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Kirby Super Star

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Kirby Super Star

KSS Box NA.jpg

KSS EU German box art.jpg

KSS Australian box art.jpg

KSS Box Japan.jpg

Box art of Kirby Super Star in various regions
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Masahiro Sakurai
Release date(s) SNES:
Japan March 21, 1996
NA September 3, 1996
Europe January 23, 1997
Australia January 23, 1997

Virtual Console (Wii):
Japan October 13, 2009
NA May 17, 2010
Europe May 28, 2010
Australia May 28, 2010

Virtual Console (Wii U):
Japan May 1, 2013
NA May 23, 2013
Europe May 23, 2013
Australia May 23, 2013

SNES: Nintendo Switch Online
Japan December 12, 2019
NA December 12, 2019
Europe December 12, 2019
Australia December 12, 2019
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Wii (Virtual Console, Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition)
Wii U (Virtual Console)
SNES Classic
Nintendo Switch (SNES: Nintendo Switch Online)
Supported languages Japanese, American English, British English
Rating(s) ESRB: Kids to Adults / Everyone
PEGI: 3+
CERO: All Ages
Game chronology
Kirby's Block Ball Kirby's Star Stacker (Game Boy)
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Kirby Super Star, occasionally known as Kirby's Fun Pak in European languages and code-named Kirby Active during development, is a main-series Kirby game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. Unlike other games in the series, it is notable for not following a single storyline, but instead consisting of six different main games, one extra game in the form of a boss endurance mode, and two sub games, each with its own scenario and gameplay elements.

Kirby Super Star is often considered by fans to be the most important game in the Kirby series, as it defined several of the series' most enduring tropes, and its legacy stretches through most if not all subsequent games in the series. Kirby Super Star introduced the idea of giving (nearly) every Copy Ability a distinct hat and an expanded moveset which relies on specific controller inputs like in traditional fighting games. It also introduced several recurring characters (such as Dyna Blade, Chef Kawasaki, and Marx), several recurring abilities (such as Wing, Fighter, and Yo-Yo), and several recurring musical themes (such as the Gourmet Race theme, the full versions of the Green Greens theme and King Dedede's Theme, and the two themes associated with the Halberd), among other ideas. It was also the first main series Kirby game to feature multiplayer, allowing a second player to take control of a Helper that Kirby can call to his side by sacrificing a Copy Ability.

In 2008, the game received a remake named Kirby Super Star Ultra on the Nintendo DS.


Kirby makes his way through a common landscape in the Dyna Blade game.

Kirby Super Star is a two-dimensional side-scrolling action platformer game set in the fictional cartoon world of Planet Popstar (and neighboring planets by extension). There are six primary games (or stories) to choose from, and while each differs in theme, objective, and rules, they all share the same basic play-style. Each of them has the player playing as Kirby; a deceptively powerful pink ball-shaped denizen of Dream Land who can inhale his opponents and swallow them to gain their powers. Kirby also possesses the ability to puff up and fly, thus being able to surpass obstacles he would not be able to jump over normally. As such, the central focus of the gameplay is not on the platforming per se, but rather on combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration. The only real exception to this is Gourmet Race, which pits Kirby's speed against King Dedede's on a series of linear courses with relatively few hazards.

Kirby does battle with the Combo Cannon, a boss from Revenge of Meta Knight.

Using his Copy Abilities, Kirby has a massive variety of ways to fight his opponents, most of whom have relatively few ways of attacking in turn aside from simply running into Kirby (an action that also harms them in the process). Instead, more potent enemies known as Bosses and Mid-Bosses appear on occasion to block Kirby's path and provide a more substantial fight. These enemies typically have a high amount of durability, cannot be inhaled while standing, and will take several hits to defeat. Unlike standard enemies, they are also resistant to flinching or being knocked back, meaning Kirby has to find an opening to attack them or he will be hit in return. Each game in Kirby Super Star keeps a score, which increases whenever an enemy is defeated or a certain object destroyed. However, this score has very little bearing on the gameplay proper, and is not saved by the game after completion. If Kirby runs out of stamina, he will be defeated, losing whatever ability he may have had and having to start again from the point where he entered the area. Each defeat subtracts a 1-Up from his count, and if he loses all of them, a Game Over will occur, though this has little consequence aside from having the score reset.

Kirby Super Star was the first game to employ multiplayer in the main series. Whenever Kirby has a Copy Ability, he can use it up in order to call a Helper; a friendly character who resembles one of the ability-providing enemies. This character can then be controlled by a second player and can tag along with Kirby and help him in the fights, though the helper cannot venture off in their own direction. The helper is limited to whichever abilities the corresponding character has, and cannot inhale like Kirby can to gain a new one, instead relying on Kirby to change their ability through various means. Kirby and his helper can share recovery items they collect, and in some cases, perform combination moves, with the most famous example being the Wheelie Rider. While helpers have less stamina than Kirby, a defeated helper does not detract from Kirby's 1-Up count and can be brought back by using up another ability, using the Suppin Beam, or using some other method.


Kirby's moveset
Move Image Controls Move Image Controls
Walk KSS Kirby Walking artwork.png ←or→ Dash KSS Kirby Dashing artwork.png ←or→ (tap twice)
Sit KSS Kirby Sitting artwork.png Copy/Swallow KSS Kirby Swallow artwork.png
KSS Beam.png
↓ or A
Enter a door KSS Kirby Entering Door artwork.png Jump KSS Kirby Jump artwork.png B
Slide KSS Kirby Slide artwork.png ↓ + B Fly KSS Kirby Fly artwork.png B (continuously while jumping)
Swim KSS Kirby In Water artwork.png B (in water) Inhale KSS Kirby Inhale.jpg Y
Exhale KSS Kirby Exhale artwork.png Y Shoot air bullets KSS Kirby Air Bullet artwork.png Y (midair)
Water gun KSS Kirby Water Gun artwork.png Y (in water) Use ability KSS Cutter.png Y
Create helper KSS Wheelie Rider.png A Cancel helper KSS Kirby Cancelling Helper artwork.png A
Guard KSS Kirby Guard.jpg L or R

Game modes[edit]

The fully-unlocked "corkboard" menu for the game.

Kirby Super Star consists of six primary games, an extra boss endurance mode known as The Arena, and two Sub-Games. Only four of the main games are available at first, with the other two (Revenge of Meta Knight & Milky Way Wishes) unlocked as the former are completed. While all of the main games share the same basic play-style, their objectives and rules differ greatly, as well as their general tone and aesthetic.

