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WiKirby:Current events

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Site-wide news
  • A proposal has passed to add various gadgets to WiKirby.
  • A proposal has passed that allows uploading short official videos directly to WiKirby.
Active proposals

The following are proposals which are still being deliberated:

  • None currently
Other active discussions

The following are other discussions happening on WiKirby regarding specific pages and other content:

  • Costumes (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding splitting the different types of costumes and making this page a hub.
  • Gourmet Race (theme) (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding splitting off the Fountain of Dreams version.
  • Heart Star (talk) - Discussion is ongoing on if all of the Heart Star-giving characters deserve pages.
  • Helper (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding moving this (and possibly Normal Beam) to Friend (and Unfriend respectively).
  • Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack (talk) - Discussion is ongoing around standardising translations of Kirby Star Allies track names across the wiki.
  • Pause (talk) - Discussion is ongoing on if this page or another page should be used to cover the Copy Ability descriptions.
  • Poison fruit (talk) - Discussion is ongoing on how to properly apply the non-conjectural name "poison apple" to this page.
  • Master Crown (talk) - Discussion is ongoing on if the object and the boss should be split.
  • Butterfly (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding the scope of this page.
  • Island of Kit Cosmos (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding changing the page's title.
  • Galaxia (talk) - Discussion is ongoing on if its gallery section should be trimmed down.
  • Dimension Mirror (talk) - Discussion is ongoing on if an article for the area inside the mirror as a level should be split off.
  • Minor characters (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding the scope of this page.
  • Invincible Candy (themes) (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding splitting the page by the different themes.
  • The Skull Gang (talk) - Discussion is ongoing regarding if Terrifying Fiend should be split off.
Featured content
Active projects
  1. Glitches pages are being made and expanded.
  2. Articles are having their writing touched up to improve their general quality.
  3. More music articles are being made.
  4. Galleries are being filled up with pictures.
  5. Low quality files are being replaced with higher quality native resolution equivalents.
  6. Kirby JP Twitter post archive pages are being made.
  7. Pages for the Kirby novel series are being created.
  8. The Kirby Café page is being updated.
  9. The Merchandise page and its subpages are being expanded on.
Inactive projects
  • None at this time.

If any users wish to start a new project or take on one of the inactive ones, WiKirby encourages them to do so and add/move the project in question on this page. Once a project is complete, it should be removed from this page. For other maintenance tasks, see this page.

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