Void Termina

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Void Termina
KSA Void Termina fight 03.jpg
Void Termina appears just as the battle begins in Kirby Star Allies.
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Weakness(es) Star Allies Sparkler
Friend Hearts
Relative(s) Jamba Heart, Void Soul, Void
Similar to Dark Matter
Theme music

Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler

Clip of Void Termina's battle theme (first movement).

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Rise, Destroyer of Worlds! Rise, Void Termina!
— Hyness, when sacrificing himself to Void Termina in Kirby Star Allies.

Void Termina is the final Boss of Kirby Star Allies. Known as the 'Destroyer of Worlds', he is a being made of pure chaos conjured from the Jamba Heart by Hyness in order to destroy the galaxy. Void Termina initially appears as a gorilla-like humanoid and is capable of changing his form as the battle goes on. Kirby & Friends have to battle Void Termina using the Star Allies Sparkler after Hyness sacrifices himself and his mage generals to revive the great beast. Void Termina is faced in the final level of the game - Kirby Star Allies - and his defeat completes the main Story Mode. Void Termina can also be fought in The Ultimate Choice, on 'Infernal Crisis' (Difficulty 7), 'Soul Melter' (Difficulty S), and 'Soul Melter EX' (Difficulty SE).

Physical appearance[edit]

Void Termina takes on several different forms as the battle with him progresses. Initially, he has the form of a giant humanoid figure with exaggerated arms and a heart-shaped mask covering a hole where a head normally would be. He has metal plates which cover his loin and forearms, and is able to generate two giant swords to attack, which makes him look and behave similar to Ganon from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He has a mane of feathers which stretches along his back.

In Phase 3, Void Termina's body shifts as he transforms into a bird-like creature, becoming more slender, growing massive wings, and losing his legs, instead gaining a segmented tail made of hearts.

Later on, Kirby and company climb into Void Termina's body to attack his core. This core can be considered Void Termina's true form, and it resembles a ball of purple energy with a face similar to Kirby's though it changes depending on the attack it is about to use. This form resembles Dark Matter greatly.

Role in Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Kirby and his allies approach the dark cloud that transforms into Void Termina.

Throughout the majority of the story, Void Termina is locked away inside the Jamba Heart. Hyness attempts to summon Void Termina, but accidentally shatters the heart instead, sending pieces of it all over the galaxy. As the hearts rain down on various worlds, Hyness sends the Mage-Sisters to go and collect them, but run into resistance in the form of Kirby & Friends.

Ultimately, the Mage-Sisters manage to return most of the pieces, but the allies arrives at The Divine Terminus before the heart is fully restored and defeat Hyness and the sisters in combat. As a last resort, Hyness sacrifices the Mage-Sisters and himself into the heart to complete it again, which causes Void Termina to awaken. From there, Kirby has to fight the great beast himself with the aid of Friends and the Star Allies Sparkler. After a grueling battle, Kirby finishes off Void Termina by destroying his body, and sending his allies in to strike at his soul.

Boss Battle[edit]

Void Termina's battle takes place in an unprecedented five phases. These phases alternate between outside and inside his body. While outside, Kirby & Friends fight him using the Star Allies Sparkler. When inside, they fight him on foot using their regular abilities. The last phase of the battle only takes place in Story Mode.

On 'Soul Melter' difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, Void Termina's attacks are different in pattern, becoming generally more difficult to dodge. He also has a slightly different color scheme on all forms. Additionally, the fourth phase of the battle is replaced with Void Soul.

On 'Soul Melter EX' difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, Void Termina (here referred to as the True Destroyer of Worlds) is even tougher--with a dark color scheme, and his fourth phase is against Void. Additionally, on his first and third phases, his first four weak points all appear at once instead of sequentially.

The arena used in the outer phases appears to be an asteroid with a circular flat top.

Phase 1[edit]

A still from Phase 1 of the battle.
Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care!

Rise and cover the land in sorrows!
May your symphony of emptiness
bring the end of all tomorrows!