Main games[edit]

Name Difficulty Caption Unlock requirement Description Boss(es) Notes
HELP! All the food from Dream Land has been stolen! Hurry, Kirby, or everyone will starve! N/A King Dedede and his goons have stolen all the food from Dream Land, prompting Kirby to go and get it back from them. Whispy Woods, Lololo & Lalala, Kracko, King Dedede This game is a truncated remake of Kirby's Dream Land. Clearing this game is not required.
★★★ Dyna Blade is destroying all the crops. She must be stopped. Master the different abilities and defeat her. N/A Dyna Blade is disrupting Dream Land's crops, and Kirby is tasked with finding out why. Dyna Blade This game features an overworld map and secret areas to discover.
? Race through "Gourmet World" to the finish, gobbling up all the tasty treats you can find. N/A Kirby and King Dedede compete in three races while also grabbing Food along the way. N/A This game is a test of speed and accuracy, with the goal being to win by both reaching the end of the tracks first and/or collecting the most food. Clearing this game is not required.
★★★★ Get through the deadly cave while collecting hidden treasures. N/A Kirby stumbles into a massive cavernous region. He will need to find his way out while nabbing the Treasures along the way. Fatty Whale, Computer Virus, Ghameleo Arm, Wham Bam Rock This game-mode features a more open map with the ability to freely move back and forth between the different areas. Unlike other modes, the game does not automatically save: Kirby must instead find Rest Areas to save his progress. There are a total of 60 treasures to collect, though actually collecting them is not necessary to complete the game.
★★★★ Save Dream Land! Defeat Meta-Knight and his giant warship Halberd! Complete Dyna Blade Meta Knight and his crew are seeking to take over Dream Land using their new toy - the Battleship Halberd. Kirby must stop them by bringing down their ship. Whispy Woods, Twin Woods, Combo Cannon, Heavy Lobster, Halberd's Reactor, Meta Knight This game has a chapter-based progression and a time limit on each stage, and Kirby will be defeated if he runs out of time. Additionally, this game features a real-time dialogue exchange between the Halberd crew members as they try to repulse Kirby from the ship.
★★★★★ HELP! You must stop the Sun and Moon from fighting! Complete The Great Cave Offensive and Revenge of Meta Knight The sun and moon over Pop Star are fighting. A strange jester-like creature named Marx tasks Kirby to find the stars from each Fountain of Dreams across the galaxy and summon the comet Nova to fix the situation. Twin Woods, Fatty Whale, Kracko, Ghameleo Arm, Wham Bam Rock, Heavy Lobster, Computer Virus, Heart of Nova, Marx This game does not allow Kirby to gain copy abilities from enemies under normal circumstances, and instead tasks him with finding Deluxe copy abilities on pedestals in order to freely switch between abilities at any time. Stages are selected from an outer-space map and most can be visited in any order. Clearing this game triggers the staff credits and unlocks The Arena.
★★★★★ THE FINAL CHALLENGE! In his toughest battle yet, the Pink Wonder faces his strongest enemies. Complete Milky Way Wishes Kirby faces off against all of his enemies in a fighting tournament. All previous bosses and mid-bosses, plus Waddle Dee This bonus game is a Boss Endurance mode in which Kirby picks a copy ability and fights against all the bosses in the game in a randomized order, always ending with Marx. Kirby is afforded a rest area between rounds where he can recover with a limited stock of Maxim Tomatoes. Clearing this game unlocks the Sound Test.


  • Megaton Punch – A game of precision in which Kirby and an opponent face off in a tournament to create the greatest fissure in the ground.
  • Samurai Kirby – A game of reaction time in which Kirby and an opponent compete in a single-hit samurai duel, similar to Quick Draw from Kirby's Adventure.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Kirby Super Star features 24 standard Copy Abilities and two special abilities. Unlike previous titles, these abilities often feature extensive movesets, with several different attacks that can be performed with specific inputs, including by holding the attack button, performing moves in midair, or while dashing, or inputting a specific direction while attacking. Additionally, almost every ability comes with a special hat and/or color change which is applied to Kirby when he gains the ability (Kirby Super Star being the first game in the series to do this).

Copy Abilities in Kirby Super Star  
Name Icon Appearance Obtained from Helper Description Notes
New Abilities
KSS Bomb Icon.png
KSS Bomb Sprite.png
Jungle Bomb, Poppy Bros. Jr., Combo Cannon's bomb drops, Poppy Bros. Sr. Poppy Bros. Jr. Kirby can prep and toss bombs at his opponents.
KSS Cook Icon.png
KSS Cook Sprite.png
Chef Kawasaki No Kirby pulls out a cooking pot and boils any enemies on screen, transforming them into food items. Single-use ability.
KSS Copy Icon.png
KSS Copy Sprite.png
T.A.C. T.A.C. Kirby can scan an enemy in order to steal its powers. Works on some enemies that cannot normally be inhaled. Ability is replaced when another is copied. Kirby does not gain a physical change until using the ability.
KSS Fighter Icon.png
KSS Fighter Sprite.png
Knuckle Joe, Iron Mom Knuckle Joe Kirby can use a wide array of martial arts-based moves and can fire energy blasts from his hands. Fighter Kirby's moveset is heavily inspired by the Street Fighter games.
KSS Jet Icon.png
KSS Jet Sprite.png
Capsule J Capsule J Kirby gains a jet pack that can be used to fly quickly and perform tackles. The exhaust can light Fuses.
KSS Mirror Icon.png
KSS Mirror Sprite.png
Simirror Simirror Kirby can attack by throwing reflections of himself and reflecting projectiles from opponents.
KSS Ninja Icon.png
KSS Ninja Sprite.png
Bio Spark Bio Spark Kirby gains a wide arsenal of ninja-style weapons and techniques to battle opponents.
KSS Paint Icon.png
KSS Paint Sprite.png
Ghameleo Arm's glob attacks, Heavy Lobster's goop projectiles No Kirby can splatter paint all over the place, defeating enemies and inflicting specific effects on some bosses. Ghameleo Arm changes color when hit, and Heavy Lobster is blinded. Single-use ability. This is the only ability in the game with no enemy who specifically provides it.
KSS Plasma Icon.png
KSS Plasma Sprite.png
Plasma Wisp Plasma Wisp Kirby can build up static and fire various electric blasts at enemies. Based slightly on Spark from earlier games, though without its signature barrier move.
KSS Suplex Icon.png
KSS Suplex Sprite.png
Bugzzy, Jukid Bugzzy Kirby can grab enemies and toss or slam them in several different ways. Based on Backdrop.
KSS Wing Icon.png
KSS Wing Sprite.png
Birdon Birdon Kirby gains a pair of wings and can attack by divebombing or shooting feathers.
KSS Yo-Yo Icon.png
KSS Yo-Yo Sprite.png
Gim, Combo Cannon (cannonballs) Gim Kirby gains a yo-yo and can attack with many different tricks.
Returning Abilities
KSS Beam Icon.png
KSS Beam Sprite.png
Laser Ball, Waddle Doo Waddle Doo Kirby can fire a magical beam whip and shoot spherical beam blasts.
KSS Crash Icon.png
KSS Crash Sprite.png
Bomber, Scarfy (when scanned) No Kirby can cause a huge explosion, defeating all enemies on the screen. Single-use ability. This ability has no hat, but Kirby flashes while he has it.
KSS Cutter Icon.png
KSS Cutter Sprite.png
Poppy Bros. Jr., Sir Kibble, Computer Virus (red dragon swipes), Marx (Shooter Cutter) Sir Kibble Kirby can toss bladed boomerangs which return to him. This game introduced the iconic Final Cutter to the Cutter moveset.
KSS Fire Icon.png
KSS Fire Sprite.png
Burnin' Leo Burnin' Leo Kirby can breathe fire and combust into a fireball. First instance of Fire and Burning being fused into a single ability.
KSS Hammer Icon.png
KSS Hammer Sprite.png
Bonkers Bonkers Kirby gains a powerful mallet that can pulverize enemies and pound Stakes. Can be used underwater. This game introduced the iconic Hammer Flip and Hammer Throw techniques. Kirby does not gain a hat with this ability (Hammer's headband would first appear in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.)
KSS Ice Icon.png
KSS Ice Sprite.png
Chilly, Mr. Frosty Chilly Kirby can freeze enemies and kick them aside with his breath and with an aura. First instance of Ice and Freeze being fused into a single ability.
KSS Mike Icon 3.png

