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Scope Shot

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Scope Shot
KRtDL Scope Shot menu screenshot.png
Title screen for Scope Shot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Type(s) Shooter - Arcade - Teamwork
Levels 3
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Comparable to Booming Blasters (theme)
Kirby on the Draw
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Scope Shot is a Sub-Game from Kirby's Return to Dream Land (not in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe) unlocked by getting 30 Energy Spheres. The sub-game revolves around players defeating large, mechanical robots by shooting at them using a weapon resembling a Super Scope and hitting their weak spots. It, like the other sub-game, Ninja Dojo, has three levels.


Scope Shot requires that the player's Wii remote to be tilted from horizontal to vertical, and the Wii sensor bar to be used. The game may be played solo or with multiple players. The player(s) must fight three giant mechanical robots in three respective levels - the first being the Waddle Tank, second being Mecha Kawasaki, and the last being Robo Dedede. With only 120 seconds on the timer, the player(s) must aim and shoot energy blasts with the Wii remote at the robot to lower its HP bar and blast off parts to the point where its weak point is exposed. Shooting the weak point will automatically destroy the robot. Unlike Ninja Dojo, this sub-game is not strictly competitive, as all players win or lose together, but the final score tally will show how many points each player was individually responsible for.

In all three levels, Kabula can also be seen flying in the background. The player(s) can shoot her to gain 800 extra points. UFO also appears in the final level, and is worth 1200 points when shot.

Mission 1 - Waddle Tank[edit]

Destroy the Waddle Tank before it wreaks havoc! After charging up, it will unleash its Mega Laser!
— In-game caption

Waddle Tank is the first boss to be fought in this sub-game, taking its appearance from a Parasol Waddle Dee. Waddle Tank has caterpillar treads it uses to move around and avoid laser shots, and a parasol on top. On the back side is a giant "Mega Laser" cannon, which can blast the player(s) with a laser beam to stun them for a while. This can be prevented by firing at the cannon as it charges up, but this does not destroy the cannon, so is worth no points. The robot's other method of defense is to fire missiles from the background, which are worth 200 points when shot down.

As Waddle Tank gradually gets destroyed, its face reveals a grill-like jaw and eyes that resemble goggles. Its weak point is between the lower and upper "jaw" of the machine.

The following table lists each individual piece of the Waddle Tank that can be destroyed, with point values and additional notes where applicable:

Waddle Tank pieces  
Piece(s) Points Notes
Arm pieces (2) 1200 each
Back tank (2 parts) 1200 each
Face plate 1600
Front handlebar 600
Goggles 1000 Cannot be hit until the face plate is destroyed.
Inner tread casing (2) 1000 each Cannot be hit until the outer tread casing is destroyed.
Lower body casing 1000
Outer tread casing (2) 1500 each
Parasol 1000 (first break), 600 (second break) This is the only piece that is destroyed in two distinct phases.
Side tanks (2) 600 each This can be taken out along with the outer tread casing, in which case this score is added on top.
Tread exhaust pipes (2) 600 each This can be taken out along with the outer tread casing, in which case this score is added on top.
Upper body casing (2 parts) 1500 each
Weak point 1200 Destroying this defeats the Waddle Tank.

Mission 2 - Mecha Kawasaki[edit]

Mecha Kawasaki is on a destructive rampage! This crazy chef can fire all sorts of missiles!
— In-game caption

Mecha Kawasaki is a giant robot that resembles Chef Kawasaki. It walks around the stage to dodge laser shots from the players. It wields a giant frying pan that shields itself from attacks, and a ladle that it can spin very fast to deflect any laser shots. To disable these means of self-defense, the player(s) can shoot the frying pan and the right glove where the ladle is being held to destroy them.

Mecha Kawasaki has a robotic "apron" with a yellow duck on it, resembling a refrigerator. The apron may display an explosive projectile in the form of mechanical food, right before shooting it out of the robot's toque. The fish projectile swims back and forth until it reaches the player(s) (worth 500 points when shot down), the meat projectile bounces along the ground (also worth 500 points), and egg missiles are fired all over the place, with one being targeted towards the player(s) (each is worth 100 points if shot). Regular missiles will also fire at the player(s), each worth 200 points when shot. Mecha Kawasaki's weak point is located within the "apron".

