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Site-wide news
  • The spoilers referendum has concluded. Going forward, the spoilers template will not be used in mainspace articles, and instead, a permanent spoiler warning will appear in the sitenotice.
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land has recently released. We are working hard to update the wiki to reflect this recent release, and any help would be appreciated!
Active proposals

The following are proposals which are still being deliberated:

  • None at this time.
Other active discussions

The following are other discussions happening on WiKirby regarding specific pages and other content:

Featured content
Active projects
  1. Files lacking sources must be sourced before 2023.
  2. Articles are having their writing touched up to improve their general quality.
  3. More music articles are being made.
  4. Galleries are being filled up with pictures.
  5. Low quality files are being replaced with higher quality native resolution equivalents.
  6. Kirby JP Twitter post archive pages are being made.
  7. The Merchandise page and its subpages are being expanded on.
  8. Pages for the Kirby novel series are being created.
Inactive projects
  1. Glitches pages need to be made and expanded.
  2. The Kirby Café page needs to be updated.

If any users wish to start a new project or take on one of the inactive ones, WiKirby encourages them to do so and add/move the project in question on this page. Once a project is complete, it should be removed from this page. For other maintenance tasks, see this page.