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Aerogree Dimension - 1-3

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Aerogree Dimension - 1-3
KRtDLD Aerogree Dimension 1-3 select screenshot.png
Aerogree Dimension - 1-3 in the main hub.
Area Aerogree Dimension
Stage type Main
How to Unlock Complete 1-2
Medal scores Silver: 200
Gold: 250
Platinum: 300
First clear bonus 150 points
Mid-Boss(es) No
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Aerogree Dimension - 1-2
Aerogree Dimension - Levitation Stage (optional)
Aerogree Dimension - 1-BOSS
Aerogree Dimension - Health Stage (optional) →
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Aerogree Dimension - 1-3 (simply called 1-3 in-game) is the third main stage of Aerogree Dimension in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. This stage becomes available after clearing Aerogree Dimension - 1-2.

Stage overview[edit]

This stage consists of three main areas, which are reminiscent of places in Cookie Country - Stage 4. In the first two, Magolor has to keep ahead of an advancing rift wall, similar to those that dog Kirby's steps in the rifts in Story Mode. The first area has Magolor racing towards the left across wooden bridges in the woods, dealing with various enemies along the way and grabbing pull switches to obtain Magic Points. An Armor Halcandle Dee blocks the door forward.

In the next area, Magolor must continue to the left across the plains as unstable pillars of rock threaten to fall on him. Along the way, a Key Dee carrying a large Magic Point can be intercepted. The door forward can be found past more crumbling rock pillars.

In the last area, Magolor has to fight an ambush in a wide open space with thin floors spanned by ladders. Among the enemies he has to fight are Sir Kibbles, Bronto Burts, and a particularly large and hardy Halcandle Dee. Once this last foe is down, the ending rift opens.

Enemies and Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses



Video walkthrough[edit]

Walkthrough of Aerogree Dimension - 1-3.