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Boss InfoBox
Dark Meta Knight TD.jpg
Dark Meta Knight, just after emerging from the Dimension Mirror in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Debut Game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Last Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
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Dark Meta Knight is one of the antagonists of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, and the final boss of DededeTour! in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He also serves as the third of the Nightmare Four in Triple Deluxe's True Arena. Dark Meta Knight initially took on the appearance and coloration of his more familiar counterpart, Meta Knight, but was later uncovered during the events of his debut game.

Physical Appearance

When he debuted, Dark Meta Knight looked exactly like the regular Meta Knight, except that he became darker after being exposed, hence the name.

In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, he was distinguished by a slash mark on his mask over the left eye. In addition, his color scheme was altered, making his mask white, his body black, and his feet red, in addition to carrying a silver version of the Galaxia. Interestingly enough, although Dark Meta Knight appeared in this game, the original Meta Knight is nowhere to be seen.

Game Appearances

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Kirby and his clones face off against Dark Meta Knight in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

This is Dark Meta Knight's first appearance. In the intro, Kirby is strolling around in a field when he bumps into Dark Meta Knight. With Kirby stunned from this, Dark Meta Knight slashes Kirby with his dark version of Galaxia. Somehow, instead of killing Kirby, the slice cuts him into four different versions. With the Kirbies still stunned, Dark Meta Knight flies off. They at first are confused, because Dark Meta Knight looks very similar to Meta Knight, but they recover quickly and fly after him, though having to share one Warp Star. At the actual beginning of the game (when the player can really control Kirby(s), Dark Meta Knight is seen standing in front of Kirby, but he quickly runs off. When follows him for a little bit, a cutscene is shown where Dark Meta Knight encounters his good counterpart. They have a brief duel, and Dark Meta Knight wins. Victorious, Dark Meta Knight knocks Meta Knight into a large mirror. He then shatters it. After this, he summons Shadow Kirby, who he tells to go inside the mirror maze to stop the real Kirbys. Then, he makes himself appear as Meta Knight and flies off. Dark Meta Knight does not reappear until the end of Radish Ruins. Here, he is only known as ??? and appears and fights exactly like Meta Knight from other games. However, when he is defeated, he regains his dark shade. His mask also falls of, revealing him to be a dark version of Kirby's species. He then runs off. When Kirby restores all the mirror shards and enters the big mirror, he sees Dark Meta Knight again, disguised as Meta Knight still. However, when the real Meta Knight appears and points towards him, he is revealed in his dark form. In his dark form, he has many new, more powerful attacks that can greatly damage Kirby, some being very hard to dodge. Fortunately, all four Kirbies are always present, making the battle slightly easier. After he is defeated, he shatters like glass (a la a mirror), presumably killed.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Dark Meta Knight only appears as a collectible card.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Dark Meta Knight (as Dark Meta Knight's Revenge) reappears in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. In DededeTour!, King Dedede accidentally releases him from his mirror prison. He uses attacks that involve creating false clones and attacking with shards of glass. Interestingly, his description on the pause screen describes him as being imprisoned for aeons.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークメタナイト
Dāku Metanaito
Dark Meta Knight