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Boss InfoBox
Dark Meta Knight TD.jpg
Dark Meta Knight, just after emerging from the Dimension Mirror in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Debut Game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Last Game Kirby Star Allies
(Dream Friend)
Other Game(s) Kirby Super Star Ultra (cameo)
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Kirby: Planet Robobot (cameo)
Kirby Battle Royale (cameo)
Similar to Meta Knight, Galacta Knight
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Dark Meta Knight is the secondary antagonist of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and the Final Boss of DededeTour! in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He would become a playable Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies. Dark Meta Knight initially took on the appearance and coloration of his more familiar counterpart, Meta Knight, but was later uncovered during the events of his debut game, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

Physical Appearance

Dark Meta Knight Sticker.png
Official art of Dark Meta Knight from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Also appears as a Sticker in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

When he debuted in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Dark Meta Knight looked exactly like the regular Meta Knight in the game, except that he became darker after being exposed, hence the name.

From Kirby: Triple Deluxe onward, Dark Meta Knight's in-game appearance is distinguished by a slash mark on his mask over his left eye, which was left by Meta Knight during their duel at the beginning of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.[1] His color scheme has also been altered: Now he has a paler mask and wields a silver version of the Galaxia (with 3 spikes on each side instead). His in-game appearance in recent titles reflects his official art from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror more correctly.

In Kirby Star Allies, his 3D model texture is enhanced, with several scratches on his mask and a pair of broken wings. In addition, the Meta Knight Icon (originally on Meta Knight's left shoulder pad) is on Dark Meta Knight's right shoulder pad, and he has orange eyes rather than yellow in previous games.

Game Appearances

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror


In the intro cutscene when idle on the title screen, Kirby is strolling around in a field when he bumps into Dark Meta Knight. With Kirby stunned from this, Dark Meta Knight slashes Kirby with his dark version of Galaxia. Somehow, the slice cuts Kirby into four clones. With the Kirbys still stunned, Dark Meta Knight flies off and enters the mirror world. They at first are confused, because Dark Meta Knight looks very similar to Meta Knight, but they recover quickly and fly after him, though having to share one Warp Star.

At the actual beginning of the game (when the player can really control Kirby), Dark Meta Knight is seen standing in front of the four Kirbys, but he quickly runs off. When follows him for a little bit, a cutscene is shown where Dark Meta Knight encounters his good counterpart in the hub of the mirror world. They have a brief duel, and Dark Meta Knight wins. Victorious, Dark Meta Knight knocks Meta Knight into the Dimension Mirror and slices its glass into 9 Mirror Shards. After this, he enters the mirror doorway to Rainbow Route and and leaves.

First Battle: ???

Dark Meta Knight is located at the end of Radish Ruins. Here, he is only known as ??? and appears and fights exactly like Meta Knight from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

If Kirby loses his Copy Ability during this battle, he has to resort to the Recoil Stars left by Dark Meta Knight's attacks. Dark Meta Knight as ??? has 60 HP, which takes 6 Star Bullets (10 damage per shot) to defeat should Kirby use no ability at all.

When ??? is defeated, he regains his dark shade. His mask also falls of, revealing him to be a dark version of Kirby's species. He then runs off.

Second Battle: Dark Meta Knight

Kirby and his clones face off against Dark Meta Knight in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

When Kirby restores all the Mirror Shards and enters the Dimension Mirror, he sees Dark Meta Knight again, disguised as Meta Knight still. However, when the real Meta Knight appears and points towards him, he is revealed in his true form, Dark Meta Knight.

In this rematch, Dark Meta Knight actually has only 48 HP, sharply decreased from his first battle. However, he attacks more aggresively, and has two new, more powerful attacks that are very hard to dodge:

  • Sword Beam - Dark Meta Knight can fire purple energy waves from his sword. They travel very fast and can be fired up to three times in a row. (The Sword Beam from Master actually shares the same sprite but orange-colored instead. Meta Knight would reuse this sprite in red as his Fire Sword Beam in Kirby: Squeak Squad.)
  • Tornado Slash - Dark Meta Knight can also use this signature move of Meta Knight since Kirby Super Star. He requires charging to use this attack. After releasing his charge, he stabs his sword into the ground to summons a giant tornado that throws Kirby into the air in contact. When his HP is low, the tornado can travel the full screen, and the only way to avoid it is moving behind him when he's charging.

Upon defeat, Dark Meta Knight shatters like glass, presumably destroyed. Kirby is then sucked into a warp hole to battle the real mastermind of this game, Dark Mind.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Dark Meta Knight only appears as a collectible card.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Dark Meta Knight (as Dark Meta Knight's Revenge) reappears as a surprise boss in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

In DededeTour!, King Dedede accidentally releases Dark Meta Knight from his mirror prison and has to fight him as the final boss of this mode. Upon defeat, Dark Meta Knight is sealed back into the mirror, and King Dedede smashes both the mirror and Dark Meta Knight inside with his hammer, presumably destroying him.

In The True Arena, Dark Meta Knight is also fought by Kirby as the third boss of the Last 4 (the rest members are Queen Sectonia DX, Shadow Dedede and Sectonia Soul). When he is defeated by Kirby, he shatters like glass and vanishes.

In addition to his previous moves from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Dark Meta Knight uses new attacks that involve creating false clones and attacking with shards of glass.

The first phase of Dark Meta Knight's Revenge battle plays the theme "Revenge of the Enemy" and the second phase plays Dark Meta Knight's own theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, now rearranged and titled "Shadow Strike".

The following lists all of Dark Meta Knight's attacks in Triple Deluxe. Attacks in italics are used during the second phase only.

