Scope Shot

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Scope Shot
Scope Shot.png
Title screen for Scope Shot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Type(s) Shooter - Arcade - Teamwork
Levels 3
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land
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Scope Shot is a Sub-Game from Kirby's Return to Dream Land unlocked by getting 30 Energy Spheres. It, like the other sub-game, Ninja Dojo, has three levels.


Scope Shot requires that the player's Wii remote to be tilited from horizontal to vertical, and the Wii sensor to be used. The game may be played solo or with multiple players. The players must fight three giant mechanized robots, on the first level is the robot form of a Waddle Dee, the second, Chef Kawasaki, and a third level, with two phases, King Dedede. With only 2 minutes (120 seconds) on the timer, the player with their friends must shoot laser guns at the robots to lower its HP bar and wiping off parts to the point where its weak point is exposed. Shooting the weak point will automatically destroy the robot.

The Waddle Dee robot is considered the easiest. It has a parasol designed with it and caterpillar treads. It rolls around on the treads, trying to avoid the lasers from the laser gun. The eyes have goggles under it for protection. Its weak point is between the lower and upper "jaw" of the machine. Its only defense is missiles from the background.

Chef Kawasaki walks around on his "feet", also avoiding. He wields a ladle and a frying pan, yet they are not used for attack, but rather for self-defense. the player can take out the ladle by destroying his right hand part. His attack is mechanical meat that can be destroyed early by destroying it when it is revealed in the "refrigerator pad". Its weak spot is also inside the refrigerator pad.

King Dedede, the most time-consuming, has two parts. The first one, being intact, has attacks. Missiles are released from the sides of his mechanical hammer attempt to hit the Kirby (and other characters if applicable) unless Kirby shoots it with his laser gun. Another attack is a time bomb that can be countered by shooting at it, with the mecha attempting to counter that by hitting it with his hammer. It swerves side to side to avoid the players' laser gun. UFOs appear in the background along with Kabula. The first phase's weak part is in the middle of the abdomen, inside two metal bars. The second phase is the mecha attempting to go ballistic with hammer to force a loss. Simply shooting the hammer a few times will make the robot obliterate itself.

In all three levels, Kabula can also be seen in the background. The player can shoot her to gain extra points.