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— in-game explanation from Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby in the Museum of Vegetable Valley in Kirby's Adventure.

Museums are special rooms in Kirby's Adventure and its remake. They can be unlocked by activating hidden switches and allow Kirby to obtain various Copy Abilities by inhaling and swallowing stationary enemies, which stand on pedestals and cannot attack. Above each enemy, the icon and name of the ability it yields can be seen.

Every level has a museum except Rainbow Resort and the Fountain of Dreams. Each museum may have either one or two abilities, the nature of which differs depending on the level in which the museum is located.

List of Museums[edit]

Level Copy Abilities Obtained from
Vegetable Valley Sword Sword Knight
Ice Cream Island Laser
Laser Ball
Hot Head
Butter Building Hi-Jump Starman
Grape Garden Sleep
Yogurt Yard Stone
Orange Ocean Wheel Wheelie