Soul of Sectonia

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Soul of Sectonia.jpg
Soul of Sectonia, as she appears in The True Arena, just prior to ripping herself from the Dreamstalk.
Debut Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Last Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
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Soul of Sectonia is a secret boss from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and appears as the final boss of The True Arena in that game, not appearing anywhere else. She is the very last form of Queen Sectonia, having been created when she ate several Miracle Fruits to survive and return to power after being nearly obliterated by Kirby at the end of the main Story Mode. Defeating her destroys her for good.


This battle takes place in two phases. The first phase is remarkably similar to the fight with Flowered Queen Sectonia in The Arena and in the second phase of Story Mode, and can be considered to be the unofficial DX form of that boss.

In the second phase, Soul of Sectonia rips herself from the Dreamstalk and attacks one more time with extremely souped-up powers which disorient the player and create enormous amounts of stage hazards and attacks from older soul type bosses in the process. This is considered the true form of this boss.

Upon defeat, Soul of Sectonia bursts in an extremely flashy energy overload and is annihilated. This marks the end of The True Arena. This is barely similar to Marx Soul's defeat, although there is a difference between the two deaths. While Soul of Sectonia blows up in a burst of yellow energy, Marx Soul screams, slowly splits in half and blows up the battlefield.


  • Soul of Sectonia and the other Soul Bosses - specifically Marx Soul and Drawcia Soul - share attacks with one another. Like Drawcia Soul's charging orb and paint rain attacks; and Marx Soul's teleport and cutter attack.