The following table lists each individual piece of Mecha Kawasaki that can be destroyed, with point values and additional notes where applicable:

Mecha Kawasaki pieces  
Piece(s) Points Notes
Apron outer casing 4400
Apron inner casing 1650 Destroying this allows the player(s) to shoot any food-based missile being prepared through the apron.
Arm pieces (2) 1200 each
Bracelets (2) 1200 each
Duck on apron 880 This can be taken out along with the apron outer casing, in which case this score is added on top.
Face plate 3300
Feet (2) 1650 each
Frying pan 4400
Hat 1100
Item inside apron 300
Left glove 1650
Mouthpiece 550 Cannot be hit until the face plate is destroyed.
Neck casing 1650
Pelvic casing 550
Right glove and ladle 2650 Destroying this prevents Mecha Kawasaki from spinning its ladle quickly and deflecting projectiles.
Shoulder piece (2) 1600 each
Star on hat 2000
Tie 550 This can be taken out along with the first piece of the upper body casing, in which case this score is added on top.
Upper body casing (2 parts) 2750 each
Visor 550 Cannot be hit until the face plate is destroyed.
Waist casing 550
Weak point 1200 Destroying this defeats Mecha Kawasaki.

Mission 3 - Robo Dedede[edit]

It's the ultimate war machine, Robo Dedede! It can launch massively destructive Time Bombs!
— In-game caption

Robo Dedede, the last boss to be fought, has two phases. In the first phase, missiles are released from the sides of its mechanical hammer to attempt to hit Kirby (and other characters if applicable). The number of missiles launched depends on how many players there are, and each is worth 400 points when shot. Destroying the hammer will prevent Robo Dedede from firing any more missiles. Another attack Robo Dedede can do is tossing out a large, canister-shaped time bomb that can be countered by shooting at it, with the giant robot attempting to counter that by whacking it back at the players with its hammer, while spinning side to side. Once Robo Dedede stops spinning, the players can knock the time bomb into it to stun and throw it to the front of the screen for easy attacking. The first phase's weak part is in the "belt" area, inside two metal bars.

Once the first phase is finished, Robo Dedede will seem to be defeated at first, but then will start to flail its arms around wildly and wield its hammer as the second phase begins, adding 20 seconds to the clock. In this phase, Robo Dedede will attempt to clobber Kirby (and other characters, if applicable) with the giant, charged hammer in a desperate attempt to force a loss. To counter this, the player(s) will have to continuously shoot at the hammer until it eventually drops into the robot's head, obliterating it in a spectacular explosion.

The following table lists each individual piece of Robo Dedede that can be destroyed, with point values and additional notes where applicable:

Robo Dedede pieces  
Piece(s) Points Notes
Body casing (2 parts) 3500 each
Crown ornament 1800 This can be taken out along with the face plate, in which case this score is added on top.
Eyes (2) 1800 each Cannot be hit until the face plate is destroyed.
Face plate 7400
Feet (2) 1120 each
Forearm pieces (2) 560 each
Gloves (2) 1400 each
Hammer 2400 Destroying this prevents Robo Dedede from firing missiles.
Inner leg plates (2) 1120 each Cannot be hit until the appropriate outer leg plate is destroyed.
Inner pectoral ducts (2) 1800 each Cannot be hit until the appropriate part of the body casing is destroyed.
Jet pack casing 2400
Outer leg plates (2) 1400 each
Outer pectoral ducts (2) 1800 each These can be taken out along with the appropriate part of the body casing, in which case this score is added on top.
Pelvic plate 4200
Shoulder plates (2) 2100 each
Upper arm pieces (2) 560 each
Weak point (belt) 1200 Destroying this leads into the second phase of the fight.
Second weak point (hammer) 4200 This takes many hits to destroy, though hitting it does stun Robo Dedede. Destroying it defeats Robo Dedede.

