Soul of Sectonia

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Soul of Sectonia
Soul of Sectonia.jpg
Soul of Sectonia, as she appears in The True Arena, just prior to ripping herself from the Dreamstalk.
First game Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
Relative(s) Queen Sectonia
Queen Sectonia (second form)
Similar to Soul form bosses
Theme music

The World to Win

30-second clip of Soul of Sectonia's final phase theme from Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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Soul of Sectonia is a secret boss from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and makes her only appearance as the final boss of The True Arena in that game. She is the very last and the soul form of Queen Sectonia, having been created when she ate several Miracle Fruits to survive and return to power after being nearly obliterated by Kirby. Defeating her destroys her for good.

Boss battle[edit]

This battle takes place in two phases. Phase 1 has 999 HP and Phase 2 has 450 HP. (For reference, a Star Bullet does 52 damage.)

Phase 1[edit]

Quote1.png Taranza's final words and offering can no longer reach her ears. The former queen has become a pitiable husk in the throes of madness after losing everything. She has consumed the world, and all she has left to cling to is her vanity. Quote2.png
— VS Soul of Sectonia Special Page (Phase 1), Kirby: Triple Deluxe

The first phase is remarkably similar to the fight with Queen Sectonia's second form, and can be considered to be the unofficial DX form of that boss.

The following lists all of Soul of Sectonia's attacks in The True Arena. Attacks in italics are exclusively used in the second phase, where she attacks with four eye stalks instead of two. Note that the attack names are conjectural:

Attacks - Normal
Attack Description
Floral Cannon
The eye stalks fire powerful lasers in multiple patterns, which leave Stars. They may repeat this move immediately. With four eye stalks, the lasers become harder to dodge and are more numerous.
Vine Bind
Soul of Sectonia summons multiple vines that blink red after some time and rush towards Kirby. They leave Stars when they collide with the ground.
Antler Summon
Soul of Sectonia creates magic circles above the platforms from which Antlers come forth.
Floral Fire Bullet
The eye stalks fire fiery coconuts at Kirby in synchronization. They leave two Stars when they collide. They may repeat this move multiple times in a row.
Floral Sword
The eye stalks turn into swords and can attack Kirby with multiple forms including: horizontal strikes; diagonal strike; coming down from above and a few slashes in one direction. Each form leaves Stars in different ways. The eye stalks may perform different forms at the same time and repeat the move.
Giant Nuts
The eye stalks each drop one big silver coconut that explodes either when Kirby collides with it or after a set time.
Floral Cutter
The eye stalks start rotating quickly in the background and dive forwards facing upwards. Afterwards they attack in a similar manner from the foreground before finishing off from the background spinning facing toward the camera, making them harder to avoid. Each round leaves Stars, though the last one drops more than the others.
Floral Spikes
The eye stalks transform into spiky balls and try to ram Kirby. When four eye stalks are used for this attack, they may try to come from the other side after the first charge and finish by coming from the background. They each leave one-two Stars after finishing.
Floral Spark Bullet
Two eye stalks line up on opposite ends of the field and fire multiple electrical coconuts from above, which can be inhaled. They afterwards move to the middle and repeat, before finishing off on the side from which the other eye stalk began.
Dreamstalk Cannon
Soul of Sectonia calls all four eye stalks to her and charges a giant laser attack. After a few seconds she fires three or more lasers in a row, always briefly showing where she is aiming them. The last laser leaves three Stars.
Floral Ray: Duet
The eye stalks group up in pairs of two and charge an electrical field between them. They begin with coming forward from the background. Afterward they form an 'X' shape and come on the same plane as Kirby and start rotating. They may change their rotation midway through. This attack leaves a lot of Stars.
Floral Spike Bounce
Two eye stalks transform into spiky balls and bounce between the background and the arena while aiming at Kirby's position. They leave one Star each afterwards.
Floral Tackle
The eye stalks position themselves in the background and ram into the foreground three times each, always leaving four Stars each.
Floral Spike Launch
Soul of Sectonia calls all eye stalks to her and launches them back out in their spiky form. They grow bigger, wait for a short time, and then rush towards the other side. This attack leave no Stars.
Floral Ray: Quartet
The four eye stalks position themselves in the shape of a rectangle, one each in the background and foreground, along with two on the same plane as Kirby, and charge electricity between them. After a bit of time they collide and either slam upwards (if Kirby is above them or if they are already on the ground) or downwards (if Kirby is beneath them or if they are already at the top). The collision leaves four Stars, the slam two. They may repeat this over multiple times.