— VS Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 1)

The first phase is referred to as the Demon God Form (魔神まじん形態けいたい). Void Termina takes the form of a giant humanoid beast and attacks by punching and slamming the ground to create shockwaves, and can also conjure swords to strike the allies when he is low on health in this form.

Unlike other bosses, Void Termina's Phase 1 and 3 don't have a standard stamina bar, but a bar divided into 5 parts with one eye on each. Five eyes appear in different spots on Void Termina's body, which are his weak points (corresponding to the eyes on his stamina bar). Firing anywhere else will do nothing. Every time one of his weak points is destroyed, his stamina bar will be depleted by 1 part. Damage to the eyes are represented as shattering segments.

Void Termina's Attacks - Phase 1  
Attack Description
Destructive Beating Punch
Void Termina punches the ground, creating flares that travel outward.
Destructive Stomp Strike
Void Termina stomps the ground, creating shockwaves which the allies must jump over to avoid.
Destructive Dual Slash
Void Termina conjures two giant swords from Master Crown-like objects on his hands.
From there, he may perform a horizontal slash, a vertical slash, or a cross slash that creates an giant X-shaped energy wave flying outward.
Lonely Blizzard/Sizzle/Zap
Void Termina can apply either a fire, ice, or electric element to his dual swords, which can create additional effects based on the element applied.
These elemental shockwaves can be negated by the respective weakness bullets from Star Allies Sparkler:
Attack names are taken from Japanese guide book.

On Soul Melter EX difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, Phase 1's pause flavor text suggests itself to be actually lyrics of Void Termina's theme:

Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care! (x 4)
- Inst. -
Rise and cover the land in sorrows!
May your symphony of emptiness
bring the end of all tomorrows! (x 2)

— VS Void Termina, True Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 1)

Phase 2[edit]

Kirby and his allies attack Void Termina's fleshy core in Phase 2.
The shocking true form of Void Termina has been revealed! Born from the total absence of care and composed of dark energy, he has awakened from a state of mere existence to that of true sentience. He now desires only one thing…
to CRUSH all opposition!

— VS Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 2; Story Mode)

The second phase is referred to as the First Core (第1コア). After defeating Void Termina's Demon God Form, the body falls over and the mask comes loose, revealing a gaping vortex which the allies enter. Inside, they find a fleshy ball with Hyness and The Three Mage-Sisters wrapped up around it. It is Void Termina's heart.

In this phase, Kirby & Friends attack the core on foot, while avoiding the drops of blood-like liquid that fall from above.

As the core's health is gradually depleted, the sacrificed devotees will be freed one by one in the following order, with food popped out as well:

Once the core's health is completely depleted, four hinges will poke their way out of the core's underside. Kirby & Friends then need to pull on the core's hinges to peel its shell apart. This causes them and the sacrificed devotees to be ejected from Void Termina's body, leading into Phase 3.

Void Termina's Attacks - Phase 2  
Attack Description
Void Termina attacks with letters of grudge. These come in various sizes and home in on the allies, but can be inhaled and spat back by Kirby.
In 'Soul Melter EX', one of these letters will be red and the letters can change their trajectory to trick the player. Destroying the big letter, which cannot be inhaled, requires many hits, but will reward Kirby with a Maxim Tomato. Swallowing a symbol deals damage.
Red Tears
Void Termina attacks with the drops of blood-like liquid. These sometimes leave Recoil Stars upon their impact with the floor. He only drops Red Tears when his heart is damaged.
Red Tears can be blocked by Parasol/Chumbrella or destroyed by Sizzle element attacks.
Attack names are taken from Japanese guide book.

On Inferno Crisis and Soul Melter difficulties of The Ultimate Choice, this phase has a different flavor text:

Hatred, obsession, jealousy, greed… The darkness gathered by Hyness has transformed into a corrupt power within Void Termina that conflicts with his newly forged soul. Chaos descends, but…you'll be OK.
The Star Allies have your back!