Bonus scoring[edit]

After completing a round, the following bonus points can be given:

  • Each second remaining: 200 (rounded up to whole seconds)
  • One of the following accuracy bonuses:
    • Accuracy: 50%: 2000
    • Accuracy: 80%: 4000
    • Accuracy: 90%: 6000
    • Accuracy: 100%: 10000
  • No damage: 3000 (the player(s) were never hit by an attack during the fight)
  • Complete destruction!: 7000 (all pieces of the robot were destroyed)


  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land was rated E10+ by the ESRB, with the rating summary on the official ESRB website listing Scope Shot as one of the reasons for this rating.[1]
  • The shape of the player's reticle depends on which character the player is playing as - the cursor is shaped like a pentagon for Kirby, a hexagon for Meta Knight, a diamond for King Dedede, and a circle for Waddle Dee.
  • While Scope Shot does not return in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, it does have a thematic replacement in the form of Booming Blasters, and its music is repurposed in secret areas such as HAL Rooms.
    • Scope Shot may have been removed because it is a cooperative game, as all of the Merry Magoland sub-games are competitive. Notably, Kirby on the Draw, which also appears in this remake, plays similarly to Scope Shot but is a competitive game rather than a cooperative one.
    • A smaller version of the Robo Dedede seen in Scope Shot appears in Egg Catcher, in place of King Dedede from the original appearance of the sub-game since he is now a playable contestant.


Names in other languages[edit]

Scope Shot[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガンガンバスターズ
gangan basutāzu
Gun Gun Busters
Chinese Scope Shot
Dutch Superschutter Supershooter
French Tir Boumboum Boomboom Shot
German Super-Schießstand Super Shooting Range
Italian Colpisci il Robottone Hit the Robots
Korean 사격 버스터즈
sagyeog beoseuteojeu
Shooting Busters
Portuguese Scope Shot -
Spanish Supertirador Supershooter

Waddle Tank[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワドタンク
wado tanku
Wad Tank
Chinese 瓦豆坦克
wǎ dòu tǎn kè
Wad Tank
Dutch Waddle-tank -
French Waddle Tank -
German Waddle-Panzer Waddle Tank
Italian Il carro armato Waddle The Waddle Tank
Korean 웨이들 탱크
weideul taengkeu
Waddle Tank
Portuguese O tanque Waddle The Waddle Tank
Spanish El tanque Waddle The Waddle Tank

Mecha Kawasaki[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイアンカワサキ
aian kawasaki
Iron Kawasaki
Traditional Chinese 鋼鐵川崎
gāng tiě chuān qí
Steel Kawasaki
Simplified Chinese 钢铁川崎
gāng tiě chuān qí
Dutch Mecha-Kawasaki -
French Mecha Kawasaki -
German Mecha-Kawasaki -
Italian Mecha Kawasaki -
Korean 아이언 카와사키
aieon kawasaki
Iron Kawasaki
Portuguese Mestre-cuca Kawasaki de aço Steel Master Chef Kawasaki
Spanish Cocinero Kawasaki de acero Steel Cook Kawasaki

Robo Dedede[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デデデロボ
dedede robo
Dedede Robo
Traditional Chinese 帝帝帝機器
dì dì dì jī qì
Dedede Machine
Simplified Chinese 帝帝帝机器
dì dì dì jī qì
Dutch Robo-Dedede -
Canadian French Robo Dadidou Robo Dedede
European French Robo DaDiDou Robo Dedede
German Robo-Dedede -
Italian Mecha Dedede -
Korean 디디디 로보
dididi lobo
Dedede Robo
Portuguese Robô Dedede Robo Dedede
Spanish Robo-Dedede -


  1. "In one mini-game, players assume a third-person perspective to fire pellet guns at an oversized tank and passing blimps—the sequence is accompanied by constant projectile fire and realistic explosions." Kirby's Return to Dream Land - ESRB, ESRB official website