Heavy Knight

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Enemy InfoBox
Sprite from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Debut Game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Latest Game Kirby: Squeak Squad
Copy Ability Sword
Similar Enemies Blade Knight, Sword Knight
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Heavy Knight is comparable to the other sword-wielding knight enemies, Blade Knight and Sword Knight. Heavy Knight is obviously the larger of the group. This iron clad warrior debuts in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. He can often be found guarding a mirror portal, Treasure Chest, switch, or just Kirby's access through the area. Swallowing a Heavy Knight requires use of the Super Inhale power of Kirby. As expected, the knight yields the Sword ability.

Heavy Knight appears to have grey armor topped by red and gold trim. Also visible are spikes on both shoulder pads, and a large spike on the forehead of the helmet. Although his movements are slow, his sword strikes swoop down and slice backwards in powerful slashes. Judging by the amount of damage he can withstand and his general size, Heavy Knights are some of the largest enemies that are not a Boss or Mid Boss.

While fighting with a regular copy ability attack, Heavy Knight's health bar will indicate his resistance to each attack. One vulnerability they seem to have is a weakness against other enemies being spit at them, doing so will send the knight flying away backwards. Kirby can inhale the heavy knight and copy his sword ability with a Super Inhale, which requires adequate distance and time to initiate. Heavy Knights are quick to approach and attack, so some planning would be needed. The knights also respawn to the same area even after a short distance is traveled from them.


  • The Heavy Knight is the only giant variation of an ability-granting enemy that debuted in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror to return in Kirby: Squeak Squad.