KSS Mike Icon 2.png

KSS Mike Icon 1.png
KSS Mike Sprite 3.png

KSS Mike Sprite 2.png

KSS Mike Sprite 1.png
Walky No Kirby can shout at enemies to defeat them with powerful sound waves. Each shout is more powerful than the last. Three-use ability. The first instance of this ability gaining a different look and sound for each shout. The third shout was provided by Masahiro Sakurai.
KSS Parasol Icon.png
KSS Parasol Sprite.png
Parasol Parasol Waddle Dee Kirby gains a parasol which can be used to attack, defend, or gently glide downward. Parasol first gained its Circus Throw and the ability to douse flames in this game.
KSS Sleep Icon.png
KSS Sleep Sprite.png
Noddy No Kirby falls asleep, and cannot do anything until he wakes up or is attacked.
KSS Stone Icon.png
KSS Stone Sprite.png
Rocky, Fatty Whale's boulders, Wham Bam Rock's stones Rocky Kirby can transform into a stone and slide down slopes. This was the first game where Kirby's stone transformations could vary.
KSS Sword Icon.png
KSS Sword Sprite.png
Blade Knight, Meta Knight Blade Knight Kirby gains a sword and a large array of sword-fighting techniques. Can be used underwater. Kirby's hat is based on Link from The Legend of Zelda.
KSS Wheel Icon.png
KSS Wheel Sprite.png
KSS Wheel Sprite 2.png
Wheelie Wheelie Kirby can transform into a wheel and ride through enemies at high speed.
Special Abilities
Wheelie Rider
KSS Wheelie Rider Icon.png
KSS Wheelie Rider Sprite.png
Mounting a Wheelie Helper N/A Kirby and Wheelie move as one, riding extremely quickly and defeating enemies they run over. Kirby can perform an Infinity Jump while riding Wheelie.
KSS Starship Icon.png
KSS Starship Sprite.png
The Sparkling Stars Unnamed Starship Helper Kirby rides a starship that can move freely and fire star bullets at a rapid pace. Used to battle the Heart of Nova. Similar to the Star Rod ability. Cannot be discarded while in use.


The Beginner's Room introducing the concept of Helpers.

While in possession of an ability, Kirby can spend it to call a Helper to his side, who resembles an enemy who would normally provide that ability. The Helper gains access to all of the same moves as its corresponding ability on Kirby, and in most cases also gains an Infinity Jump, but has less health than Kirby most of the time. The Helper can be controlled by a second player for co-op play, but will normally be controlled by the CPU. At any time if Kirby is without an ability, he can use the Suppin Beam to transform his helper into an inanimate object which can be inhaled and swallowed for the original ability the helper was based on.

Helpers in Kirby Super Star  
Name Icon Appearance Copy Ability Notes
Bio Spark
KSS Bio Spark Icon.png
KSS Bio Spark Sprite.png
KSS Birdon Icon.png
KSS Birdon Sprite 1.png
Blade Knight
KSS Blade Knight Icon.png
KSS Blade Knight Sprite.png
KSS Bonkers Icon.png
KSS Bonkers Sprite.png
Hammer Cannot use Hammer Throw.
KSS Bugzzy Icon.png
KSS Bugzzy Sprite.png
Burnin' Leo
KSS Burnin Leo Icon.png
KSS Burning Leo Sprite.png
Fire Can breathe fire underwater.
Capsule J
KSS Capsule J Icon.png
KSS Capsule J Sprite.png
KSS Chilly Icon.png
KSS Chilly Sprite.png
KSS Gim Icon.png
KSS Gim Sprite.png
Knuckle Joe
KSS Knuckle Joe Icon.png
KSS Knuckle Joe Sprite 2.png
Parasol W. Dee
KSS Parasol Waddle Dee Icon.png
KSS Parasol Waddle Dee Sprite.png
Plasma Wisp
KSS Plasma Wisp Icon.png
KSS Plasma Wisp Sprite.png
Poppy Bros. Jr.
KSS Poppy Bros Jr Icon.png
KSS Poppy Bros Jr Sprite 2.png
KSS Rocky Icon.png
KSS Rocky Sprite.png
KSS Simirror Icon.png
KSS Simirror Sprite.png
Sir Kibble
KSS Sir Kibble Icon.png
KSS Sir Kibble Sprite.png
KSS Tac Icon.png
KSS Tac Sprite.png
Copy Can attack enemies using its 'grab'.
Waddle Doo
KSS Waddle Doo Icon.png
KSS Waddle Doo Sprite.png
KSS Wheelie Icon.png
KSS Wheelie Sprite.png
Wheel Can be mounted to form the Wheelie Rider ability.
Unnamed Starship Helper
KSS Starship Helper Icon.png
KSS Starship Helper Sprite.png
Starship Cannot be controlled by the CPU.