— VS Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 2; The Ultimate Choice)

On Soul Melter EX difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, this phase also has a different flavor text:

Void exists in all dimensions, but his shining form in another dimension inspired the ancients to transcribe his mysteries in sacred texts. What will be written next?
Will the new scrolls describe a destroyer of worlds, or an ally to the stars?

— VS Void Termina, True Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 2)

Some information is missing in the English localization of VS Void Termina, True Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 2). In the Japanese and Chinese versions, it mentions that Void was born as the origin of all kinds of chaotic possibilities, including matters such as dream, dark, soul and heart.[1]

Phase 3[edit]

Void Termina's Angel form in Phase 3.
Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care!

Upon your wing, dark judgment bring!
May your symphony of tragedy
cause the end of everything!

— VS Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 3)

The third phase is referred to as the Angel Form (天使形態てんしけいたい). Kirby & Friends are picked up by the Star Allies Sparkler once they are back outside. Void Termina then transforms into a bird-like creature and resumes the attack after he revives.

This phase plays out very similarly to the first, but Void Termina's new form offers a heightened challenge for the allies, as he is much more mobile than before.

Void Termina's Attacks - Phase 3  
Attack Description
Fallen Heaven
Void Termina flies toward the allies at an angled pose, which may force them to avoid his wing by jumping.
When Void Termina has 5 (full) or 2 stamina bars left, the Star Allies Sparkler can enter the "bullet time" when Void Termina is swooping,
which slows down his movement while increasing the fire rate and charge speed of the Star Allies Sparkler.
Spears of Love
Void Termina flies high into the air and starts raining spears down on the allies. The camera will change to an overhead view to help the allies dodge the attack. Where the spears will land is telegraphed by a white circle appearing in their landing spot.
While his spears rain down, Void Termina is immune to attack.
Bows of Rainbow
Void Termina conjures two bows floating beside him and shoots fire or ice arrows at the allies.
The arrows can be destroyed by the respective weakness bullets from Star Allies Sparkler.
Axe of Fury
Void Termina conjures a giant axe and flies toward the allies while dragging it on the ground.
After reaching their position, Void Termina slams his axe into the ground, creating shockwaves. In Soul Melter or harder, more shockwaves are created.
Crown of Evil and Obsession
Void Termina conjures a giant crown that resembles the Master Crown, and fires many lasers from it.
While the crown is out, a second set of lasers is fired which cross each-other. These lasers will also warp the battlefield's coloration in their active state.
Attack names listed are taken from Japanese guide book.

On Soul Melter EX difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, Phase 3's pause flavor text suggests itself to be actually lyrics of Void Termina's theme:

Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care! (x 4)
- Inst. -
Upon your wing, dark judgment bring!
May your symphony of tragedy
cause the end of everything! (x 2)

— VS Void Termina, True Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 3)

Phase 4[edit]

Void Termina reveals his true form.
As the spring breeze blows, a young traveler appears. After greeting new friends and bidding farewell to old ones, his path has finally led him here. Let’s beat this guy already!
After that, lunch and a nap!

— VS Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 4; Story Mode)

The fourth phase is referred to as the Final Core (最終コア). Once Void Termina's Angel Form is downed, Kirby & Friends enter his body once more. In place of the old fleshy core, Void Termina now sics Kirby & Friends against a sphere of purple energy.

The core's face appears to mimic Kirby's, but it changes shape constantly. It can also take a form that looks very similar to Dark Matter. All Kirby & Friends need to do at this point is attack the core's body directly, but it can release waves of energy that will turn Kirby's Friends against him. Kirby will need to toss a Friend Heart at the affected Friends to bring them back.

Notably, Friend Hearts can also damage Void Termina's core in this phase if tossed in its direction.

