(s), the meat projectile bounces along the ground, and egg missiles are fired all over the place, with one being targeted towards the player(s). Mecha Kawasaki's weak point is located within the "apron".

Level 3 - Robo Dedede[edit]

Robo Dedede, the last boss to be fought, has two phases. In the first phase, missiles are released from the sides of his mechanical hammer to attempt to hit Kirby (and other characters if applicable) unless he shoots back at the hammer with the laser gun to eliminate them all, allowing for the player(s) to continue attacking. Another attack Robo Dedede can do is tossing out a large, canister-shaped time bomb that can be countered by shooting at it, with the giant robot attempting to counter that by whacking it back at the players with his hammer, while spinning side to side. Once Robo Dedede stops spinning, the players can knock the time bomb into him to stun and throw him to the front of the screen for easy attacking. The first phase's weak part is in the middle of the abdomen, inside two metal bars.

Once the first phase is finished, Robo Dedede will seem to be defeated at first, but then will start to flail his arms around wildly and wield his hammer as the second phase begins. In this phase, Robo Dedede will attempt to clobber Kirby (and other characters, if applicable) with the giant, charged hammer in a desperate attempt to force a loss. To counter this, the player(s) will have to continuously shoot at the hammer until it eventually flies into the robot's head, obliterating it in a spectacular explosion.

UFOs can also appear on this level, which can be shot for even more bonus points.


  • The ESRB rating of Kirby's Return to Dream Land is E10+, with the rating summary on the official ESRB website listing Scope Shot as one of the reasons for this rating.[1]
  • The shape of the player's reticle depends on which character the player is playing as, with a pentagon shape for Kirby, hexagon for Meta Knight, diamond for King Dedede, and circle for Waddle Dee.


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