Standard Enemies[edit]

During most of the main games (excluding Gourmet Race), Kirby encounters various enemies that he can interact with on his adventure, some of which may only be found in certain games. Most of these can be inhaled and either spat at other enemies to deal them damage, or swallowed. Swallowing certain opponents may grant Kirby a Copy Ability (except in Milky Way Wishes, where abilities cannot be acquired from foes in typical fashion).

Every enemy in the game, apart from those that are invincible, possesses a certain amount of health that Kirby must deplete if he decides to defeat it by using physical attacks instead of inhaling it. In all main games apart from The Great Cave Offensive, eliminating an opponent by inhaling or otherwise destroying it adds a certain amount of points to Kirby's score, which varies depending on the enemy.

(Legend: SB = Spring Breeze, DB = Dyna Blade, TGCO = The Great Cave Offensive , RoMK = Revenge of Meta Knight, MWW = Milky Way Wishes

Standard enemies in Kirby Super Star  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Health Score Description SB DB TGCO RoMK MWW
Neutral enemies
KSS Blipper.png
None 8 260 A fish that follows Kirby in water or helplessly flops around outside of it. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Bounder.png
None 8 140 Runs back and forth in front of Kirby, always keeping at a distance from him and climbing walls in its way, tossing harmful stars from time to time. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Bronto Burt
KSS Bronto Burt.png
None 8 300 A magenta, winged creature that flies in wave motions or up and down, follows Kirby or walks or stands on the ground, taking off and flying forward or in Kirby's direction when he gets near. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Broom Hatter
KSS Broom Hatter.png
None 16 200 This small, pointy-hatted creature walks left and right, cleaning the floor with its broom at briefly increasing its speed with every sweep. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Cappy Cover.png
KSS Cappy Uncovered.png
None 12 200 (cap), 200 (body) Attempting to inhale this hopping enemy will first remove its mushroom cap, unmasking it. Sometimes stops to blow its cap high into the air. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Coconut.png
None 1 0 Coconuts hang on ceilings until Kirby walks under them, then they fall down and explode. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes
KSS Gator.png
None 16 400 This alligator pounces on Kirby, trying to bite him. This attack cannot be guarded against. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes
KSS Glunk.png
None 16 300 A sea anemone that sticks to the ground or ceiling and periodically launches projectiles upwards or downwards. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Gordo.png
None N/A N/A Invincible spike balls that move horizontally or vertically, bounce around, follow walls or remain in one place, causing harm to Kirby when touched. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Grizzo.png
None 55 600 This large bear hops around or charges at Kirby, causing a massive amount of damage if it rams him. Can sometimes be found asleep. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes
KSS Kabu.png
None 16 200 A spinning stone head that jumps, slides or floats up and down. The sliding variety eventually rockets into the sky, while the floating type teleports around, eventually falling down, sliding towards Kirby and exploding. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Lovely.png
None 28 800 A large flower that sprouts from the ground or the ceiling, occasionally launching its head towards Kirby to try and grab him. Cannot be inhaled or guarded against. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Magical Sweeper
KSS Magical Sweeper.png
None 9 500 This glowing disc follows walls or floats up and down, releasing rapid salvos of projectiles, or flies in a straight line, dropping singular, large projectiles on Kirby when he moves under it. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Moto Shotzo
KSS Moto Shotzo.png
None 26 500 A mobile cannon that rolls and jumps around, aiming and firing cannonballs at Kirby. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Shotzo.png
None N/A N/A An invincible cannon that aims at Kirby and fires singular cannonballs or always faces the same direction, but gives off three consecutive shots. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Slippy.png
None 16 400 A spherical toad that swims in water or bounces around outside of it. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Squishy.png
None 16 300 This white squid can walk and jump on land or swim in water. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes
KSS Tookey.png
None 6 220 This hen flies towards Kirby, often waiting on the ground for him to come near before taking off. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Twizzy.png
None 6 180 A little bird that either hops around or flies up and down or in wave motions. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Waddle Dee
KSS Waddle Dee.png
None 12 200 The most basic enemy, all a Waddle Dee does is walk and occasionally jump. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Ability-providing enemies
Bio Spark
KSS Bio Spark.png
Ninja 8 300 A fast-moving ninja that jumps back and forth, tossing daggers or rapidly stabbing at Kirby, as well as grabbing him and slamming him onto the ground when he touches him, regardless of whether Kirby is guarding. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Birdon Sprite 2.png
Wing 16 500 This bird flies left and right or hops along the ground, shooting its feathers at Kirby or diving at him. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Blade Knight
KSS Blade Knight.png
Sword 26 500 This armor-clad knight walks back and forth in a small area, slashing or rapidly stabbing at Kirby with its sword if he comes too close. Can destroy projectiles fired by Kirby with its blade. 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Bomber.png
Crash 1 0 When this walking bomb falls off the edge of a platform, it explodes, harming friend and foe alike. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Burning Leo
KSS Burnin Leo.png
Fire 16 500 Similarly to Hot Head in other Kirby games, Burnin' Leo breathes flames or spits singular, large fireballs at Kirby.
Referred to in this game as "Burnin' Leo".
1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Capsule J
KSS Capsule J.png
Jet 18 400 Walks and hovers around and attempts to charge into Kirby, causing massive damage. Eventually flies off the screen if Kirby does not destroy it. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Chilly.png
Ice 20 400 This snowman does not move fast, but can freeze Kirby if he gets too close or cause three icicles to fall down in front of itself. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Gim.png
Yo-Yo 16 300 This robot walks slowly, but uses its yo-yo as a fast weapon, throwing it at different angles depending on Kirby's position. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Jungle Bomb
KSS Jungle Bomb.png
Bomb 16 300 A pineapple with a helmet that either spits up to three bombs at Kirby at a time or lays one on the ground and runs away. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Knuckle Joe
KSS Knuckle Joe.png
Fighter 30 500 This martial artist fires small and rapid or singular large blasts of energy at Kirby when he comes to close, as well as jumping backwards, forwards or straight into the air to kick at him. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Laser Ball
KSS Laser Ball.png
Beam 4 200 Floating through the air, this orb attempts to get in front of Kirby to fire a laser at him. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Noddy.png
Sleep 12 100 Always tired, Noddy alternates between slowly walking and sleeping. Swallowing it causes Kirby to immediately fall asleep as well. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Parasol.png
Parasol 8 300 On its own, this parasol simply floats away or in circles. Usually held by Waddle Dees or Waddle Doos to slow their fall. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Plasma Wisp
KSS Plasma Wisp.png
Plasma 10 500 This will-o-the-wisp flies in small circles, firing needles, arrows or large, long-range blasts of energy from its hands, depending on Kirby's distance from it. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Poppy Bros. Jr.
KSS Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png
None, Bomb, Cutter 16 200 A simple enemy that makes small hops and sometimes balances on an apple. May carry and attack with bombs or a cutter boomerang, yielding the ability associated with the respective weapon if it does. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Rocky.png
Stone 44 400 This living rock slowly walks left and right, jumping into the air when Kirby gets close and attempting to fall on him. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Scarfy sprite.png
KSS Scarfy angered sprite.png
Crash 16* 1000 Floating up and down, a Scarfy poses little threat unless Kirby hurts or tries to inhale it, causing it to transform, chase him and eventually explode. Some specimens also follow Kirby while his back is turned to them. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Simirror.png
Mirror 20 500 With its wand, this small wizard can create barriers that reflect Kirby's attacks, as well as create copies of itself. Sometimes, it attempts to teleport to safety when attacked. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Sir Kibble
KSS Sir Kibble.png
Cutter 20 400 A small knight that stands in one place and tosses the top part of its helmet like a boomerang, sometimes jumping over it as it returns. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Copy 8 1000 This masked cat attempts to steal Kirby's copy ability, running away with it if it is successful. Kirby can only recover it by defeating the Tac that took it.
Referred to in this game as "T.A.C."
3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Waddle Doo
KSS Waddle Doo.png
Beam 18 300 Waddle Dee's one-eyed cousin walks and jumps like its weaker relative, but may fire a beam whip from its singular eye. In The Great Cave Offensive, some Waddle Doos swing on chains. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSS Walky.png
Mike 16 890 A walking stage microphone that stops from time to time to sing, generating three harmful notes that fly out of its mouth. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSS Wheelie.png
Wheel 14 200 A tire that rolls after Kirby, accelerating at times and attempting to run him over. Colliding with a wall causes it to briefly stop and bounce upwards. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes

*A transformed Scarfy explodes instantly when attacked in any manner.


Mid-Bosses are stronger opponents encountered at different points throughout many of the game's stages. When Kirby engages in battle with one or multiple Mid-Bosses, he usually cannot progress further until all Mid-Bosses on the screen have been destroyed. Like bosses, each possesses a health meter; once its health reaches zero, it is defeated. Apart from Kracko Jr. and the Meta-Knights, all Mid-Bosses can be inhaled after their defeat and swallowed for a Copy Ability. Unlike regular enemies, most of them are invulnerable to Kirby's slide attack or Air Bullets.

All Mid-Bosses apart from Kracko Jr. and the Meta-Knights have to be re-fought in The Arena.

(Legend: SB = Spring Breeze, DB = Dyna Blade, TGCO = The Great Cave Offensive, RoMK = Revenge of Meta-Knight, MWW = Milky Way Wishes)

Mid-Bosses in Kirby Super Star  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Health Score Description SB DB TGCO RoMK MWW
KSS Bonkers.png
Hammer 150 2300 Tosses Coconuts at Kirby - singular ones or three at a time - which can be inhaled and spat back, or attempts to pound him with its hammer after running towards him, creating a star that can be used as ammunition. 1Yes
KSS Bugzzy.png
Suplex 160 2600 A giant bug that may charge at Kirby, trying to grab him and slam him onto the ground, or release two ladybugs, which fly in a wave motion and can be inhaled for ammunition. Can also jump into the air and glide towards Kirby, trying to drop on him. 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Chef Kawasaki
KSS Chef Kawasaki.png
Cook 100 1800 This cook tries to grapple Kirby with his extendable frying pan, briefly cooking him if he manages to do so. He may also toss plates at him - singular ones or three at a time - which can be inhaled and spat back.
Referred to in this game as "Cook Kawasaki".
3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Iron Mam
KSS Iron Mom.png
Fighter 140 2200 Walks back and forth, occasionally stopping to throw a long-range punch at Kirby or pound the ground four times, creating stars that can be inhaled and spat out. Slowly walks towards Kirby while pounding if its health has dropped below 50%.
Referred to in this game as "Iron Mom".
3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes
KSS Jukid.png
Suplex 130 2500 A martial artist that launches blasts of energy - which can be inhaled for ammunition - at Kirby or attempts to grab him, slamming him onto the ground repeatedly if it is successful. 1No 1Yes
Kracko Jr.
KSS Kracko Jr.png
N/A 128 10000 A weaker form of Kracko encountered in Bubbly Clouds. Swoops at Kirby or drops three bombs on him, which are worth 100 points each and can be spat back. May also create Waddle Doos. Unlike most Mid-Bosses, Kracko Jr. is instantly destroyed when defeated (and thus cannot be inhaled). 1Yes 1No
KSS Axe Knight sprite.png

KSS Javelin Knight.png

KSS Mace Knight.png

KSS Trident Knight.png
None Varies Varies A group of up to four types of Mid-Bosses - Axe Knight, Trident Knight, Mace Knight and Javelin Knight - which attack in different ways and need to be defeated separately, despite all sharing a health meter, often multiple times in succession. At least two are usually fought at the same time. Unlike other Mid-Bosses, all four can be inhaled before being defeated, but doing so takes longer than inhaling a regular enemy. They are also vulnerable to Kirby's slide and air bullets. 3No 1Yes
Meta-KnightsAxe Knight
KSS Axe Knight sprite.png
None 64 700 Part of the Meta-Knights. Chops as Kirby with its axe, either once or multiple times while pushing towards him, or throws the axe like a boomerang. 3No 1Yes
Meta-KnightsJavelin Knight
KSS Javelin Knight.png
None 46 700 Part of the Meta-Knights. Hovers around and either spins rapidly while holding a javelin or tosses burning javelins at Kirby. 1No 1Yes
Meta-KnightsMace Knight
KSS Mace Knight.png
None 84 800 Part of the Meta-Knights. Swings a large spiked ball at Kirby or walks towards him while attempting to slam him with it. 3No 1Yes
Meta-KnightsTrident Knight
KSS Trident Knight.png
None 64 700 Part of the Meta-Knights. This small samurai tosses pitchforks at Kirby or charges at him, repeatedly stabbing at him with its trident when it gets close. 3No 1Yes
Mr. Frosty
KSS Mr Frosty.png
Ice 110 1700 This walrus tosses blocks of ice, which are worth 100 points, at Kirby, pounces on him or runs towards him, attempting to swallow him and spit him against a wall. Its ice cubes can be used against it. 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Poppy Bros. Sr.
KSS Poppy Bros Sr.png
Bomb 80 1500 Hops back and forth and tosses bombs at Kirby, which are worth 100 points and can be spat back. May occasionally charge at Kirby or increase the distance of its jumps to bound over him. 1Yes


Bosses are very powerful opponents who tend to lay at the end of levels and stages in the various games. Unlike previous games, however, bosses are not always fought at the end of levels, with some being entirely skippable. They can be distinguished from proper mid-bosses however by their distinct battle music, their on-screen appearances, and the fact that they cannot be inhaled under any circumstances.