Void Termina's Attacks - Phase 4  
Attack Description
Circle of Friends[from internal data]
Void Termina's core goes to the center and sends out 3 circular waves of purple-green energy after it does so. There are gaps on each wave for Kirby & Friends to avoid.
Any Friend hit by the wave will be converted against Kirby and other Friends. This can be undone by tossing a Friend Heart at the affected Friend.
Void Termina will stick to the background as long as there's at least one Friend still brainwashed; only returning to attacking range if either all three friends are cured or run out of Stamina.
Pleasant Dream[from internal data]
Void Termina's core fires barrages of energy bullets in multiple directions, which cover a huge area of the stage. The bullets leave Recoil Stars on impact.
Full Smile
(internally known as Laughing Needle[from internal data])
Void Termina's core bursts into laughter and pokes needles from its body to 8 directions, each needle leaving a star. The stars it leaves behind can be used for various copy abilities depending on their color.
This resembles and functions similar to that of Miracle Matter's Needle form.
(internally known as Deadly Bound[from internal data])
Void Termina's core tries to ram Kirby & Friends by sprinting across the stage in different directions, leaving stars on impact. After a few cycles around the level, it jumps into the backgorund and then returns to stomp on the player a few times and then retreats into the background only to try to ram the player.
This resembles Deadly Bound, the ball tackle of Drawcia Soul and other soul bosses.
Loud Song
(internally known as Song Laser[from internal data])
Void Termina transforms his core into a Dark Matter-like form and it fires huge electric lasers several times in a row, leaving stars on their paths.
The lasers cannot be guarded.
Bon Appétit
(internally known as Mini Core[from internal data])
Void Termina summons 2 watery Dark Matter-like minions to aid his core.
Each minion opens a black hole in an attempt to inhale Kirby & Friends. If successful, Kirby & Friends will take huge damage from their chewing.
The minions can be defeated in one hit by Blizzard and Zap element attacks. They will disappear eventually if not defeated.
Japanese attack names are taken from Japanese guide book. Some English attack names are taken from internal game files.

The Final Core attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Circle of Friends
  2. Pleasant Dream [ver. 1]
  3. Full Smile
  4. Sprint
  5. Loud Song
  6. Circle of Friends
  7. Bon Appétit
  8. Full Smile x2
  9. Pleasant Dream [ver. 2]
  10. Sprint

The pause flavor text of this phase in Story Mode is a reference to the title of Spring Breeze, which in turn was originally taken from the game manual of Kirby's Dream Land.[2] "Lunch and a nap" is taken from the Japanese pause flavor text of the Starship in Kirby Super Star.[3]

In The Ultimate Choice, however, this phase has a different flavor text:

No one knows from whence he came, only that he has existed for aeons, unchanging and unrelenting. Perpetually roaming the cosmos, he has finally arrived. And now, he has begun to feel. To desire. To think.
Within the void, there lurks…a Soul!

— VS Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 4; The Ultimate Choice)

Main article: Void Soul

On the 'Soul Melter' difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, this phase is replaced by Void Soul, the soul form of Void Termina's Final Core.

Main article: Void

On the 'Soul Melter EX' difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, this phase is replaced by Void, the extra version of Void Termina's Final Core and Void Soul.

Phase 5[edit]

There's NO WAY we can lose after making it this far! Let fly the Sparkler Starshot, brave Kirby, and finish your final foe!
— VS Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds (Phase 5)

Kirby summons all of his allies to deal the final blow to Void Termina.

In this last phase, Void Termina's core is ejected from his body as the latter disintegrates. Kirby & Friends board the Star Allies Sparkler one last time to deal the final blow.

As a last defense, Void Termina's core fires a powerful laser beam, but Kirby fires his own in response. From there, the player must mash various buttons or the control stick in different sequences to allow Kirby to push the laser back at the core in the form of a quick time event. This done, Kirby will then summon all of his allies (including Dream Friends from free updates) and send them at Void Termina's core to finally destroy the deity himself.

In Infernal Crisis of The Ultimate Choice, Phase 5 is not fought, and defeating the Final Core completes the difficulty.


Void Termina's full battle theme (all four phases as a whole) is titled 組曲くみきょく星羅せいら旅人たびひと[4] (Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler). The full medley is composed by Hirokazu Ando and can be found as Track 114 in the Jukebox.

