Steer Star

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Steer Star
Artwork of Kirby riding the Steer Star for Kirby Air Ride.
Flavor Text None
Unlock for Air Ride Unavailable for Air Ride
Emphasis None
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The Steer Star is a ridable machine in Kirby Air Ride. The second of two available Top Ride machines, this vehicle's controls differ little from the larger-sized machines used in Air Ride: it turns only when left and right directions are executed via analog stick.


This machine appears as a strange, vaguely shaped five-pointed star, colored a light-blue hue. It is very streamlined, in comparison with its larger counterparts, and is adorned with a single, elongated, white-yellow stripe; an arrowhead-like shape towards the front, and a cresent shape near the rear. Also worth noting: when viewed from above (during Top Ride), the machine appropriately resembles an arrow.

As so with its cousin, no apparent propulsion units are equipped.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハンドルスター
Handoru Sutā
Handle Star

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