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Crowned Doomer

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Crowned Doomer
KRtDLD Crowned Doomer screenshot.png
Screenshot of Crowned Doomer from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
First game Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023)
Copy Abilities Bomb (Energy Bombs)
Water (Hydro Spheres)
Relative(s) Grand Doomer, Rampaging Doomers
Similar to Traitor Magolor
Theme music

Clip of the theme that plays when fighting Crowned Doomer.

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The boss of all Doomers has become a black-winged subjugator powered by the shards of the crown...and he's after Magolor's red fruit! Is this payback for making Kirby gather those ship parts?!
— VS Crowned Doomer Special Page from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Crowned Doomer is the first boss of Ethereal Altar from Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. He is a twisted version of Grand Doomer powered up by the shards of the Master Crown and the red fruit which Magolor had reassembled. He has access to many of the same attacks as his main game counterpart, in addition to a large array of new ones based on those of other bosses. Magolor has to fight this menace before the shards themselves combine with the fruit to form the final Master Crown boss.

Physical appearance[edit]

Crowned Doomer, being a twisted version of Grand Doomer, naturally shares a very similar appearance it, albeit with the color scheme and characteristics of the Rampaging Doomers. He has multiple sharp teeth with two long fangs, two large, feathery wings, and 15 feathers on his underside, the most out of all the Doomers. Unlike Grand Doomer, Crowned Doomer has dark purple skin with glowing yellow eyes and two large horns made out of Energy Spheres in place of the spikes atop of Grand Doomer's head. He has multiple pieces of the Master Crown on him, such as multiple pieces of it on his underside, and its spire appearing on both wings (with an appearance vaguely similar to when worn by Traitor Magolor) in possible reference to the eye-like patterns on Grand Doomer's wings. In the second phase, the gems on the Master Crown pieces begin to glow, signify him using more stronger attacks.

Crowned Doomer has the red fruit inside his mouth at all times, even in The True Arena, a trait no other Doomer boss has.


The following are all of Crowned Doomer's attacks. Attacks in purple are used in the second phase only. Most attack names are taken from official Japanese strategy guides, while others are conjectural and marked with an *:

Crowned Doomer's attacks in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
Attack Description
Energy Bomb
Crowned Doomer fires dark orbs at his target, which home in after being released and leave behind exploding stardust on impact.
In phase 2, Crowned Doomer may shoot out a large barrage of energy bullets in a spiraling pattern, doing so on both sides of the screen one after another.
They can be knocked away with any attack or inhaled and swallowed for the Bomb Copy Ability.
Glide Attack
Crowned Doomer flies across the arena and drops exploding stardust as he moves, which slowly sink and then burst.
In phase 2, Crowned Doomer may dive into the background before flying toward the screen, leaving a large field of exploding stardust as he passes.
Spark Energy Shot
Crowned Doomer charges up and releases large electric ball projectiles which fly across the stage.
Hydro Sphere
Crowned Doomer flies slowly across the stage and drops six large water bubbles as he passes, which slowly drift downward.
They can be knocked away with enough effort or inhaled and swallowed for the Water ability.
Burst Dust Bomb
Crowned Doomer spins around and drops up to three large energy balls that if left there will detonate, creating exploding stardust in a line upward from their position.
They can be knocked away with enough effort or inhaled and swallowed for the Bomb ability.
Burning Attack
Crowned Doomer erupts in flames and starts spinning around, then launches himself forward like a missile, similar to the Burning ability.
Dimension Uppercut
Crowned Doomer disappears, and a shifting dark rift appears on the floor that follows a player character around. If that character is standing on top of the rift, they will be dragged in and damaged, requiring the player to mash directions on the Control Stick to escape. Otherwise, Crowned Doomer will burst out of the rift after a moment, releasing some stardust as he does so.
Energy Shot Shower
Crowned Doomer teleports into the background, then creates a large number of energy bullets that fly in at an angle, which can be knocked away with any attack or inhaled and swallowed for the Bomb ability.
This attack is similar in function and name to Galacta Knight's Energy Shower attacks.
Dimension Laser
Crowned Doomer creates several rifts, out of which huge unguardable laser beams fire. He does this in several different patterns.
Dimension Hole
Crowned Doomer disappears and four dark vortexes appear in the background. After a moment, all but one disappear, and Crowned Doomer flies out of it, leaving behind exploding stardust as he passes.
Doomer Rift* Crowned Doomer creates a rift, and a few Rampaging Doomers fly out of it in spiral patterns, dropping exploding stardust as they pass.
Burst Dust
A lot of Crowned Doomer's attacks leave behind stardust that eventually explode after some time passes. Only the explosions deal damage, not the stardust themselves.


Video walkthroughs[edit]

Video of the battle with Crowned Doomer in Magolor Epilogue.
Video of the battle with Crowned Doomer in The True Arena.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラウンドローパー
Kuraundo Rōpā
Crowned Lowper
Traditional Chinese 王冠嘍啪
wáng guān lóu pā
Crowned Lowper
Simplified Chinese 王冠喽啪
wáng guān lóu pā
Dutch Gekroonde Doomer Crowned Doomer
French Chimair couronné Crowned chimera
German Gekrönter Spuk Crowned Spook
Italian Fenix reale Royal phoenix
Derived from fenice (phoenix).
Korean 크라운드 로퍼
keulaundeu lopeo
Crowned Lowper
Portuguese Spectrosfera real Royal sphere specter
Latin American Spanish Esfespectro coronado Crowned sphere specter
European Spanish Espectrosfera coronada Crowned sphere specter