As of Star Allies Version 4.0.0, each phase's theme in the Jukebox can be found as follows:

  • Track 215: 第一楽章:星砕きの戯れ[4] First Movement: Playfully Crushing Stars (Phase 1 - Demon God Form)
  • Track 217: 第二楽章:胚子の器[4] Second Movement: Vessel of the Embryo (Phase 2 - First Core)
  • Track 219: 第三楽章:哀と渾天の翼[4] Third Movement: Sorrowful Wings of the Heavens (Phase 3 - Angel Form)
  • Track 221: 第四楽章:生誕の希望[4] Fourth Movement: Hope of Birth (Phase 4 - Final Core / Void Soul)

First to Third Movements[edit]

Phase 1 to 3 themes feature orchestral arrangements of the leitmotif from "Song of Supplication", the battle theme of Francisca and Flamberge. In Japanese, this motif is titled "Prayer song to God", where the 'God' refers to Void Termina.

Phase 1 and 3's themes have their own lyrics as suggested by the True Destroyer of Worlds' pause flavor text. (See Void Termina#Boss Battle.)

Fourth Movement[edit]

Phase 4 theme features an electric guitar arrangement of "Green Greens" (all in minor) and the Void Termina leitmotif from the first three movements.

For some reason in audio mixing, Phase 4 theme sounds muddy in Star Allies Version 1.0.0. It's remastered in Version 2.0.0 onwards for better sound quality.

References to other Kirby series entities[edit]

There are a number of different runes and symbols on Void Termina's body. Among them include depictions of:

These runes appear to be an Easter egg.

Dark Matter[edit]

It is strongly implied that Void Termina is a form of Dark Matter, both through his in-game depiction and through the in-game flavor text. His pieces are capable of possessing things, and his final form can take on the shape of Dark Matter from earlier games. Additionally, in Phase 3, Void Termina's wings have a similar look to those of , though much more substantial. Lastly, in Phase 4, Void Termina's 'Full Smile' attack is a reference to Miracle Matter's Needle Form.

Master Crown[edit]

Void Termina's crown in Phase 3 which he uses to fire lasers looks suspiciously like the Master Crown. His dual giant swords in Phase 1 also emerge from the Master Crowns.

Queen Sectonia[edit]

In Phase 5, Void Termina's beam struggle is reminiscent of Flowered Sectonia's own beam struggle against Hypernova Kirby, albeit this time Kirby actually retaliates with his own beam instead of eating the beam and firing it back.


  • While other boss battles before this have experimented in pseudo-3D environments, Void Termina is the first boss to be fought (at least in the outer phases) in a full 3D arena in the main series.
  • Void Termina's voice effects were created by Yuuta Ogasawara, HAL Laboratory's new composer as of the development of Star Allies.
  • As Kirby Star Allies is rated E10+ by ESRB for its cartoon violence, the rating summary mentions the Phase 3 battle with Void Termina where Kirby fights a "winged-creature" with a "starship" from a third-person perspective.[6]
  • Void Termina's body can be entered regardless of the angle from which he is approached.
  • The letters of Void Termina's Soliloquy attack can be grabbed and thrown by Suplex Kirby and Bugzzy. This also applies to the red letter that appears in Soul Melter EX; however, this does not revoke the damage/hits required to shatter it.


Void Termina (base form)[edit]

Void Termina (extra forms)[edit]

Concept art[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エンデ・ニル
Ende Niru
Ende Nil
  • Ende means 'end' in German.
  • Nil means 'zero/nothingness' in English.
Traditional Chinese 終焉·虛無
zhōng yān xū wú
End Nil / Void Termina
Simplified Chinese 终焉·虚无
zhōng yān xū wú
Dutch Void Termina
French Void Termina
German Void Termina
Italian Void Termina
Korean 엔드 닐
Endeu Nil
End Nil / Void Termina
Spanish Vacío Final Final Void


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