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Old Odyssey - Stage 6

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Old Odyssey - Stage 6
KTD Old Odyssey Stage 6 select.png
Stage 6 on the Old Odyssey level hub
Level Old Odyssey
Sun Stones 1 (Grand Sun Stone)
Boss Kracko
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Old Odyssey - Stage 6.

Stage order
Old Odyssey - Stage 5 Old Odyssey - Stage 7 EX
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Old Odyssey - Stage 6 is the boss stage of Old Odyssey in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This stage is a battle against Kracko. It requires 7 Sun Stones to enter, and clearing it grants access to Wild World.


The stage begins with a climb up a tower in a snowy landscape. Kirby can grab an Assist Star from Bandana Waddle Dee, and has his choice of the Leaf, Parasol, and Ninja Copy Essences. In the background, Taranza flies upward with the immobilized King Dedede. Kirby then takes a cannon to reach the peak of the tower, where Taranza uses an energy beam to summon Kirby's familiar foe from the clouds, Kracko.

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Kracko's first phase begins, as it always does, with his iconic set of regular attacks: letting out beam whips and rain, diving across the stage, and summoning Waddle Doos, which Kirby can either copy for the Beam ability or spit back as a Star Bullet. When he loses around 60% or so of his maximum health, his spikes and iris become red, and he opens up several new attacks; he does so by clearing out clouds in the background to reveal a second plane to attack from.

In its second phase, Kracko can attack Kirby from the opposite plane by extending his spikes and shooting energy balls, and from the same plane by shooting thunderbolts. For one attack called Disastrous Thunder from the Sky, Kracko shakes violently and releases debris from his body, including a Parasol Waddle Dee and a cannon. Kirby must take the cannon to the opposite plane to avoid a lightning shower that covers the entire screen.

When defeated, Kracko dissolves into a puff of smoke and debris, leaving only his eyeball behind. His eyeball is struck by a piece of the raining debris and explodes, leaving behind a Grand Sun Stone for Kirby to collect. This causes the Dreamstalk to grow further and reveal the next level, Wild World.

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