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Epic Yarn Game Giveaway

That's right! WiKirby wants to give away a free copy of Kirby's Epic Yarn, the first Kirby Wii game! A random editor will be chosen. Naturally, there is a matter of Rules & Eligibility. Let's cover that!

  • Must be 18, older, or have a parent/legal guardian's permission. A shipping address will be needed so it is important to consider.
  • Create 5 articles (1.5 kb minimum contribution on your part) Naturally we'd like to give away the game to a potential editor. Link to your 5 articles in the talk page here. With well over a month, there's plenty of time and even more Wanted Pages.
  • If outside of the US, upon winning, inform us of a web retailer that (1) accepts US orders and (2) sells a copy for your region. The contest will end upon the US release date, and a non-US region copy will be purchased and shipped at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Winner has 5 days to confirm award and send a shipping address via secure email; otherwise WiKirby will assume prize has been declined and select another random name.
  • No plagiarism!-copy/pasting content from Wikipedia, Wikia, Kirbypedia, or any of the other Kirby wikis will be grounds for disqualification from the contest. Write your own articles.
  • These rules are subject to change, as WiKirby staff becomes aware of any legal restrictions. (Entrants will be notified of any changes)