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KRtDLD Halcandra A New Enemy screenshot 2.jpg
Game(s) Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
Inhabitant(s) Magolor, Landia, Metal General, other creatures
Boss(es) Metal General, HR-D3, Landia
Similar places Jambandra
Theme Music

Clip of "Distant Halcandra" from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

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And a promise is a promise. I owe you a trip to my home. A trip to…Halcandra! Halcandra exists in another dimension. It's SUPER far away, but the Lor can fly us there in the blink of an eye!
— Magolor, Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Halcandra is a world featured in Kirby's Return to Dream Land where Magolor and Landia both reside. Halcandra was once home to a powerful race of beings, the departed ancients, who apparently constructed many of the artifacts seen throughout the Kirby series. In the past, they tasked Landia to guard the Lor Starcutter and the Master Crown in the deepest depths of the Haldera Volcano. Magolor claims that Halcandra is also his home, but later reveals that this was a lie, and he instead visited the planet due to being interested in its technology and relics.

In the present day, the world is in poor condition, and appears to consist of primarily volcanic terrain, though a large mechanical scrapyard can also be found there. It lies in a dimension separate from Popstar, but this is hardly an issue for the Lor, which can soar between the two planets in the blink of an eye. Its position relative to any other worlds in the Kirby series is unknown, other than that its physical distance from Popstar is so far that it requires crossing through other dimensions to reach.

The name Halcandra is one of many references to the name of the Kirby series developers, HAL Laboratory. It may also be a reference to the naming scheme of planets in C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy novels, such as "Malacandra" (Mars). Additionally, the Japanese name — ハルカンドラ, Harukandora — is likely a pun on the Japanese word for "distant": 遥か, haruka.


The Halcandle Dee, a common enemy found in Halcandra.

The world of Halcandra consists of two primary areas. They are Egg Engines, a mostly abandoned industrial park with many robotic entities and hazards, and Dangerous Dinner, the hottest and most treacherous volcanic area on the planet. The most prominent landmark of Halcandra is Haldera Volcano, a large active volcano where Landia stands guard. Pools of water do exist on Halcandra, as do reservoirs and waterways, but they only appear to exist underground.

Halcandra's denizens are largely the same as the ones in Popstar, though many have altered appearances to make them more robotic, implying a higher technological level of development. Much like in Popstar, their only purpose seems to be guarding the sites that Kirby and his friends traverse through, with the mysterious Metal General of the Egg Engines stage being the most prudent example.

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land / Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

Following the return of the Lor's last missing piece, Magolor, Kirby and his pals entourage travel here from Popstar using the Lor's warp capabilities, but upon being spotted in the air by Landia, they're shot down once again. In response, Kirby and his friends set out to defeat the dragon, which is their primary goal in this world. Landia serves as the boss of Dangerous Dinner, and defeating him seemingly completes the quest, but in a twist of events, it turns out that Magolor has been tricking the group the entire time. Ever since the beginning, he wanted the Master Crown to gain its limitless power, and excavated Lor from Haldera Volcano to take on the the four-headed beast, but failed and retreated to Popstar, starting the events of the game. After his monologue, he creates a portal that he goes through, and the heroes chase him down, leaving Halcandra.


Areas of Halcandra  
Area Description
KRtDLD Egg Engines select screenshot.png
A ruined junkyard with a variety of factories all over the place. Metal General keeps watch in this area, controlling all of the machinery with its AI.
KRtDLD Dangerous Dinner select screenshot.png
A burning land that is guarded by Landia. Its most prominent landmark is Haldera Volcano, where the Lor Starcutter and the Master Crown were originally hidden.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 異世界いせかいハルカンドラ
Isekai Harukandora
Another World Halcandra
Traditional Chinese 異世界哈魯炕德拉
yì shì jiè hā lǔ kàng dé lā
Another World Halcandra
Simplified Chinese 异世界哈鲁炕德拉
yì shì jiè hā lǔ kàng dé lā
Dutch Halcandra -
French Halcandra -
German Halcandra -
Italian Halcandra -
Korean 별세계 할캔드라
Byeolsegye Halkaendeura
Another World Halcandra
Portuguese Halcandra -
Spanish Halcandra -