Attacks of Dark Meta Knight's Revenge in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Attack Description
Triple Slash Dark Meta Knight slashes three times in a row, similar to Meta Knight's version since Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
This can be followed by 'Hyper Rush'.
Hyper Rush ~ Moon Shot Dark Meta Knight performs multiple slashes and finishes with firing a Moon Shot (a crescent-shaped energy wave) from his sword.
The Moon Shot leaves a Recoil Star on impact. He may also fires 3 Moon Shots in a row.
Spin Slash Dark Meta Knight requires charging to use this attack.

After releasing his charge, he performs a horizonal spin slash, leaving stars around him.

  • This is similar to Sword Kirby and Meta Knight's 'Spin Slash'.
  • In addition, Dark Meta Knight may jump during 'Spin Slash', similar to 'Twister Slash' of Sword Kirby introduced in Triple Deluxe.
Piercing Slash Dark Meta Knight dashes while thrusting his sword.
  • This is similar to Sword Kirby and Meta Knight's same attack.
Glide Sword Dark Meta Knight glides while thrusting his sword,
  • This is similar to Meta Knight's same attack as a Boss.
Up Thrust Dark Meta Knight may stab upward if Kirby/King Dedede is over his head.
Down Thrust Dark Meta Knight may thrust down his sword when in midair, leaving two stars on impact.
Spinning Sword Dark Meta Knight jumps with a vertical spinning slash. When he lands, his sword sends out a shockwave that travels across the ground.
The shockwave leaves a star when hitting the wall.
Mach Tornado Dark Meta Knight jumps and spins himself as a tornado, which cannot be guarded.
If Kirby/King Dedede is hit by the tornado, they will be thrown into the air and take damage when crashing onto the ground.
Dark Meta Knight leaves two stars when landing.
  • Unlike Meta Knight or Galacta Knight's version, Dark Meta Knight will move between the planes of the stage.
Tornado Slash Dark Meta Knight requires charging to use this attack.

After releasing his charge, he stabs his sword into the ground to summon a giant unguardable tornado that travels across the stage.
If Kirby/King Dedede is hit by the tornado, they will be thrown into the air and take damage when crashing onto the ground.
In the second phase, he may fly to the background and summon 3 giant tornadoes in succession.

Mirror's Edge Dark Meta Knight summons multiple giant mirror swords that erupt from the ground. In the second phase, he may perform this 3 times in a row.
Mirror's Division

Dark Meta Knight begins with this attack in the second phase.

He divides himself into three, two of which are false clones. Every Dark Meta Knight hides into a mirror respectively.
The mirrors move around rapidly to shuffle the real Dark Meta Knight and his false clones. Then, all Dark Meta Knights come out and cut down forcefully, leaving stars on impact.

  • If any false clone is hit when coming out, he will break into glass shards that can still damage Kirby or King Dedede.
  • If the real Dark Meta Knight is hit when coming out, he will receive more damage than normal due to his decreased defense at this moment.

Then, he merges with the rest clones, divides himself again, shuffles themselves and repeats the above attack pattern one more time.
Finally, He redivides himself and all Dark Meta Knights perform 'Glide Sword' across the planes twice. After that, they merge back into the real Dark Meta Knight.

Dark Meta Knight may perform 'Mirror's Division' again later if he still has any stamina left.

Attack names are taken from Japanese guide book.

Dark Meta Knight finally appears among the audience in the Kirby Master movie of Triple Deluxe. Interestingly enough, although Dark Meta Knight appears in Triple Deluxe, the original Meta Knight is nowhere to be seen.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Dark Meta Knight's official art from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror appears as a Sticker in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

He also makes a cameo appearance as one of the balloons that Circus Kirby can make from his move Balloon Pop Art, replacing the Meta Knight balloon from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

Kirby Battle Royale

Main article: Alternate Costumes#Kirby Battle Royale

Dark Meta Knight Mask appears as one of Meta Knight's unlockable Headgears in Kirby Battle Royale.

Meta Knight's Headgear: Dark Meta Knight Mask

Kirby Star Allies

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Dark Meta Knight when summoned as a Dream Friend

Dark Meta Knight is confirmed as a playable Dream Friend to be added from the next Kirby Star Allies game update in summer, 2018.

Dark Meta Knight's Dream Friend moveset combines the abilities of Sword and Mirror. His version of Meta Spin Slash creates a mirror barrier to deflect projectiles from enemies. When in guard, he hides into a mirror.[2] In addition, he can use some Mirror ability moves such as Mirror Body (Dash + B) and Mirror Body - Ring (↓ + B).[3]


Main article: Shadow Strike

Dark Meta Knight's boss battle theme is titled "Shadow Strike" in Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack. The original version from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror has no official track title.


  • In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Throw Kirby deals 12 damage per hit (both the holding process and the projectile), which can easily defeat Dark Meta Knight in Radish Ruins (60 HP, defeated by Throw in exactly 5 hits) and Dimension Mirror (48 HP, defeated by Throw in exactly 4 hits).[4]
    • The theoretically fastest way to defeat Dark Meta Knight in both battles are using the Smash ability, however.[5]
  • In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Dark Meta Knight spurts out blood from his left eye mark at the beginning of both phases in battle.
    • Dark Meta Knight is one of the few bosses in the Kirby series with explicit depiction of blood. The others include Zero, , Shadow Dedede, and possibly Void Termina (with his red drop attack in Phase 2, his First Core).

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークメタナイト
Dāku Meta Naito
Dark Meta Knight
Spanish Meta Knight Oscuro Dark Meta Knight
French Dark Meta Knight -
Dutch Dark Meta Knight -
German Dark Meta Knight -
Italian Dark Meta Knight -
Russian Черный Метанайт
Chernyy Metanayt
Black Meta Knight
Chinese 暗魅塔骑士 (chs)
闇魅塔騎士 (cht)
àn mèi tǎ qí shì
Dark Meta Knight