Phase 2[edit]

Quote1.png She's fed off countless hosts and now cannot remember her true form. A voice called out to help her, but it has since fallen silent. Before the night ends, she must be given her eternal beauty sleep. Quote2.png
— VS Soul of Sectonia Special Page (Phase 2), Kirby: Triple Deluxe

In the second phase, Soul of Sectonia rips herself from the Dreamstalk and attacks one more time with extremely souped-up powers which disorient the player and create enormous amounts of stage hazards and attacks from older soul form bosses in the process, such Marx's Shooter Cutter and Drawcia Soul's Deadly Bound/Sun. She can also summon Antlers like the original could. These antlers can be used against their queen. This is considered the true form of this boss.

The following lists all of Soul of Sectonia's attacks in The True Arena. Note that the attack names are conjectural:

Attacks - Normal
Attack Description
Soul of Sectonia teleports very rapidly during this fight. She will often teleport around the background before initiating her other attacks. She may also spawn Antlers through teleportation.
Shooter Cutter
Usually after teleporting a few times Soul of Sectonia comes to the same plane as Kirby and unleashes four cutters, which can be inhaled for the Cutter ability, at once. She then teleports again and repeats this three times in total. Before she uses Shooter Cutter for the third time she'll faint a few times by teleporting around on the same plane as Kirby before unleashing two waves of the attack. She afterwards makes a short pause where she is vulnerable.
Splash Rush
Soul of Sectonia transforms into a ball of paint and squeezes many smaller paint drops out of that ball, some blue, some pink. These then come raining down onto the stage. They can be inhaled. She may tilt to one side before squeezing the paint drops out, causing them to rain more diagonally.
Vine Bind
Soul of Sectonia summons multiple spiky vines that work the same as those in her first fight. They can come from the sides, from the top and from underneath the platforms. She may repeat this attack multiple times.
Floral Cannon
Soul of Sectonia summons multiple portals that all share a flower-like design to fire lasers in multiple constellations. The lasers leave Stars where they collided with the platforms.
Deadly Bound Sun
Soul of Sectonia transforms into a giant fireball and turns the screen red-yellow. She then bounces around in the background and foreground before bouncing on the same plane as Kirby three times, each bounce there leaving one Star on each side. Afterwards she flies in from one side traveling across the stage before finishing off by rushing towards Kirby from the background thrice, which leaves two Stars each.

Upon defeat, Soul of Sectonia bursts in an extremely flashy energy overload and is literally annihilated in an explosion. This marks the end of The True Arena.


Main article: Fatal Blooms in Moonlight
Main article: The World to Win

Like Queen Sectonia, Soul of Sectonia Phase 1's theme is "Fatal Blooms in Moonlight", but Phase 2's theme is an alternative version of "The World to Win", with its sections arranged in a different order.


  • The Japanese Special Page of VS Soul of Sectonia Phase 2 is told in the first-person narrative of Queen Sectonia herself.
  • Interestingly, Void Soul is known as ソウル オブ ニル ("Soul of Void") in Japanese, which is opposite to Soul of Sectonia's Japanese name ("Sectonia Soul"). He also has some similar moves:
    • In one, Void Soul can jump from the background into the stage similar to how Soul of Sectonia does in her ball tackle, although he splits up. Void Soul and his clones slam the stage one (two in Soul Melter EX) at a time during their assault, whereas she slams the stage multiple times like Void Termina's core does in Story Mode.
    • In another, he can fire lasers like Soul of Sectonia does when she uses the laser attack, except Void Soul uses his eye as the "gun," whereas Soul of Sectonia uses portals.
    • Void Soul can also unleash cutter blades like Soul of Sectonia does, although in Soul Melter EX, his final barrage more closely resembles Drawcia Soul's.
  • Magolor Soul in the Extra Mode of Kirby's Return to Dream Land shares the same 999 HP with Soul of Sectonia's Phase 1 (Magolor Soul in The True Arena has 749 HP, which is 75% of the base HP like other bosses in The Arena and The True Arena.).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セクトニア ソウル
Sekutonia Souru
Sectonia Soul
French Sectonia Fleurie Flowery Sectonia
German Sectonias Blüte Sectonia's blossom