All bosses are re-fought in The Arena, so the 'Appearance' category will not include that mode for the sake of brevity.

Bosses in Kirby Super Star  
Name Appearance Copy Abilities Appears in Description Notes
Whispy Woods
KSS Whispy Woods Sprite.png
No Spring Breeze
Revenge of Meta Knight
A stationary tree boss who attacks Kirby by dropping Apples and blowing Air Bullets at him. His apples can be inhaled and spat back to deal damage.
Lololo & Lalala
KSS Lololo Sprite.png
KSS Lalala Sprite.png
No Spring Breeze A duo boss who attacks by pushing emerald frames along corridors. These frames can be inhaled. Sometimes they push Gordos instead. Lololo & Lalala have separate health from each-other.
KSS Kracko Sprite.png
Beam (from dropped Waddle Doos) Spring Breeze
Milky Way Wishes
A spiky cycloptic cloud that attacks by swooping, firing beams from its eye, and dropping Waddle Doos.
King Dedede
KSS King Dedede Sprite.png
No Spring Breeze
Gourmet Race
Kirby's eternal rival; a gluttonous robed penguin-like figure who wields a hammer in combat and can inhale and take in air. Kirby races against him in Gourmet Race. Final boss of Spring Breeze.
Dyna Blade
KSS Dyna Blade Sprite.png
No Dyna Blade
Revenge of Meta Knight
A giant metal bird who attacks by swooping, striking with her beak, and grabbing with her talons. She comes to Kirby's aid in Revenge of Meta Knight. Final (and only) boss of Dyna Blade.
Fatty Whale
KSS Fatty Whale Sprite.png
Stone (dropped boulders) The Great Cave Offensive
Milky Way Wishes
A large whale in a sailor's outfit who attacks with body slams and by causing objects to fall.
Computer Virus
KSS CV Slime Sprite.png
KSS CV Dancing Doll Sprite.png
KSS CV Witch Sprite.png
KSS CV Evil Knight Sprite.png
KSS CV Red Dragon Sprite.png
Random (from Copy Essences) The Great Cave Offensive
Milky Way Wishes
A hostile computer program that forces Kirby to fight three opponents in succession in a pseudo turn-based combat. In The Great Cave Offensive, Kirby fights the Slime, the Dancing Doll, and the Witch. In Milky Way Wishes, he fights the Witch, the Evil Knight, and the Red Dragon.
Chameleo Arm
KSS Chameleo Arm Sprite.png
Paint (glob projectiles) The Great Cave Offensive
Milky Way Wishes
A misshapen chameleon-like entity that comes in many different colors and attacks with its tongue and claws.
Referred to in this game as "Ghameleo Arm".
This boss can be skipped in The Great Cave Offensive.
Wham Bam Rock
KSS Wham Bam Rock Sprite.png
Stone (dropped stones) The Great Cave Offensive
Milky Way Wishes
A disembodied face that controls two hands made of stone. Only the hands can be attacked. Final boss of The Great Cave Offensive. May have served as the inspiration for Master Hand and Crazy Hand.
Heavy Lobster
KSS Heavy Lobster Sprite.png
Paint (glob projectiles) Revenge of Meta Knight
Milky Way Wishes
A giant mechanical lobster tank that pursues Kirby several times. It is invulnerable during the pursuit, but it can be attacked once it stops chasing. It fights by spewing flames from its claws, charging forward, and sending out smaller robotic minions. This boss can be blinded by using the Paint ability on it.
Twin Woods
KSS Twin Woods Sprite.png
No Revenge of Meta Knight
Milky Way Wishes
A pair of Whispy Woods who can attack by throwing sections of their trunks into each-other and spinning to cause poisonous Caterpillars and Gordos to drop from their combined canopies. Each Whispy has separate health.
Combo Cannon
KSS Combo Cannon Sprite.png
Bomb (dropped bombs)
Yo-Yo (cannonballs)
Revenge of Meta Knight An automated turret attached to a laser cannon and extendable robotic arm. The turret fires projectiles while the hand tries to grab Kirby or drop bombs, and the laser cannon will go off periodically with part of the floor lifting up to try and push Kirby into it. While other parts can be destroyed, the Combo Cannon can only be defeated by attacking the turret.
KSS Reactor Sprite.png
No Revenge of Meta Knight The power core of the Halberd. It attacks Kirby by shooting out flamethrowers from the floor, shooting blasts from its main cannon, and firing a laser that it will try to aim at Kirby. The reactor core is invulnerable to everything except its own laser fire.
Referred to in this game as "Halberd's Reactor".
The flamethrowers and cannon can be destroyed, but this does not deal damage to the reactor proper.
Meta Knight
KSS Meta Knight Sprite.png
Sword (mostly forced, but if waited long enough it will disappear) Revenge of Meta Knight The admiral of the Halberd; this masked swordsman forces Kirby to pick up a Sword before they may fight. When he is defeated, his mask breaks. Final boss of Revenge of Meta Knight. After his defeat, he tries to stop Kirby from escaping the Halberd by hounding him from the air.
Galactic Nova Nucleus
KSS Heart of Nova.png
Starship (forced) Milky Way Wishes The core of Nova. Kirby must fly around as the pillars spin and break the central pieces of each pillar to defeat this boss. The main hazard comes from avoiding colliding with the pillars.
Referred to in this game as "Heart of Nova".
First example in the series of a boss arena which loops on itself.
KSS Marx Sprite.png
Cutter (Shooter Cutter projectiles) Ice (ice bombs) Milky Way Wishes This twisted jester betrayed Kirby to gain great power and a pair of radiant wings. He attacks using all manner of bizarre movements and weaponry and teleports around the arena. Final boss of Milky Way Wishes and The Arena. Defeating him initiates the staff credits.

Other displays[edit]

In addition to the icons of Copy Abilities and Helpers, a number of extra portraits can appear in the heads-up display, signifying additional effects, or representing other characters. These are as follows:

Additional icon displays in Kirby Super Star  
Name Icon Description Notes
KSS Normal Icon.png
This icon displays under normal circumstances when Kirby is without an ability or status effect.
KSS Nothing Icon.png
This icon displays briefly if Kirby swallows an object which does not grant him an ability.
KSS Ouch Icon.png
This icon displays briefly whenever Kirby takes a hit that is not lethal.
Call Helper
KSS Call Helper Icon.png
This icon appears whenever Kirby calls for a Helper.
KSS Invincible Icon.png
This icon appears whenever Kirby is under the effect of an Invincible Candy.
KSS Mix Icon.png
This icon appears whenever a mix is triggered by swallowing two or more ability-providing enemies at once. The icon is represented by mixed drinks.
Out of health
KSS Miss Icon.png
This icon appears whenever Kirby runs out of health and tumbles off the screen.
KSS Cannon Icon.png
This icon appears whenever Kirby hops into a Fuse Cannon. Does not apply for rotating cannons.
KSS Trolley Icon.png
This icon appears whenever Kirby hops into a Trolley.
Warp Star
KSS Warp Star Icon.png
This icon appears whenever Kirby hops on to a Warp Star.
KSS Enemy Icon.png
This icon appears when a boss or mid-boss appears and its life bar is shown. This icon only appears in The Arena.
Character portraits
King Dedede
KSS Dedede Icon 1.png
KSS Dedede Icon 2.png
KSS Dedede Icon 3.png
Various reaction portraits for King Dedede in Gourmet Race.
Axe Knight
KSS Axe Knight Portrait 1.png
KSS Axe Knight Portrait 2.png
KSS Axe Knight Portrait 3.png
Various dialogue portraits for Axe Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Captain Vul KSS Vul Portrait 1.png KSS Vul Portrait 2.png
KSS Vul Portrait 3.png KSS Vul Portrait 4.png
KSS Vul Portrait 5.png KSS Vul Portrait 6.png
Various dialogue portraits for Captain Vul in Revenge of Meta Knight. Vul has by far the most portraits of any character.
Mace Knight
KSS Mace Knight Portrait 1.png
KSS Mace Knight Portrait 2.png
KSS Mace Knight Portrait 3.png
Various dialogue portraits for Mace Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Meta Knight
KSS Meta Knight Portrait 1.png
KSS Meta Knight Portrait 2.png
Various dialogue portraits for Meta Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Sailor Waddle Dee
KSS Sailor Dee Portrait 1.png
KSS Sailor Dee Portrait 2.png
Various dialogue portraits for Sailor Waddle Dee in Revenge of Meta Knight.


Development of Kirby Super Star began soon after the completion of Kirby's Adventure, as soon as the team at HAL Laboratory had a suitable SNES development environment. Masahiro Sakurai has shared many details about the game's development over the years, much of which can be found in this video released on his official YouTube channel. In this video, Sakurai explains that there were two primary prerogatives behind designing Kirby Super Star: the first was the emphasis on two-player co-op, and the second was the "omnibus" format.

The emphasis on multiplayer was given to Sakurai and his team by Shigeru Miyamoto, who'd had trouble implementing such a system for the Super Mario games because he felt the fast-paced gameplay got in the way, and hoped that it could be done in a "slower" game like Kirby. Sakurai described this request as a "tall order", as he understood that it was not that simple, particularly given the fact that Kirby's Copy Ability could radically change the "speed" of the gameplay. Noting that traditional two-player co-op games which place equal emphasis on both players often resulted in them pulling on each-other too much, and that this might get in the way of a platformer experience, Sakurai ended up creating the Helper system, which places the main emphasis on player 1, and pulls player 2 back via a Space Jump if they wander off-camera. Notably, in the original draft for this concept, the P2 character would gradually lose health if they wandered off-screen, similar to how damage can accumulate on characters in the Super Smash Bros games if they are off-screen.[1] This general concept would then be tied into the Copy Ability system by allowing Kirby to create allied versions of enemy characters by using an item associated with the ability. From here, Sakurai explains that this was how he came up with the idea of giving Kirby his ability hats, which he proclaims greatly increased Kirby's character appeal. In relation to this addition, as well as due to Kirby's expanded Copy Ability movesets, Sakurai and his team decided to beef up the HP of regular enemies so that they would not just be defeated in one hit by most attacks, adding versatility to Kirby's moves.

The second prerogative, that of the "omnibus" format, was driven by Sakurai's desire to create a more approachable game that would not take too long to complete, as he felt there were too many games out at the time with big time demands placed on their players. To that end, he conceived the cork-board system of having several smaller games with differing themes, stories, and gameplay styles all together in one package. He also touched upon a scrapped concept for an additional horror-themed game which was planned to be included, which he had before mentioned in an interview for the SNES Classic Edition. In this game, Kirby chases a butterfly into a spooky forest and there finds a magical wall clock that belonged to a wizard who perished centuries ago. The wall clock curses Kirby by sealing his mouth shut, leaving him unable to inhale, hover, or eat food. To break the curse, Kirby would then have to venture into a haunted mansion in the forest that belonged to the late wizard.[2] Instead of Copy Abilities, Kirby would have used items to emulate their effects; for example, a candle would give him the Fire ability. The game was titled "Heat Haze Mansion" (Kagero Mansion in the interview's official translation). No work was done on this game, as it needed to be deprioritized due to time and game memory constraints. The omnibus format of the game would eventually inform its Japanese title, Kirby of the Stars Super Deluxe, which was suggested by celebrity copywriter Shigesato Itoi; Sakurai found the idea properly evocative of "how rich [the game] is in content." Said richness would also serve as the basis for the Japanese box art, which, also at Itoi's suggestion, is designed after paulownia wood boxes typically used in Japan to package luxury alcohol and tableware.[3]

Despite generally meeting Sakurai's vision, there were a few aspects of Kirby Super Star as a finished product which he felt detracted from the experience. For instance, Sakurai explained that he had originally wanted Spring Breeze to be completely without Copy Abilities, to distinguish it from Dyna Blade, but he was urged to add them in at the request of one of the producers at Nintendo. To this day, he still wishes he had been allowed to do without them for that mode. Additionally, he described how the CGI-rendered backgrounds in the game were, in his opinion, not a great match to the style of Kirby, though he values the learning experience that implementing those backgrounds provided.

KSS prototype.png
Animation sprites of Yo-Yo, Fighter, and Cutter from the NES prototype of Kirby Super Star

A prototype of the game on the NES was revealed during the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert in April 2017. According to Sakurai, this prototype was only meant for internal use and not as a released product. It was "fairly feature-complete" and used as a template for the final game.[4][5]


Kirby Super Star was a massively influential game in the Kirby series, establishing a large number of tropes and features that would persist throughout most of the subsequent main-series games, as well as some games outside of the series. Some of the main influences include:

  • The addition of a hat or costume to Copy Abilities, along with the expanded fighting game-related movesets.
    • Increased focus on combat and boss fights.
    • The introduction of certain abilities that would become mainstays, including Fighter, Bomb, Ninja, and Wing.
  • Many of the musical themes from this title would be reused throughout the series, most notably the Gourmet Race theme and the Green Greens theme paired with the ending motif to Milky Way Wishes.
  • Meta Knight's Halberd originated in this title. Kirby Super Star is also the first game where Meta Knight has wings.
  • Kirby having a health bar instead of his health being measured in pieces. This would become standard in later main series games starting with Kirby: Squeak Squad.
  • Many of the tropes from this game would be explored again or referenced in Kirby Star Allies. This is most notable in the design of the level Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, which is heavily inspired by Milky Way Wishes.
  • Many elements were taken to develop the original Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64, including thin floors, simple directional inputs for attacks, midair jumps, and Guarding with a bubble shield.
    • Likewise, most of the Kirby stages and other content featured in the Super Smash Bros. series are derived from this title.


Staff of Kirby Super Star  
Position Developer(s)
KSS Director.png Director Masahiro Sakurai
KSS Programmer.png Programmer Tetsuya Abe
Junichi Aoyagi
Masakazu Ebibara
Teruyuki Gunji
Isao Takashi
Akio Hanyu
KSS Programmer.png Chief Programmer Shigenobu Kasai
KSS Designer.png Designer Kazu Ozawa
Hiroo Takeshita
Tetsuya Mochizuki
KSS CG Designer.png CG Designer Hitoshi Kikkawa
Tatsuhiro Tanuoue
Shigeru Hashiguchi
Tadashi Hashikura
KSS Designer.png Chief Designer Tsuyoshi Wakayama
KSS Sound Composer.png Sound Composer Jun Ishikawa
Dan Miyakawa
KSS Mapper.png Mapper Shinichi Shimomura
Tomomi Miyami
KSS Adviser.png Special Thanks Hiroaki Suga
Tetsuo Kujiraoka
Hidetoshi Seki
Yoshiaki Shinohara
Shigeru Hirayama
Seiji Otoguro
Atsushi Kakuta
Takashi Saito
Yoshimi Takahashi
Satoshi Ishida
Chieko Obikane
Hiro Yamada
Jim Wornell
Kayomi McDonald
KSS Adviser.png Adviser Kensuke Tanabe
Takao Shimizu
KSS Project Manager.png Project Manager Ryuki Kuraoka
KSS Producer.png Producer Satoru Iwata
Shigeru Miyamoto
KSS Executive Producer.png Executive Producer Hiroshi Yamauchi
HAL Laboratory,INC.


In North America, the game was given the name Kirby Super Star, while the game was originally named Kirby's Fun Pak in Europe and Australia. Despite this regional name difference, various European and Australian sources have used both titles interchangeably to refer to the original version, as follows:

  • The Kirby's Fun Pak title has been used in the European and versions of Super Smash Bros. (misspelled Kirby's Fan Pak[sic]), Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Kirby: Planet Robobot, alongside other British/European localized names (such as Kirby's Adventure Wii). The game was even referred to as such via an official upload of the "Kirby Super Star Medley" on the European Nintendo YouTube channels.
  • The Kirby Super Star title has been used in the British English version of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the non-English European versions of Kirby Star Allies, and the European versions of Kirby Air Ride, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Kirby's Dream Buffet, despite using European localized names for other games as mentioned above.
  • The DS remake Kirby Super Star Ultra uses the Kirby Super Star title for all Western language versions and refers to the original version as such on the back cover.
  • One of the tips in the European versions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate states that Kirby Super Star was "originally known as Kirby's Fun Pak in Europe". Furthermore, the European and Australian Virtual Console versions on Wii U and Nintendo Switch alongside the Super NES Classic Edition are actually the North American version of the game, listed with the Kirby Super Star title.
  • Since Kirby Star Allies only has one English localization used for the game, it uses the American English names for all mentioned games in the English version, not just Kirby Super Star.


Nintendo eShop[edit]

That awful King Dedede is at it again—he's stolen all the food in Dream Land! It's up to Kirby to get it back and ultimately save Popstar from being taken over! Our round, pink hero will have to journey through six main games and two minigames, finishing with the ultimate showdown in the Arena. Each game offers its own story and variation of platforming action, as well as unique environments and an assortment of enemies. Swallowing an enemy allows Kirby to copy the abilities of that enemy, granting him the power to perform special attacks and giving him a new hat to don. Kirby can also give up an acquired ability and use it to create a helper. The helper will follow Kirby around and automatically fight as his ally—or offer a second player the chance to join in the game by controlling it. There's never a dull moment as Kirby dashes, flies, and fights!

(This description was reused for the game on Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online.)

Special version from Nintendo Switch Online[edit]

Meta Knight's revenge!

You can play Milky Way Wishes, and the Arena too!

In this special version of Kirby Super Star, the secret modes are all unlocked! Revenge of Meta Knight, Milky Way Wishes, and the Arena are all available—plus the Sound Room menu, a staple of the Kirby series. In Milky Way Wishes, you can't copy abilities from enemies like you normally would, but you can collect abilities by using the Deluxe Copy Ability. Then you can use an ability you've collected as much as you want, so there's no need to hold back!


Mario, Luigi, Toad and Birdo cheering at Stone Kirby transformed into a statue of Mario in the battle against King Dedede
  • Not counting special abilities, Kirby Super Star introduced the highest number of new Copy Abilities to the series since Kirby's Adventure, adding 12 to the game. Games that have introduced new abilities since then have not added more than five standard abilities at a go.
  • Several Mario series references are made, such as Stone Kirby transforming into a statue of Mario, or Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Birdo appearing in the background of Megaton Punch and the King Dedede battle in Spring Breeze.
  • In the European version of the game, the colors of the buttons on the SNES controller were changed from all purple to red, yellow, green, and blue to match the configuration of the European SNES controllers' button layout. However, the text wasn't altered in the game's tutorial, and thus still refers to the controller having purple buttons.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィスーパーデラックス
Hoshi no Kābyi Sūpā Derakkusu
Kirby of the Stars Super Deluxe
Traditional Chinese 星之卡比 超級豪華版[6]
xīng zhī kǎ bǐ chāo jí háo huá bǎn
Kirby Super Star
Kirby of the Stars Super Deluxe Version
Simplified Chinese 星之卡比 超级豪华版[7]
xīng zhī kǎ bǐ chāo jí háo huá bǎn
Kirby Super Star
Dutch Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Fun Pak
Canadian French Kirby Super Star -
European French Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Fun Pak
German Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Fun Pak
Italian Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Fun Pak
Korean Kirby Super Star
Brazilian Portuguese Kirby Super Star -
European Portuguese Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Fun Pak
Russian Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Fun Pak
Latin American Spanish Kirby Super Star -
European Spanish Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Fun Pak


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